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09-24-2016, 04:05 PM
If we're going to be honest, balance has been a major issue in Paladins since long before CB30 rolled out. If anything the recent patches have only served to address non-issues while making already powerful champions stronger. So, let's discuss.

Androxus: Without any doubt, Androxus is the most powerful champion in the game right now, simply due to the amount of damage that he can put out, the extra mobility, and the ultimate. He has an overall DPS of 1300. The addition of the third Nether Step makes him the second most mobile champion in the game. On top of that, his ultimate does 4000 total damage in an AoE with no falloff.

Suggested fix: increase his shot time from .5 to .7 seconds, remove the 3rd Nether Step, and apply falloff to his ultimate AoE.

Viktor: Once again I find myself explaining why Viktor is still OP, as I've done every patch since he was added. Viktor has the same damage output as Androxus, but due to his ability to basically remove his kickback and spread, Viktor can easily land shots by pointing and clicking. His infinite sprint is also still a constant issue, and like Androxus there is no falloff on his ultimate.

Suggested fix: change his rifle into a burst-fire gun, nerf Compensator, and give the same kind of falloff to his ultimate.

Evie: Evie has several problems, some making her OP, some making her weak. Her damage-per-projectile is 930 (the DPS is the same, not counting travel time). Her projectiles are way too slow, however. Using Blink, she can get infinite bonus damage. Her mobility is incredible, but it might be too much.

Suggested fix: Honestly? Revert to CB29 Evie, minus the Ice Block stun. She was a better champion back then, and her current design just isn't working so well.

Skye: For the record, Skye should not be in this list. She is completely balanced for her kit, except for her ultimate. I'm getting very tired of ultimate abilities being 'press to win' buttons. Skye is no exception to this rule, dealing 5000 DoT that goes through shields and breaks them as well.

Suggested fix: Decrease the range to make this similar to Tracer's from Overwatch. A smaller bomb that sticks to enemies and explodes faster, dealing 5000 DoT. This would fit her assassin kit much better while nerfing it effectively.

Grover: I'm putting Grover on this list because of his Ultimate as well. Healing 2500 health every second effectively makes your entire team invincible for 5 seconds. To compare, Fernando's locks everyone at above 1500hp and only lasts 4 seconds, meaning Grover has the better Ultimate overall. I also think his damage is too high for a support. I see him played at long-range, not close like a support should be played.

Suggested fix: His ultimate needs a rework. A passive damage reduction in an AoE or something.

Ruckus: With perhaps the highest overall dps and effective range in the game, Ruckus is impossibly annoying. His Miniguns deal 1325 dps very quickly, and he can continuously fire for a good 8 seconds. His effective range is annoying as well. Shooting at the Skyes on the shooting gallery from the entrance, I can still kill the two closer Skyes because I just don't stop shooting. Lastly, his Repulsor Field is impossible to counter when used in tandem with Grover.

Suggested fix: taking some of the ideas from this kit, go back to the older single/double design that he used to have.

The rest of the champions seem to be ok. Buck seems to be the one who needs the most help, however.

09-24-2016, 05:24 PM
Androxus :

His whole card system is about regenerating ammo , you need to spend ammo to regenerate it .
1 - fix damn reversal for once . then nerf the duration or remove the dmg , strongest mechanic in gaming history , start to look at it seriously .
2. lower ulti dmg or radius/falloff . One of the strongest ulti in game since forever .
3. remove 3rd dash

Viktor :

1. lower dmg on grenade . ridiculous dmg on one skill , one of the strongest skills in game .
2. nerf grenade cd card , again ridiculous card (same applies to drogoz , both cards are ridiculous ) .
3. fix ultimate , that targeting is shit .

Theres completely nothing strong on him , his sprint gives him maybe 3rd place in mobility chart , and still there are close champions to take that 3rd spot .
With grenade dmg nerf we are taking his presence on both blast and direct hits , and his direct hits are only strong early rounds after that heaven caunters his dmg by a lot .
His m2 is double edge sword , he shoots accurately while he is slowed and is easier target himself .

