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10-02-2016, 08:26 PM
I wanted to make this a shortish post, but I honestly don't think it's possible without going through at least the few major issues this game has with characters and maps deciding if a character is good or just complete junk, especially when it comes to rock, paper, scissors, while some characters are just 2 or all 3 of them, so be prepared for a long read if you bother at all, there's no tl;dr.

Fernando, he's supposed to be a tank, he's listed under the tank section, he plays like a tank, he moves slower with his shield and flamethrower when firing, but yet he's able to output such damage while having a massive healthpool, that you're actually able to play him as a flanker and completely shutdown long range characters because there's nothing they can reliably do against a good Fernando, if by some chance the Fernando can't kill them, he can harass them to such a point where they can't actually do their job, because not only does he have a fairly short cooldown gap closer, but he has a single long range fireball that doubles in damage after the first shot hits someone, you can build him to such a point where he's possibly the best, counterless interrupter that can control a zone so hard because of his damage out-put and defensive capability, that he can just ruin someones match.

Kinessa, a character that can play and work really well under the right team, and most importantly...the right map. If you end up on a map with her that has no real long-range sections, most importantly on the capture section on siege, then she's effectively useless and has no role, especially if there's a single flanker or someone acting as a flanker instead, I think it absolutely amazing that randomly chosen maps can decide the fate of a character being, amazing, good, or just completely useless, so many times I've thought to my self "why didn't I just pick Cassie, she technically has no bad maps, but kinessa is just a gamble all the damn time" and can be shutdown by virtually every flanker possibly apart from Skye because of no Vertical movement or gap closers.

Viktor, I find this character to just be broken in regards to his ridiculous damage and mobility. I think that his clip needs to be reduced from 25 to 20 at the very least due to how much damage each bullet can do in close-medium range, he can tear everyone a new asshole with how fast he fires, how accurately he fires and the damage each bullet does, he then has his sprint that has no cooldown and a straight 65% speed boost, and a card to give him another 40% for 1.5 seconds to help disengage out of a fight, he's able to very effectively spawn camp characters like Kinessa and easily rush down BombKing, Ying and who ever else either has poor mobility or non-hitscan weapons.

Speaking of Bomb King, his poppybomb is alright for what it is, but the Jolt card that increases the knockback by another 40% needs heavily nerfing or just removed from the game. On some maps, he is able to drop a poppy bomb under someone and detonate it while they're stood on the capture point and send them flying so high and far that they die from dropping out of the map, there is no way that's balanced or fun to deal with when there's no counterplay to such a thing happening. Then there's his Grumpy Bomb, the cooldown on this skill needs drastically increasing when you actually consider what it's capable of doing, that being it's an AoE that stuns for 2 seconds and deals damage while heavily screwing up shields with 1600 damage, amplified even more if he has the wrecker card.

Grohk, I enjoyed playing him towards the start of open beta, he was able to do some decent AoE healing, he still has some nice damage and a handy immunity skill to escape ults or incoming burst damage. Now though, I find him at the point where his AoE healing is so heavily dependant on where your team is and almost requires a shield to be up in front to stop the weak totem from collapsing to a breath of air, perhaps actually shortening the cooldown, or increasing its health to like 1600 would be a viable option considering that it's a stationary target while having a long enough cooldown to easily shutdown his healing.

Skye, she's both a good and bad character, something that can again depend on the map chosen, but more importantly the enemy team comp. If she happens to be up against a team that has no snipers or anyone lurking about on their own, then she's effectively useless, especially if anyone has the card to see stealthed targets from further away, because now she can't get a good drop on someone without everyone turning around and eating her alive while her stealth escape is almost negated by someone picking a single card during a match. Then there's her ultimate again, I find the change to be good to the damage it deals, but the range still hasn't been sorted somehow which boggles my mind, the actual explosion radius is at least double the actual animation which is just silly, you almost have to LoS it because outrunning it is almost impossible.

