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09-22-2016, 05:12 PM
Hello, I think that the balancing is a tad bit off. So here are my thoughts on how to fix it.

Barik - is a bit Under powered right now. To fix this:

1. Rocket boots deal 100 damage to enemies if hit.
2. Dome Shield - Increase duration to 8s and make turrets have a tiny shield around them.
( tiny shield blocks 200 damage )

Viktor - is a tad op, not too much

1. Remove bonus damage ( first four rounds of a clip )

Skye - Ult needs tweaks

1. Make ticking longer by .5s
2. increase notification size for you are in range.
3. reduce damage to 3500 over 4s
4. reduce effect the farther you are
5. Increase radius slightly 5% or less
( if you are in range but farther away it will do less damage. )

Grohk - Main attack and abilities need work

1. Lower main attack to 70 per .1s ( From 85 )
2. Increase totem health to 900 ( From 600 )
3. Increase totem healing to 400 ( From 340 )
4. Increase shock pulse size by 5-10%
5. Increase shock pulse damage to 200 ( From 125 )
6. Increase shock pulse cool down to 8s

Evie - Main attack and abilities need work

1. Lower main damage to 900 ( From 930 )

Buck - Main attack needs work

1. Main attack increase to 32 ( From 27 )

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09-22-2016, 11:47 PM
1. If you think Barik is underpowered you haven't played him much.

There are cards to increase his turret health, shield health, duration upto 8 sec(from 4) and reduces cooldown. What's more stupid is his shield cooldown starts from the very moment you deploy it (in my opinion it should start from the moment your shield goes down) so by the time your shield expires you'll have just a few seconds to deploy it back. You can heal you turrets by standing next to them. Bunch of other team buffs regarding shield via cards look it up. All this and still a shotty that deals 600 or 650 (i don't remember correctly).

2. Victor is tad OP not too much ? smh, that explains why he always ends up as one of the top eliminators at the end of the game. You realize he suffers almost no damage fall off at medium-far range, i tried in shooting range it was 128 (ftw ?). That's some bs.

3. Wont comment on Skye, i just hate her too much to do that. I'd vote for reworking her abilities and ultra rather than tweaking it altogether.

4. Grokh is powerful, with right cards (ie with a combo of ghost walk) he can use his totem after every few seconds. He can place totems around the corners to avoid getting them destroyed, since they have a healing radius that can be increased it won't matter much. The range of his main attack needs to be lowered and also the damage. Compared to that Grover who is a support to deals just 300dmg at close range and won't heal overtime unlike the totempole although players get heals standing next to him i noticed its just 20hp, useless.

5. 900 from 930 , yes that's gonna make a difference given that she has way bigger AoE than actual damage class bombking aka the demoman of Paladin (which totally sux btw). Damage boost after blink is bs and ability to fly out of tough situations and re-appear when health and abilities are regenerated is bs. You know why TF2 is more balanced because Flanking classes - spy and scout don't have much damage and have low base hp than damage and tank classes aka heavy, demo and soldier. They have a specific role ie to pick on high priority targets like medics or engies. Here in paladin, flankers just annihilate the entire team (buck is an exception though).

6. Buck not only needs a damage rework but abilities rework too. I have played him just once yet didn't like it. Can't kill anyone and his abilities are just meh..

This is my 6th day with this game and already clocked close to 50 hours with 12 champs leveled upto( and some over) 5. With some champions dealing more damage output and having better abilities than other there is no reason to use those other useless champions. This game needs serious balancing.

09-23-2016, 12:19 AM
he thinks barik is UP becasue hes new to the game... and probally has been dealing with the barik players who think hes a back line "i build turrets, and the ai does all my damage" players that this stupid barik skin promotion has created...

09-23-2016, 02:18 AM
Barik is a good.He deals nice damage if someone gets close to him and if turrets are alive he deals more damage.
He is good if there is another tank with you to protect your turrets.When i play vs him i always destroy the turrets first
300dmg it's annoying.
Rocket boots in my opinion.They need to knock back the enemy on hit and deal maybe 100dmg just for the fun.
I would love to see a passive if a turret dies the skill cooldown is refreshed by 25% so when they all down it does a nice 50%.A barik with no turrets it's no barik.

Viktor:Yeah to bonus damage is annoying.The infinite run it's also.

Skye: I would like your ideas to be implemented right away.
Grohk: Yeah his dmage is high for a support.
His totem health is is good as it is.So you will have to pick totem health or range or heal for other.I always saw Grohk's spawn his totem inside the payload and it's annoying can't target it.

Evie:Since all flank deal tons of damage why should we nerf her damage +her projectile moves slow.All i want from her to change is to delete 1 escape skill..She has bink. Invulnerability+heal,witch on the stick.To much mobile.On every match a good evies is an unkillable evie.

Buck:I know he has low damage but keep in mind,he has heal,leap,net. Personally i have a annoying time dealing with him same as evie XD .He is more like a friendly person for an enemy.All flankers wipe me in 1 second but he is..nicer.