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11-27-2015, 01:06 PM
Hey everyone, Whizz here!! Apologies for the title by the way, the forums don't seem to recognise an a with an acute accent as a character. If you’ve seen before, I’ve done a lot of God Concept work in Smite. I’ve decided to move this over to Paladins, and starting with my very own Champion: Skard. As you can probably work out, he’ll be an awesome looking Viking who’s signature difference is a basic attack style, where he fires two projectiles instead of one. He’ll be quite tanky, but can put out a fair amount of damage, similar to Buck, however he’ll have a lot more range compared to him.

One warning I’ll say: I’m horrible at drawing, so I’ve not drawn anything for this, just taken inspiration from different images to try and piece together what I’m seeing in my mind. I’ve also not balanced the individual %Damage and Health per card just yet, because it turns out going through 26 of those and working out where each one is would be quite difficult to do on your own, so these are just placement values for now. I may work on that later, but with very little to balance off of, I think leaving those is not going to kill the concept.

If you have any opinions on the character or kit please feel free to tell me by sending me a tweet (@Lordwhizzkid),or leave a comment here!!. As a note, I’m happy for any of this to be used in any other character/character concept as long as I am either credited, or messaged mentioning that it has been built upon. If you have any questions on the process of how I made this character, you can also send me a message wherever!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Character Description

Very large body, Buck/Fernando sized. Beard: Blonde/turning brown, decent length and covers jawline, doesn’t go too much into the face (doesn’t have a mustache). Hair fairly long, bushy but not too large.

Wearing a generic leather pants for Viking era. Like these. Top half wearing a Waistcoat made of brown leather, opened at the front. Also has a bearskin cape.

In general a very basic Viking in terms of clothing/look.

Weapons: 2 throwing axes used in hands, on back a large double-headed War Axe used for abilities/close range fighting. All axes have an “energy” blade. Reference for the War Axe Energy Blade.

Character Definitions (What he does, abilities, base stats and basics etc.)

Health: 3000
Basic Attack Damage: 100
Info: The way he basic attacks is he uses both throwing axes in quick succession. Each of these alone do .5x basic attack damage, but if they hit the same target deal 1.25x basic attack damage. There is a slight pause time between throwing both axes, meaning you can aim with the second a bit, but it’ll be fairly close to the 1st.

Ability 1- Earthquake: Skard pulls out his giant War Axe and slams it on the ground. Nearby enemies will be knocked back by 300-350.
Cooldown: 16s

Ability 2 - Berzerk: Skard spins around with his giant War Axe, and becomes immune to all damage and CC. While in this state he will deflect all incoming projectiles. Lasts 2s.
Cooldown: 24s

Movement Ability - Viking’s Rage: Skard throws his War Axe, which will hit the nearest target/wall(If there is none close enough it’ll just land on the floor). He then rushes towards the axe to pick it up, During this rush he can fire basic attacks in a small window in-front of him.


Common (x10) -
Card 1 - Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake by 6s. (+10% damage, +200 health)
Trophy Hunter - For every kill Skard gets, add 8% extra damage, max 5 stacks. Removed on Death. (+10% damage, +250 health).
Card 3- While in Viking’s Rage, gain 30% attack speed. (+15% damage, +200 health)
Card 4- Increase the height projectiles are reflected from by 25% during Berzerk. (+5% damage, +300 health)
Card 5- Allows you to jump during Berzerk (+15% damage, +100 health)
Card 6- Gain +200 health for each minute you have been standing on a Capture point (+10% damage, +200 health)
Card 7- Increase the damage of each axe by 5% per successful hit. Max 5 stacks. Lost on missed hit. (+15% damage, +200 health)
Card 8- Gain 10% of damage done in basic attacks as lifesteal. (+10% damage, +250 health)
Card 9- Your axes travel 50% faster (+6% damage, +230 health)
Card 10- If a character (ally or enemy) dies near you, add .5s longer to the duration of this ability (+16% damage, +200 health)

Rare (x8) -
Card 1- Increase the AOE size of Earthquake by 30% (+10% damage, +150 health)
Card 2- Characters hit by Earthquake are slowed by 10% + 5% per character hit for 3s ( +15% damage, +200 health)
Card 3- After Berzerk has finished gain a 500 health shield. (+0% damage, +250 health)
Card 4- Increase the distance travelled during Warrior’s Rage by 100% (+10% damage, +150 health)
Card 5- Heal for 150 per second during Berzerk (+10% damage, +150 health)
Card 6- Use both throwing axes at once (+10% damage, +150 health)
Card 7- If the basic attack hits a wall, the axe head will explode, dealing 1x basic attack damage (+10% damage, +150 health)
Card 8- Hold down the left click to charge energy into your next basic, dealing up to 2x normal damage. (+10% damage, +150 health)

Epic (x5) -
Card 1- Sends out a secondary energy blast which deals 300 damage to enemies inside Earthquake’s radius (+8% damage, +400 health)
Card 2- Allows you to melee attack while mounted at short range (+8% damage, +400 health)
Card 3- If an enemy comes near to you during Berzerk they will be scorched by your blade dealing 320 damage over 4s (+8% damage, +400 health)
Card 4- Enemies in Skard’s path during Viking’s Rage are trampled into the ground, rooted for 2s. (+8% damage, +400 health)
Card 5- Skard’s basic attacks become small horizontal arcs, which can hit multiple targets. (+8% damage, +400 health)

Legendary (x3) -
Card 1- Earthquake will blind all enemies looking at Skard completely for 3s. (+20% damage, +500 health)
Card 2- Enemies stuck in the path of Skard will be picked up and carried all the way to Skard’s destination (the War Axe). (+20% damage, +500 health)
Card 3- When Skard is hit by a projectile during Berzerk he will heal for 30% of its damage (+20% damage, +500 health)

11-28-2015, 09:27 PM
This character sounds amazing, and a really fun creative concept!

Also, I was thinking, as for the ability "Viking's Rage", what if when it hits a hero, when he finishes charging it triggers a small burst of damage and a knockback? Maybe it would make a decent common/rare card or could just be a part of the ability itself?

Also, as for the Common Cards, I feel as though they are actually a bit underpowered (Which is strange for me to say, seeing as how I usually call everything overpowered) For example, take card 6, if you might remember, Fernando has a very similar card which is also a common, Fernando's card gives him +150 health every minute he has the card, no matter where he is, but Skard's card is in a very specific part of the map which is only active for usually around 30 seconds to a minute, so it would stack very slowly, maybe make it every 30-45 seconds or increase the health it gives? (Maybe even make it stack for being nearby any objective, the capture point, near the siege, enemy gate?) :)

11-29-2015, 06:54 PM
Oh yeah, seems incredibly fun. This game needs more real tanks, Fernando feels kinda lonely :) . His kit would work great around point capturing, and that's what I'm like to do in Paladins. I like his appearance also, everybody like vikings.