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09-28-2016, 04:06 PM
you know these players that play only one or 2 characters and become mega cheater pro...
what can be more worse than playing against one of them?
playing against party of these players!

i wish pary able to play only agains party, to make it bit(lot) more fair

09-28-2016, 04:09 PM
Not enough players playing this to allow that yet..they'll need 500k daily for something like this to happen.

09-28-2016, 04:45 PM
There's one already, it's custom match. And like Zenatsu said, there's not many challengers in there *yet.

09-28-2016, 10:10 PM
There's one already, it's custom match. And like Zenatsu said, there's not many challengers in there *yet.

LMAFO you people still buy into that BS claim that hi-rez stated.. have you seen the numbers since the steam open beta release?!?!? you know hi-rez really means "we dont care and we dont want to deal with it"... thats the same excuse they have been using since closed beta about the poor quality matchmaking... yet the player base has skyrocketed since open beta and the steam release... is the problem getting better? lol no its actually becoming even worse... but cant say i care now that payload is back...

The real truth of the matter is very simple... as soon as premade partys are guranteed to fight other premade partys... the majorty of players will stop running premade partys, and the few players that still do then get screwed into excessively long queues..
Why? well because when there is a gurantee your fighting another premade.. it is no longer a means of gaining an advantage...

i dont know how many of you are familiar with smite, but the main game mode of smite (conquest) for the first 2 years of the games existance.. conquest had a 5v5 premade queue.... as time progressed people stopped using it... so hi-rez decided to remove it...and allow premades to share queue with solo players... literally as soon as it was released premades where everywhere... since there was no longer a gurantee of getting matched against another premade.. the handicap came back.. further more since hi-rez cares more about keeping queue times short.. than the actual quality of matchmaking... there was a higher chance of getting matched against a pug than another premade..

the point is forcing premades to fight other premades.. doesnt resolve anything... all it does is angers the community by causing the respectable(that would still use it) players longer queue times... and causing the handicap crowd to to cry about how they cant play with their friends..(which of course anyone with half a brain could see.. there actually crying about how they cant use premade partys as a means of gaining an unfair advantage)

There is a much better solution here... instead of forcing premades to separate themselves... you create a second OPTIONAL queue that does not allow partys of any size.. problem solved... so as a indvidual player you have the option to use either queue.. and partys still get there queue that allows partys of any size.. everyone wins..

but i highly doubt hi-rez will ever do this... because then they would no longer have any excuse to use why matchmaking is so bad... as im sure it would still be jsut as bad as it is now in siege... (THANK GOD PAYLOAD IS BACK)

10-08-2016, 05:42 PM
I don't understand this excuse that it's always about queue time, all about quanity over quality.
Great that queue's only take 10 seconds, but if that puts me into a horrible game that waste 20 minutes of my time without it being fun or enjoyable, what's the point?

I'd rather wait 5 minutes in queue to get an actual proper game, with balanced teams, that is fun, enjoyable, challenging and most of all fair, as there is nothing fair about a 5 man party vs 5 randoms.

So many games get ruined by this. Not everyone has the network that allows them to party up with 4 people all the time.