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10-01-2016, 08:42 AM
I did not specified what character I wanted to talk about because I just planned to talk about everything I felt like trying more than an hour.

First of all all of you might want to know that I am fairly new in game : I have only 17h in game, I am well informed but don't expect me to know every single details about the game. Some of my informations might be flawed. If it's the case, don't hesitate about telling me in the thread so I can correct it as fast as I can.

So I already tried a good number of characters in Paladins, both against players and bots. I liked most of them, I hated a few. I just wanted to share my opinion about a few of those characters I actually tried.

Barik :

Most of people say that Barik is underpowered. In my opinion I don't feel like he's that bad. He's without a doubt very good at sizing the objecive and prevent the enemy team from stalling there, but I do think that heping him DPS wise would be a decent idea. After all, Barik is the squishiest Frontliner. The power per shot of his shotgun is fine as it is, but his rate of fire is pretty slow and the mix of dispersion and falloff negates damage way too much too soon. His DPS is only 600, which is as much as Pip. Meanwhile Fernando has twice the HP at cost of just a little less DPS (500 ish) with a protection ability that most of people consider superior. In my opinion we should raise his DPS a bit and allow him to be a bit more efficient at mid range.

- Raise rate of fire from 1 shot every seconds to 1 shot every 0.8 seconds.
- Make the shotgun spread a bit tighter or reduce falloff values a bit.


Awesome support, cool design. She seems to be fairly well balanced and she can both heal and damage pretty nicely. Definitely a good healer concept : you are not just a healbot and you can participate to kill things as well. That's definitely how I like my healers. Nothing to say about her, she's close to perfection. :)


A decent support. Low DPS but high survivability, especially when you get that Reload IV card that allows you to heal 2k hp very quickly in some situations. He's pretty good where he is. However I don't get why some kind of little fluffy thing gets more hp than Viktor or Androxus. He's fine as he is, but I wouldn't mind to see his health lowered in order to fit more his physique. Of course this would be compensated with a buff... Well, let's not change anything for now.


A lot of people seems to complain about him due to a single reason : he's extremely good at dealing damage (DPS around 1300, first second shooting has a DPS of 1500). In my case I don't think nerfing his damage is actually a good idea. Why ? Because when you think about it, this is the only real point about playing Viktor : being a strong damage dealer. Viktor is all about dealing damage a bring no utility on the battlefield. He has some mobility with his sprint, but it does give him any verticality, and people who aim nicely will get him anyway. Any mobile enough flankers will be able to track and down a low health Viktor fleeing.

If Viktor gets a bit more utility added I wouldn't mind a DPS nerf, but as it is I don't feel like Viktor is in a seriously overpowered state. That last 200hp buff was questionable though, but it doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. About his ult, it feels sometimes too quick to trigger but you're pretty safe if you trigger a mobility skill, so I guess it's okay.


That's another character that gets a lot of backlash. Most of the complaints goes towards her ult. I actually do agree that her ult has a range way too big for the short wind up it gets. While that ult gets its damage blocked by the environement, it becomes a serious menace (and oftenly a team wipe) combined with mobility impairing skills. Throw a Skye with a Pip, toss that slow potion and let Skye place that Time Bomb, you'll laugh a lot. I actually somewhat experienced this where an Evie and a Skye managed to trap my whole team like that with their two ults... I'm not even mad.

So yeah, that ult is kinda too strong, but Skye isn't THAT bad either. Her crossbow suffer from pretty big falloff, and she's definitely not that great at 1vs1 combat. Let's just give that Time Bomb a bit more time before exploding. If it does not kill anyone, at least it will be a very decent "get out of my point" button.

- Increase Time Bomb's delay before explosion by 1s

Bomb King

Playing him with a poppy bomb focused build is just a lot of fun. Bomb king overall is an incredibly versatile damage character, potent at dealing damage, flanking and area denial ! I can definitely see him being played a lot in competition. Hands down one of the funniest heroes to play in my opinion. Funniest, but not the easiest as well. Sticky Bombs deal pityful damage as long as you do not do direct hits, this is why I think we should raise the minimal damage value Sticky Bombs can deal by a nice chunk, maybe at cost of a bit of his maximum damage. His DPS anyway is actually massive and probably the best in the game, standing at 1600 DPS, so if he gets easier to play, lowering his maximum DPS would be somewhat legit. He's probably fine as he is though.

Supports in general

I don't know if most of you guys noticed, but so far the only reason why a character is labelled as a "support" is because they're able to heal people. A few also have mobility impairing skills, but that's about it and it's nothing really crazy. I think that's a bit reductive. In my opinion, some of those support characters should also be able to help their own team in another way than healing. How about supports that boost their teammate's damage ? How about mobility supports ? I think we can get pretty creative here.

Reworking some supports to help the team in more ways than healing could be a very good idea in my opinion.

That's about it. I hope this was pleasent to read for everyone. Feel free to share your thoughts around. :)

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"I wanted to talk about about because"
Just a tiny mistake :) Other points are good.

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"I wanted to talk about about because"
Just a tiny mistake :) Other points are good.

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