View Full Version : Forum in Portuguese PT-BR?

10-05-2016, 12:46 PM
You guys all right?

First I would like to apologize, because I'm not fluent in the native language English, I am using some language translators to express myself, so forgive me.

Forum in Portuguese PT-BR?

As I didn't know where to post this topic, sorry, if you find yourself out of scope kindly move.

The current game in question Paladins are with a big influence and with a lot of players here in Brazil. In which I always try to take to the groups in which I belong on Facebook News and tips shown here on the official forum.

As I identified some other sub-forums in other languages would like to see the possibility, if possible create a sub-forum in the Portuguese PT-BR. In which would hold me in performing translations as soon as they were made available in English and replicate them in the communities of Paladins here from Brazil.

But if it doesn't that's fine too.

Thank you on behalf of Brazil to all developers by providing a game so fun and you guys are reading this email.

Thank you very much.