View Full Version : Fernando seriously need looking at.

10-03-2016, 07:57 AM
Fernando at the moment is the champion you go to for free ELO.

His shield sustain considering the cooldown is way too high, paired with healing cards allows him to heal up during taking no damage. Even with players building wrecker, he can simply shield, run out, shield again and he's back with 50%+ health.

His AoE AA with 90% heal reduction is ridiculous in team fights. Any support players on the opposing team are literally made obsolete because of an item. Items shouldn't be stronger than champions.

Even if we do break the shield, get a Drogos ulting and have time to focus him down, he just ults and waits for his CD to come back and it's back to square one.

Fernando honestly has far too much sustain and his chase / damage / debuff potential is incredibly high too. Compare his kit to that of the other tanks, Makoa has one shield, one awful AA and a hook. Rukkus has shields for days (self shields primarily, unless you're winning and on the point). Barik has a semi shield, sure he can attack but he provides a stationary chokepoint for his team when he tries playing defensive.

Just, look into him please, he's got too much.


10-03-2016, 08:25 AM
What I think is a problem with Fernando is how tanky he is, he's got too much health. A health nerf would be great.

His shields are cool, I think, but other character's shields feel weaker in comparison. I think every shield should stand for as long as his, like a Barik's shield, for instance. But considering Barik can put a shield and then start shooting, his shield wouldn't be able to withstand the same damage Fernando's shield can.

10-03-2016, 06:19 PM
I think that balancing his health in exchange for more damage on his Flame Lance would do it more justice. I literally spray the enemy with fire directly in their face pushing them against a corner and they still do more damage than me.

I also take a lot of damage knowing full well that I should have never survived from so many attacks.