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11-30-2015, 09:04 AM

Hello again! I'm Orzi and this is my second character concept.

This time I wanted to make character that excels at deceiving and disrupting enemy team. Kinda like utility support, but one that can stand for herself in the crazy world of first person shooters. My primary assumption was to made character depended on clones. I first saw it in LoL where the champion Zed has his kit constructed around it. So I tried my take about the concept, but I wanted it suited for hero shooter genre and, like I said, more about deceiving enemy team rather than assassination. OK, enough talking, let me show you what I've done.

Again, I'm awful drawer so I'll try to describe it with my poor english :) . Zoe is dark skinned, young girl with her hair plaited in many little braids and tied with blue shawl. She is dressed with cyan, metal armor that cover her entire body. Hovewer it's not knight-styled full plate, but rather slim and fitting armor. If you saw Iron Man, and I'm certain you did, it's something similiar, but more fantasy themed.

Black and white, ying and yang, katchup and mayo. Every force in this world has it's good and evil side. The same goes for Ether - mysterious and otherworldly substance that is said to fills the entire universe. Yet ether is very elusive, only a few people truly mastered it. Old master Arander was one of them. He had two disciples - boy named Androxus and girl called Zoe. First of them was more talented but when he thought he learned everything Androxus abandoned his ailing master and became assassin. Zoe stayed with his mentor and cared for him to the end. When Arander died she heard that Androxus is fighting on Crosswind Hold and using forbidden dark techniques of nether. So she decided to travel here with only one question for her former companion - "Why?".


Primary fire: Fires spherical, teal projectiles at the the rate 150 rpm. They deal 200 damage per projectile and have mid range.

Secondary fire: You can charge shoot over 2 seconds to deal 500 damage and travel significantly farther.

Ability 1: AETHER CLONE - Spawns a ethereal clone at target location that dazes enemies in the 5m radius for 1.5 second upon casting. (12 sec CD)
This clone is half-transparent, blue hologram of Zoe. It's invulnerable,, untargetable and standing at target location until Zoe dies or ability is used again. Rest of her abilities interacts with aether clones.

Ability 2: UNSTABLE MATTER - Aether Clone explodes dealing 600 damage to all enemies within 5m radius. (20 sec CD)
Of course clone dissapears after using this ability.

Movement ability: SWITCHEROO - Zoe swaps her position with aether clone. (26 sec CD)
It could be tricky. Enemy know where you could be after using this ability, but on the other side you can travel very long distances IE. when your clone is in your base, but you are sturming enemy gate.

CARDS (some of them anyway):
ENERGIZED (common) - Zoe moves 70% faster near Aether Clones.
STICKY SUBSTANCE (common) - Enemies near Aether Clones are slowed for 20%.
TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER (common) - Increase your damage for 20% by every ally nearby
PURITY OF MIND (common) - Collecting health drops shortens your cooldowns by 5 seconds.
BLINDING AETHER (common, weapon) - Enemies hit by fully charged shoot are confused for 3 seconds.
WHAT WAS THAT? (common, Aether Clone) - In additions to daze it also fear enemies.
AETHER OVERFLOW (common, Aether Clone) - upon casting you gain 500HP shield.
REFRESHING BREEZE (common, Unstable Matter) - Also heals all teammates in radius for 150HP.
SNEAKY SNEAKY (common, Switcheroo) - You're invisible for 2 seconds after switching.

UNITED WE STAND (rare) - Capture points 50% faster if both you and aether clone are standing on it.
VALIANT DEFENDER (rare) - While on capture point or base your cooldowns are refreshing two times faster.
GROUNDED (rare) - enemies near Aether Clones can't jump.
AETHER RAIN (rare, weapon) - When you're higher than your target gain 30% attack speed.
STICKIER SUBSTANCE (rare, weapon) - Your weapon shoots slow enemies for 15%
HEADACHE (rare, Aether Clone) - Daze effect lasts 3 seconds.
AETHEREAL ARMY (rare, Aether Clone) - You can have up to 3 clones at the same time.
When you use this ability previous clones don't disappear. When you use Unstable Matter all of the clones explode, but Switcheroo swaps you with the newest one.
EVERLASTING (rare, Unstable Matter) - Clone remains in it's place after using this ability.
NEVER ALONE (rare, Switcheroo) - You could use this ability while mounted.

LINK (epic) - Dealing damage to enemies in your base damages also their siege engine.
EVERYTHING EXPLODES (epic, weapon) - Your shoots deal damage in small AoE.
IMPOSTOR (epic, Aether Clone) - Clone mimics your shoots for 50% damage.
Basically it shoots in the same direction as your main body. Very, very tricky but powerful if you master it.
AFTERSHOCK (epic, Unstable Matter) - After 3 seconds there is second explosion that deals 300 damage.
EMERGENCY ESCAPE (epic, Switcheroo) - When below 25% HP cooldown for Switcheroo resets.

PULSE (legendary, Aether Clone) - Clone emmits a wave every second that deals 100 damage to nearby enemies.
Not impressive? I remind that clones are untargetable, so it's basically free damage if you cast it on capture point.
IMPLOSION (legendary, Unstable Matter) - Enemies caught in explosion are pulled towards its center and stunned for 2 seconds.
Stun works like in Smite or any other game - you can't do anything.
AETHERAL FORM (legendary, Switcheroo) - After using Switcheroo Zoe enters her aetheral form for 5 seconds, but her damage is halved.
Basically you gain characteristic of aether clone - you are untargetable and invulnerable, but can move and shoot freely. To balance that a little I lowered damage output.

That's all folks. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in my other concepts check my signature!

12-05-2015, 07:39 AM
I really like the idea of a place-down styled character and can actually picture this in the game, with.. minor tweaks of course. I looked at your other concept as well, I had a concept for a healer-focused character, and would REALLY love to post it on here, but I wouldn't be able to think of in-depth things or I'd get sidetracked. But your concepts look really good :D

12-06-2015, 07:09 AM
Thanks :_ . I have another concept in mind, about another tank besides Fernando that is the stronger the more allies you have near him and I think it will be done in upcoming week. Looking forward to your concept thou!

12-07-2015, 11:16 AM
Pretty neat concept!

12-09-2015, 01:13 AM
"Black and white, ying and yang, katchup and mayo." Deep man... Deep...

12-09-2015, 08:53 AM
That's what she said.

12-11-2015, 10:58 AM
love your character concepts and i hope Hi-Rez sees these and borrows some ideas.

12-11-2015, 11:26 AM
Thank you! I have to redo them slightly with new Speciality cards thou :D

12-15-2015, 05:26 AM
Pls kepp it as it is, nice comcept, just undo speciality cards.

12-15-2015, 09:15 PM
Nice ideas! It'd be wicked cool to see this in-game!