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09-28-2016, 03:24 PM
Kudos, Hi-Rez. This patch is great. I'm enjoying the game more than ever (mostly cos the Waifu is back), and a lot of the incredibly frustrating bull seems to be gone.

Firstly, Ying. While some people (myself included) were a tad iffy when they announced her new kit, I'm very impressed with how it turned out. This is the original kit that we all know and love, but the weaker parts (IE: her unshattered illusions and ultimate) have been made much more useful with healing skills. I love the bonus damage on landing two illusions especially. Her kit is rewarding and enjoyable, and from what I see it's well-balanced as well.

Payload mode makes it's return, which is excellent. The changes make it much more fun and interesting, while keeping it fair to both sides. While it may still need a little polishing, I very much enjoyed my games.

Balance actually seems OK this patch, surprisingly. What nerfs there were helped, and even Androxus doesn't feel as powerful anymore. There's always more work to do, but from my limited gametime nobody is over- or under-performing all that much.

The new skins are all awesome, especially the ones for Evie and Kinessa. Troublemaker is really cool (although the weapon is a bit odd, I think).

The only thing I dislike are the voice packs. In my eyes, all of the champions should have their own voice pack by default, with the unlockable ones for epic skins. It's annoying to have to listen to the announcer voice and look at the chat window to see what's going on.

But the absolute best feature? The payload hitbox is fixed. That sells the entire patch for me.

I'm very much impressed this patch. Good work, Hi-Rez.

09-28-2016, 04:10 PM
Oh Yes!

09-28-2016, 08:54 PM
ying is a bit to strong right now.. not excssively so.. but still slightly.. sadly i foresee her being that character that rubber bands back and forth between slightly op and trash.... Still id like to see her be able to detonate her ult like in her previous form but allowing a burst heal