View Full Version : Invalid credentials, logging in/loading profile stuck, constant disconnections

10-04-2016, 12:24 AM
Hi, this is a collection of problems i've encountered the past 10+ hours i've been playing this game.

First is that i've only recently validated my email (maybe a day or two after initially playing) and after that the launcher logs in with no problems but the game itself gives me the "log in credentials invalid".
Not game breaking but a bit of a hassle since i have to retype everything.

Second is that i constantly get stuck in the logging in/loading profile screen.

The third issue is that after 12mn (SEA server) i get stuck even longer than usual and i can not finish games at all. It constantly gives me the "this match is in a possible bad state" notice, and if not that, i just get instantly booted to the main menu. Of course this could be just my internet but i can load anything else rather fine.

Also, i wanted to know if there's any way to prioritize paladins in my bandwidth? Most of the times i have to use youtube just to get a nice flow (using wifi) because if i don't my connection drops to <1kbps. Can't i set paladins to be more aggressive in using packets?