Cassie, the only issue I have with her is that she needs damage drop-off, for some reason she currently has none, but yet she can fire at such a fast rate in which she puts Kinessa to shame while being able to practically machine gun her arrows, I would agree with the no damage drop-off and the range she can fire if she actually had to pull back her arrow before firing much like a certain character we know, but yet for some reason she doesn't, so she's able to roam the map in some cases and jump people from behind with her 700 shots.

These are the characters and issues on my mind at the moment, it honestly pains me even further when you're at the mercy of a randomly chosen map with specific characters, no game should go to the point where you have effectively screwed your self because you picked someone like Kinessa for example and ended up on a map where you can't effectively range people out or actually go somewhere that offers decent protection or escape areas so you don't get destroyed by someone flanking you.

I really do enjoy this game at the moment, but it feels like it's in such a bad place with such obvious and horrible balancing issues that I'm just debating on never actually playing some characters ever again and just sticking with the more obviously broken characters that can almost guarantee you a win, e.g having a Viktor and a Bombking on your team is like a free win if they're not horribly new to the game and understand their basics.

10-02-2016, 09:56 PM
I agree, almost with everything in this post of the balancing stuff, the most obvious is Cassie with the cd reset cards, high dmg, high atk spd, high mobility, plenty hp (at least for a damage dealer, having 100+ hp is great)

I always said that the game is bad in balance, but 1000+ years old always saying:
-The chars are balanced and 10 years old come to cry for something that the game doesnt need

(/Skip if you dont want to read this)
I know how making a game is hard, even more when you are making it f2p, when you could just make it p2p and get paid for your effort.
I´m not sure if Hi-rez is doing great in money (probably yes, because of Smite) or if the team that manage Paladins is really getting money back for the game.

I know is beta and blablabla isnt the complete and balanced game yet blablabla but i know sometimes Hi-rez messed up their games, i know they probably are different teams, but this seems to going to be Tribes Ascend 2: Champions of the realm
On Tribes Ascend:
The balance got bad and then worst till the point it was just playable if you got an explosive weapon, because: rifles, pistols, snipers were just water guns compared to the damage of the explosive guns

In my personal opinion Hi-rez (Paladins Team) arent paying attention on how Paladins should have been to get better....
Yeah is in beta its understandable the erros, bugs <-----Stuff that appear (happen) that you cant really know or control, but you can fix.

But here is the especial case with Paladins: it is on a big competition with similar games, so they should put more effort in the more critical stuff of the game, like hitboxes and balance <---- (Dont have to make on the beta the best balanced game ever of the XXI century)
But why will you make a forum that recolect ideas for improving the game that you will not take in consideration....ik that people often come here with any good reasons or arguments for asking for nerfs and buffs, but if they dont test outeven crazy ideas, then whats the point of us here giving ideas, helping, or just asking for?

Edit: By competency im not saying the game will die so bad if it doesnt improve now in Beta, but i sure there will be people lefting the game for not being "so fun", or others that will said:
Ill play it later when it gets better, and some end up forgetting about it

People that said "Dont listen to what people said here, just to competitive (professional) players" really think that if a tournaments happens then a game is fine, well let me tell you that making a tournament in a game that is in beta means a way to make promotion of the game, so people know it from that, or look up for a next tournament and get involved with the game.

I really have hope in this game to be Succesfull, to even beat the competence, i really apreciatte some of the stuff that they are doing, but they need to improve on simple and basic stuff that affects the gameplay in a bad way.

Extra: Idk what you need to do for changing numbers (for balancing), but prefering to make abilities way less usefull (Evie) than just aplying an increase on cd for her abilities or something, i think its awful.
I dont even know why they change Ying from what she was (I played since OB, so i dont know her till now), when they could make another char called Yang and and put him the Ying kit and make it a brand new char (The Yang idea i saw it in a post)
Was the kit of Ying too bad that they couldnt apply a nerf to it??????????