View Full Version : All the most needed changes/ Additions

09-30-2016, 05:58 AM
Hey guy's my name is Azarus and I have some idea's that will definitely make the game more enjoyable to future players and current. There is alot I want to cover, this is what i personally suggest and hope you guy's will look into and maybe optimize :D

Startup/matchFirst thing I feel needs reworked is the startup match. When joining a match there is a timer and if 1 person fails to react to it the que leaves and it is set to redo. Now this can be frustrating and is definitely a game stopper. Along with this topic I feel that the customization is a waste of time to have a separate 15 seconds a full minute is definitely more than enough time. Along with the minute inside the barrier in the game. So I just think that bit needs just smooshed together to get the game going faster. Also I feel that changing characters throughout the game would be very useful maybe a cap of how many times you are able to change and a note that tells you how many you have left. Lastly the death timer is rather long and can make an impact on the whole match since it can take a while to even get to the payload if it's clear on the other side of the map.

Training/AI So this one shouldnt really have a timer. Just pick a character to test and train and get straight into the map to train. It's single so its when you are ready. Also able to change characters while in game. Very useful and helpful.

Voicechat/match talk This is just the interactive part with fellow players, being able to interact with other teams. Voice chat for maybe just your team but being able to talk to other team just encourage talking with the other team. This can be a game changer in the keeping players.

All this is fantastic you guy's are doing a great job, and I hope you look into this and optimize :)