View Full Version : My OB34 experience: Ying feedback, SEA server and a little rant on the party system

09-28-2016, 12:51 PM
During the close beta days, i was a Ying main. I left the game for a period of time because of both studies and me not enjoying the changes to map size and ttk. However, when i heard that Hirez was going to change Ying's kit to that of a healer, i got really excited as ive always loved healers. It took me a while to figure out a new playstyle but ive managed to find a decent deck and playstyle for myself that i actually enjoyed more than the old Ying's kit.

The +ve thing for me about the change to Ying's kit was her illusion healing. In the past, your illusions did meager damage to your opponents and were usually priority targets. The healing has been decent enough for me to sustain damage class champions that were of decent skill. Closed beta players might remember that Ying was often known to be one of the most difficult champions to play well. The challenges might have change but i still find Ying to be a tough champion to master (im still working on that). For anyone who might be struggling, i would suggest to focus on trying to figure out the best time and spot to place and detonate your illusions. Observing your teammates movements and health would aid you in determining when to shatter your illusions. But do be aware that you're most probably going to get a ton of assists and few kills.

Her ultimate is difficult to identify in the sea of chaos. I would most prefer the old crystals that were easy to identify for both allies and enemies. Other than that, im satisfied with the Ying changes and would play her if im free.

The expansion of servers is a great initiative. However, there seems to be an issue with the SEA server as it consistently kicks me from the match after the first minute or so.

This last point is more of a rant. Is about the partying system and it came about from a few matches earlier. Some of you may have also faced what i faced - a party consisting of 4 competitive players. I was really fustrated with this as if it is a challenge for randoms to face of against a party of regular players, it is definitely impossible to win a competitive team and furthermore my skill level is not that of a competitive player so why put me against this party multiple times? As much as i would like to vent all my fustration and cuss at how unfair and painful the matches were and that party's shouldn't be allowed, i also know that many players just want to play with their friends and inadvertently caused this issue. Hirez really needs to take a look at the fairness of their matchmaking system and maybe even create custom match queues for party's of this skill level. Not going to name and shame, but to the competitive players, if you happen to read this post, please try not to do this again. It was painful to face the 4 of you in a party, especially when players are trying out Ying and working on new decks