View Full Version : Balancing out the points system in Capture and Payload

09-28-2016, 03:52 AM
Currently there is only a maximum of 4 points in each game. You gain points from doing the following:

Capturing the point (1 point)

Pushing the Payload into the enemy base (1 point)

Defending against a Payload push (1 point)

Currently you're not really rewarded for actually capturing the point. Lets say you capture the point three times in one game, but the enemy defends three times, you'll both be on three points. I don't think this is fair as the team capturing would clearly be performing better. Additionally it is much easier to defend against a push than to attack.

To fix this and make the point system I suggest the following:

Make the max number of points in the game back to 9

Capturing the point grants 2 points

Pushing the Payload into the enemy base gives three points

Defending against a Payload push only gives one point

I really feel like this would balance the game mode, capturing the point should be more rewarding than defending the push. What do you guys think?