View Full Version : More agressive casual matchmaker balancing needed?

10-08-2016, 09:46 PM
I have been playing Paladins for a while now, and I really do enjoy this game.
However, I have a HUGE problem with it.
Most of the time, the players are super unbalanced.
It's like the game intentionally pairs up the better players vs the worse players, then slaps me in somewhere after the fact, usually on the worse player side.

I decided to ragequit earlier after I got paired into the bad half of a one sided match ****ING ABOUT TWENTYISH TIMES IN A ROW!

I even tried to communicate with my team once, only to find out that the whole team typed, if not spoke, Spanish, so I couldn't even hope to communicate with them, much less try to strategize with them.

I'm playing a game where teamwork, if not strategy, is a key factor to a good team, and I can't even negotiate possible strategies for teamwork because the players I'm getting paired with DON"T SPEAK MY ****IN' LANGUAGE, LET ALONE THEY UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN I RAISE A SHIELD, THEY NEED TO GET BEHIND IT AND NOT DIE, SO WE CAN HAVE A CHANCE AGAINST THE ENEMY!

I think the matchmaker should separate and group players by language on top of the other grouping policies it has, so that at least the teammates can communicate, if not commit to strategizing and/or teamwork.

I don't want to get constantly put onto a team that can't take a visual hint to get behind a shield or something, let alone speak my language so I can't even blatantly tell them that they need to do somehting in the text chat, especially when the other team seems to pull off the teamwork my team can't do, and is obliterating my team because of it.

A Casual matchmaker is supposed to make the game fun and well balanced, not consistently one-sided and rage-inducing.

Sorry about the self-censorship and caps, still a little peeved about the twentyish_one-sided_losses_in_a_row_with_Spanish_teammates_for_p robably_most_of_them thing.

I want those losses wiped from my record, I think I topped or top-two'ed in the results chart for my team on most of them TBH.

10-09-2016, 08:52 AM
I tried to play today, and the streak kept up.
I got two more losses before I quit again.
Why is the matchmaker pairing me like this?
It shouldn't pair ANYONE like this.
At least not as consistently as it does with me; I can understand an unfair match here and there, but unfair matches every single time you try to play the game?
I've gotten to the point where I'm now just going to start trying to play the game here and there, and if there is any evidence that the match is going to be outrageously one-sided against me, again, I'm just going to quit the game and make it replace me with a bot.
Until the matchmaking has been really, TRULY FIXED FOR ME, that is exactly how I'm going to play.