View Full Version : Evie need up !

09-25-2016, 08:51 AM
Evie need up.

Skye have 3.5 s + 6 s with card / 2k life / 150 damage per 0.1 s + 5% with right click (the speed of the bullets are very very speed) / 1 k per s with ultimate

Andoxus have 3 jump + reversion / 2k life / and 650 damage per 0.5 s on the corps + right click 450x3 +700 on the corps (the speed of the bullets are very speed) / 4 k with ultimate

Evie have 930 damage per 1.2 s (the speed of the balls is very very slow) + tp +30 % + ice cube +30% / 1.8k life /drogos 2 shot kinessa 2 shot andro 3 shot not to mention headshot / When the ice is finished 0.3 sec ago so you can do nothing certain death awaits you !

Finally ultimate inflicting 20 points of damage per second and slow compared other flank and heroes this is the worst ultimate on this game ...

The speed of the bullets is too penalizing.The enemy had time to leave and return.
But if the speed is increased bullets everybody goes camping with evie.It would thus reduce the distance of his attack.

For me teleportation and blocks of ice are attacks not escape
I'm not the kind of Evie to then pull away

Evie right now needs to have a proper team to do something which is rarely the case.
And even.

Not to mention cassie with his hitbox completely cheat i'm Evie i'm not makoa !

I can't compared Evie to buck. Buck need up.
I can't compared evie to supp, war and damage it's useless .

Finally evie need better rate of fire,more life,better ultimate
and cards similar to that of Skye and Androxus.

Evie does not need as many Masters to be played.

Sorry my english is really bad ^^'