View Full Version : OB 34; Initial impressions

09-29-2016, 01:27 AM
Let's dive right in;
Overtime and being able to win off three defends - the new diminishing returns feels awkward. Most games seem like they are going to boil down to the last capture point unless it's just a slanted match. Defending seems really rewarding and easy now, and pushing even harder. There are a few possible solutions to this. Bring back forward spawning (and reduce the time you have to push a payload in), or make the diminishing return on overtime a bit less harsh.
Matchmaking - feels a little better.
Leaderboards - the addition of overall boards is nice, however I'd like to see more then a top 100 here. Top 100 for the class is still good, but overall should either get pages or extended past t100 in time.
Roster/Ying - maybe I'm the only one who feels this way, but I personally feel cheated with the re-release of Ying. It's been awhile since makoa came out now, and Ying seems to be counted as a "new champion" I'd really like to see more champions added. I know hirez had to change her kit a few times to find something that worked well, but I really hope you guys have a couple in the pipeline getting the finishing touches. I'd like to see a rapid fire of a few more champs. This ties into my next bit of feedback;
Ranked/draft/roster - I still love the way ranked works in theory, but all champion drafts have a few common principles that we are lacking. The first is champion trading. This is key in strategic drafting, if I'm first pick but I can't play Nando or androx, I should still be able to pick them for trades. Second is bans, which ties back up to the last point, bans are crucial in draft for both strategy and keeping currently unbalanced champs out of the match. However, bans aren't doable until the roster fills out a bit. Many people want map bans, but I personally feel more champions to choose from, with a single ban(for now)per side is the better option.
Vps - the fact you made common Vps purchasable with gold is amazing, not much more needs to be said.
Maps - I'm not sure what the thought process is behind removing some of the maps, more content is always better, I can only hope these were pulled because they are being played with a bit, I'd love to see them return.
Some of the ui changes - while it looks very slick overall, and has a nice feel to it, just a couple points here. Add arrows in deck select so you don't have to back out when you're trying to figure out which deck to run(minor). The bug where you can't see the timer after cart has been spawned needs a hot fix, it's really frustrating even when in coms and one of your team isn't bugged. Absolutely needs hot fix before weekend(major). Other ui changes are indeed beautiful. Still waiting for something to display icds on cards however.
Retroactively rewarding barik - I love this barik skin, I removed paladins from steam as steam bogs my computer down, and I'm so glad I don't ha e to struggle through any more barik matches like that. Thank you!

These are my initial impressions after playing casuals for a few hours and scrimming for a few more. Overall probably one of the best patches I've seen in a while. Quite a few bugs, which is a little disappointing after not patching last week, but all in all I'm happy with this direction over some of the previous ones.