View Full Version : Damage drop off and burn cards

09-21-2016, 10:23 PM
Damage drop off seems like a self-explanatory balance for any characters with hitscan attacks. It's more of the matter of how close you want the champions near enemies to deal 100% damage. So shotgun spread can be tighter and be balanced based on range as well.

For burn cards, I would rather have them provide flat bonuses rather than in percentages. So, for example high DPS players would benefit less from them while low DPS players will gain more bonus.

Example, we add 100 flat DPS to increase the DPS from 1000 to 1100(10% increase) or 200 to 300(50% increase). NOT, increasing attack damage from 50 to 250, Fernando would break the game.

By basing this same example using the current burn card percentage, from 10% bonus damage DPS, 1000 increased to 1100(+100) or 200 increased to 220(+20). Basically, the rich get richer, the poor stay poor.

*As a personal suggestion, I would prefer being able to spend match credits on items instead of burn cards. Example, 'nimble card' would become 'boots of speed' etc.