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09-23-2016, 06:07 AM
So yeah, we all know that some chars are unbalanced in terms of main weapon, ejem Evie ejem Skye, but yeah i have been thinking about the global issue that make people come to forums saying i have problem with viktor, no the real issue is skye, Evie is broken etc etc etc.

Before starting the theme, as always il said something else.....

Well, well Hi-rez i just notice Tribes ascend gameplay working as the name of Paladins....
For the guys that know the update that make snipers literally bullshit, you know that snipers have to do multiple charge shots to a light soldier to kill him, while having an explosive weapon (actually dont remember the name) will kill you from 1 direct shot or 2 shots from radius damage

Just saying....People will know who are those chars.

But lets begin with the main theme:

Bonus damage is suppose to be something (not completely necessary) like a reward, of doing something good, a combo or an escential part of your kit.

Kinessa is the best example for being balanced in her bonuses.

Her scope ability does 1000dmg + 20% at full charge, if you dont charge it all, this ability will be bs, so yeah are forced to charge it up to make your weapon atack normal
"In this ability the terms are too charge up full)
Her main weapon (Rifle) is bs too, but it can work better (we dont have a reference for saying normal) by having a mine on an enemy and shooting just the enemy affected by the opresor mines, will give you 30% more dmg
"The terms here are to have a mine atacking an enemy"

Since she isnt a Viktor and the mines can be easily spotted and destroy i will said that her rifle bonus is a bit useless, we also have to include the lost time for putting them, no the best bonus.

Well lets move and check Androxus:

His only Bonus damage is for using Defiance. if you hit the 3 shots you deal an additional damage.......
HERE, lets not talk about if you miss or whatever, the bonus itself its just stupid.
i mean when i use Defiance i dont go with the mind, i will just try to hit him with 2 of 3 bullets, the ability is made for hitting the enemy with all the 3 bullets, so why give a bonus for something that you are forced to do and reward you with such a high Price????????

Then Evie.....

You have to be retarded for no blink to atack an enemy, just because getting out of line and getting behind them will be easier to get them, so why the hell did she get a bonus for doing something she is supposed to do? and more dumb is why is she getting bonus when she have some much damage and radius of damage


In posion bolts, hitting all 3 shots grants and aditional 5% damage amp, same, as Skye is super common to start a fight with those, so yeah, innecesary bonus for such an easy ability, if you missed this then ill recommend a therapy with the Dr.Uninstall Game Button

Lets talk about Viktor then:

Before i talk about him i just want to said i dont get exactly how it Works his bonus (Ill said as i think it Works, if it doesnt Works like this pls correct me)

Main weapon, the first four rounds in your magazine deal an extra 50 dmg each, so yeah, get instantly rewarded for starting a fight, the only term here is dont miss your first 4 bullets, and you will get your more innecesary advantage done.
but wait, wait, wait, we arent done yet, if you hit the enemy first with your granade, and then you hit him with your four bullets you will have done 828 + 750 dmg
1578 dmg with almost full magazine, just need 4 more bullets and you have kill a player with 2k of hp
the time it takes you to throw the granade + .8 secs of the 8 bullets = ez kill

Viktor nominated to the most stupid bonus damage of 2016

Lets go! Buck:

Net Shot, Buck deals 30% more damage to netted targets, same as before, you need to use that ability to kill, so a free powerfull bonus.....yay

Heroic Leap, Bonus Damage: Landing on a target does 350 damage <------This is a bonus, this is what this is suppose to be...why if it seems like the others???? because if you miss it, you miss it, btw the ability its kinda slow, so its not supposed only to be used just to engage, to disangage too...the requeriment (terms) here are to land on someone

Ok...Bomb King:

In detonate, hitting a target with multiple sticky bombs causes each bomb after the first to deal 30% more damage, almost the same as Viktor an unnecesary bonus damage, each bomb deals 1000 dmg, so if you are an squishy hero (2k hp) it kills you without the bonus, and you will have to pick the reduce the -30% damage from area damage to still die, and yeah lets say it again, its not about if you can run, evade, use an ability to decreased the damage, the point is, why that kind of bonus is there??
Ye its terrible that the bombs doesnt go so fast, but when they are in point missing is sad, counting that you dont even have to stick the bombs to them, just need to put them as close as you can, and still do a lot of dmg.
Pretty much sure the fall off dmg of the sticky bombs when jumping will be fixed, and people will complain about it.


Same, we arent talking about missing just of the bonuses.

Disengage: I guess this is a good bonus since the arrow of disengage of 200 dmg and it gives you 30% more dmg in the enemy you knoked out with disengage.

Then its Dodge roll, same roll and for some weird reason you get 30% in your next shot, this ability takes 6 secs of cd, but she got a card that allow her to get -4secs of cd if she hits a target in her next shot, so i will said unlimited 30% of dmg, 1 sec of animation of rolling + 1 sec of shooting +4 secs of succesfull shooting, repeat, 910dmg + high mobility.
The bonus damage here is too much for the cd, and yeah, the 30% of the bonus is for you next arrow, seems like you dont have to worrie about time getting that bonus away from you


I simply dont get wtf with the bonus damage of fire Split

And thrust bonus damage: After using thrust deal 20% increased damage for 4 secs, i mean totally fair, the guy gets exposed af

The chars need a rework in Bonus damage, is all messed up (EXCEPT FOR FRONTLINES AND SUPPORTS)

This is an example of how it will work if i were in charge, 100% example no real:

Give Viktor a maximum of 1800 dmg per magazine, if he hits 100% of bullets (maybe 80% or 90% dont being so rude) get an extra 200 insta damage on target, i mean the idea is that he needs to put effor not just get the bonus easy, if this were a cod or battlefield then yeah, for sure put 1 of 200 bullets in his face and count it as instant kill