View Full Version : Ephrenn's presentation

11-29-2015, 04:33 PM
Well... hi everyone. Ephrenn here, nearly 25 years old and playing Paladins on evenings and week-ends when I'm not at my work.

About my work, I'm a Game Designer. I finished my studies on July 2015 so it's quite new.

Also, I'm from France and playing on the EU servers.

I play characters like Pip, Cassie, Ruckus and Barick. I can play Fernando and Grohk if needed (but I don't really like'em), or Skye (but I'm not good with this one). And for Buck... *sigh*... I don't like him, so better not ask me to play with him.

Anyway, I'm not really good at this game (I'm playing with a controller, yolo) but it's still fun enough to keep me coming back sometimes.

Oh my... just can't stop talking, even here... well, if you want to talk/play with me, feel free. I don't bite.


... not often, at least.