View Full Version : General class changes

10-06-2016, 09:19 PM
In this game, we have 4 different classes: Damage, Front Line, Flank, and Support. However, I notice some general issues with these classes, as well as some single-champion issues that make them not quite fit into the class they are supposed to be, or are too strong for it.

Damage: The damage classes are focused on dealing high amounts of burst damage quickly, and from a decent range. The issues I have are Cassie, who should be more of a long-range champion, and Viktor, who has sustained rather than burst damage.

Cassie: A damage increase similar to Grover's on Cassie's weapon may work to solve this issue. In the past she was an effective long-range champion, but her ability to out-damage champions at close-range makes her a little too effective.

Viktor: Viktor needs to be adjusted to have high burst damage with cooldown. A burst rifle kinda like Ying's attack or a single-shot that deals high damage with longer cooldown would help him fit into this class better.

Front Line: The issue I have in general with the front line is that they are basically meat shields. They all have several shields, damage reduction, and (with the exception of Barik) high health. I would like to see an overall shift back to when tanks needed to use abilities and skill rather than endless shielding and damage reduction to hold a point.

Fernando: With his HP, I think his damage is too high. He can easily kill you with 400 DPS before you kill him with 1000. And of course, he can simply shield before he dies and almost immediately jump back up to half health. I think a reduction in his shielding and HP in general would be good.

Flank: The main issue with Flankers is that they are simply too good. Androxus out-damages most of the roster, Skye's ult is very powerful, and Buck and Evie are both equally capable of causing massive havoc behind enemy lines. While I understand that this is what flankers are designed to do, I think they need to be toned down just a little. The main problem cases are Androxus in general and Skye's ult.

Buck: If we're going to be honest, I think Buck is perhaps a good design for a flanker. Able to harass and perhaps land a kill, but mobile enough to get out of danger when needed, with a self-heal to more quickly get back into the fight. While he needs a little buff, I think the other flankers should be adjusted down towards where he is rather than the other way around.

Support: I have always been a fan of support champions, but I do like Hi-Rez' take on semi-supports who can still fight as well as heal. The only thing I have to say is that support does not necessarily mean healing. Shielding, damage boosts, and other support abilities would be really nice to see worked into these champions with cards, and in future supports as well.