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09-21-2016, 12:02 AM
It would be cool for characters to be more plain and have their potency come from cards so more variety arises.

1#I.g. Remove Kinessa's mine slow and put that into a card, but also cards that reveal, boost ally damage, boost ally speed.
This way cards are MUCH more impact and a character can play multiple ways and roles.

Maps should be dynamic or change mid battle with moving parts. It would be cool and distinct itself from OVERWATCH with cool fancy maps that actually influence game play. Plus, there's aren't many other FPS games as of recent that have dynamic gameplay.

2#I.g. Have the Temple waterfalls bust in through the map in some sections during the map to change the way players defend and fight.The water would push players down and off the map and a slow pace if they don't leave it. Being ruins, have the higher parts of the buildings crumble down and create some smaller barriers in the middle of the battlefield.

3#I.g. Enchanted Forest have tiny mushrooms growing in the beginning of the match slowly growing to enormous sizes for more barriers or maybe have some bounce house annoyances. Maybe have some different colored ones that, when shot, explode a puff of gas for effects like Daze, Confusion or Mesmerize.

4#I.G Frozen map could have creeping ice that creates a slippery sliding fields (introduce a less slip card). have it snow and slowly ramp up and down into blizzards where it shrinks player vision and slow. Those in the caverns and housed areas are unaffected. Avalanches could come in and anyone caught would freeze(Stun) for a few moments if they don't escape it, or get ally help (shoot em)to shatter the ice and free them.

Just ideas though, would be cool as hell.

09-21-2016, 12:28 AM
I just want to add that I don't think it necessarily is similar to OVERWATCH, but no matter how much you tell the internet and the fanboys that, they won't listen. The internet as a whole loves a good witch hunt for no reason. ALSO DUNKEY ISN'T HELPING. So a hefty change should be made to move those aside and I think dynamic maps would help tell everyone otherwise that Paladins is not OVERWATCH

09-21-2016, 01:58 AM
They used to be plain back when each Champ had 40 (unique individual) cards. (no Tier/Rank)

But they changed their core system and now end up with 16 cards while infusing some of the previous cards into base abilities. (part of them become "bonus damage")