Evie :

Most ridiculous champion in paladins .
1. double cd on blink
2. dmg bonus only for first shot after blink
3. ice block second basic ability with strongest mechanic in gaming history , having that is enough as it is . Remove bonus dmg (it barely ever is used anyway ).

Skye :

This one is hard as hell , having stealth is huge .
1. m2 dmg is ridiculous (30% hp) . Lower dmg , make it last longer . Add slow back in , in some way (cards , just in skill , 20% max )
2. remove spread or increase range on m1 .
3. make ultimate deal 100% of champions current health over 5-3 sec .

Currently skye is crazy good tank killer , 30% m2 and shooting big targets negates spread . Combining spread and huge dmg drop off , her mid range are complete randomness , just spray and pray not many shoots spread out and dealing minimal dmg .
Change to m2 would negate strong anti tank mechanic and longer ticks would negate mobile targets from healing for longer , while at the same time lowering dps . Her other skills would help her to reposition after failed assassination .
Removed spread and increased range would give her a chance not to go balls deep into enemy , especialy considering that theres tons of champions that are stronger than her close range , while all she can do is fight close range .
Ultimate change would cripple badly anyone geting hit , but any heal / shield would prevent death while theres ticking time to have retreat option . This would make her ulti have almost same function as pip , to dissable targets badly keeping them vulnerable while your team or you try to secure the kill .

Grover :

His skills and mechanics make no sense , fix that first . Just up min dmg on m1 lower dmg increase over range .
Ulti heals way too much per second as brikster said .


1. lower min dmg , reduce falloff . just by little , small amounts .
2. reduce spread by a little .

Bomb king:

First off , fix his design , i said it over and over again he is not bk that was shown on his release , he never was . I realy hope at some point he will be remade into what he was supposed to be .
1. nerf grumpy bombs cd card .

Drogoz :

Spit is strongest ability in game , ridiculous dmg with ridiculous aoe with CC.
For me it is supposed to be a huge aoe skill with knock back , just like the old spam spit fire on point meta . So the only option is to reduce dmg overall .
Oh and that rocket speed needs to be faster while nerfing dmg accordingly .

09-24-2016, 05:26 PM
Well you forgot Androxus has 3 exploitable bugs to make him stronger and only 1 bugged out card. And 2 more bugs that rarely happen but also give him an advantage. The AOE on his Ultimate should have falloff damage, he shouldn't be able to kill you behind corners.

Reload times need to be seriously looked at, these should be based on damage per clip and to a bit lesser extent on DPS. A Champion like Ruckus with that big a clip shouldn't have a reload speed of only 1.5 seconds.

And Cooldown Cards that don't have prerequisites give Champions to big an advantage.

Cassie her Disengage should use ammo.

Tanks as meatshields are clearly taking away from the dept of the game, give us back Champions that needed skill/abilities to play well.

Ruckus is just a boring Champion that is good in certain situations that don't happen because no one plays how the Paladins devs think the game is played. He needs a team based Ultimate (like his new Ability or his really old Ultimate for those that remember the shields), his Emitter moved back and a good simple Alt-Fire.

Drogoz: A damage reduction isn't the solution here (it rarely is, but Hi-Rez devs like it because it's the easy way), his AOE on exploding it mid-air should have falloff (well all AOE should have falloff).

09-25-2016, 06:40 PM
Cassie her Disengage should use ammo.

Interesting, what about 3 ammo? Then it makes sense that it knocks people back with such a force. Then also increase the damage on disengage and nerf the damage from the Q AoE attack.

Drogoz: A damage reduction isn't the solution here (it rarely is, but Hi-Rez devs like it because it's the easy way), his AOE on exploding it mid-air should have falloff (well all AOE should have falloff).

He actually has falloff to my surprise. But i agree that the falloff curve is bad, the falloff seems to start in the outer 30% or something, while you would expect it to start 30% from the center. It does 1000 dmg + knockback most of the time to 2 or 3 characters (and sometimes 1 or 2 character also receive 500-800 damage) which is fucking ridiculous!