View Full Version : Alt-Tab bug

09-29-2016, 11:06 AM
I was in competitive queue for "only" 15 minutes so of course I was alt-tabbed. When it finally found me a game, it popped up so I pressed the pop-up to go in game. I was unable to press ready so guess what: 15 minutes in queue+ 15 minutes deserter= 30 minutes that I'm unable to play the game because why not release a patch after 3 weeks, time during which you only adress balance issues and minor gameplay issues but you don't adress the most annoying bugs, one of which will randomly make you unable to press ready. This problem persists for so long, it's not even funny. And while we're at it, can you please, PLEASE ,PLEASE fix Bomb King? I reported his bombs not registering damage and his poppy bomb not knocking you back when you use it, a week before you made the update. So, are any of the devs actually reading this forum? I'm playing every day and I'm encountering these bugs very often. I can't even play Bomb King in competitive because of the randomness of his bugs making me die or stand there like a fool instead of jumping back, because GUESS WHAT? The skill decides to bug out.