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09-20-2016, 09:20 PM
After a long time discussing here on the forums about what could be done with Buck, I came to the conclusion some buffs are needed, but not like I thought before. At first I thought he would benefit the most from a higher burst damage or firerate, just to increase his DPS, but it ends up that a higher damage would make him too powerful considering his high health pool, and a higher firerate would just worsen his new reload mechanic, so a change of reload would have to take place.

So, instead of changing things related with his LMB, the better option would be to buff some of his skills, so that he can do his job better, without actually overpowering his kit.

As of now, Buck's Regeneration's just a weaker version of Pip's Healing Potion, it regenerates 1000 health in 4 seconds, and just after these 4 seconds, it enters a 10 seconds cooldown, so you could say it roughly has a 14 seconds cooldown. Pip heals for 1000 health instantly and in an area, then entering on an 8 seconds cooldown.

Buck's Regeneration's meant for him to sustain better at confrontations, as he needs to be more up close to the enemy to do damage, but with the current TTK and state of his skill, he gets burst down too fast, making the skill kind of useless.

My idea for the skill to become more reliable is to give it a 25-30% damage reduction bonus, so, while active, Buck wouldn't be burst down as easily, making the 1000 health a lot more impactful, but also not overpowering the regen. This would also balance Buck's healing skill with the ones from other characters.

Buck's supreme could also go a lot more creative, as is, it's just a kind of lazy damage buff that doesn't do much, but makes him overpowered for 6 seconds. My suggestion here would be to change his supreme to something more supportive. Basing myself on his Net Shot, I think it could go like a stronger version of it. He throws a little ball from his weapon, that when hitting full range, or the ground or some other resistance, like a champion or map assets, opens up into a big net that takes any character in an area and then proceeds to pull everyone hit by it to the center, where the ball first exploded, dealing some damage depending on how many characters are taken, and also giving bonus damage against them. This way, Buck's supreme would be a lot more strategic and would actually combo with a lot of other supremes, and would be so much more original.

To envelop it all, the last change I think Buck needs ir related to his reload, but not simply is it a faster reload change, what I think would actually benefit his reload was if it actually gave some kind of bonus to Buck while he reloads so that it balance's with his lower damage. Buck's a combo character, so he needs to have his skills off cooldown to actually do his best, but as it is, his skills are all on a high cooldown, apart from Heroic Leap, so my suggested bonus on his reload would help him with his cooldowns.

Being a character based on skills and with a high reload, Buck has all the characteristics of an instance character. He must go in, do his work and get out. That's a pretty basic concept, that actually all characters have in some manner, but Buck's a little more pronounced, and with cooldowns so high, the time he's on a weaker state is too long, and he suffers with this, not being able to help the team out as much.

The change I suggest to overcome this problem actually enriches the instance/combo gameplay Buck seems to be inclined. If while reloading Buck's cooldowns decreased faster, he would have the perfect balance of in and out of combat gameplay. Let's say for every bullet he reloads his RMB and Q cooldowns fall by 1 second, I don't think Heroic Leap needs to enter this game. You go into battle with Heroic Leap, activates Regeneration to sustain the incoming damage, Net Shot's your target and proceeds to empty the magazine on him, Now you're reloading and probably has you Heroic Leap off cooldown again, so you get out of battle with it and reload full magazine. Probably you're now a lot closer to being able to use your will skills again, and can do the process all over again.

This mechanic would also work pretty well with direct confrontations where you won't run away, and just continue fighting, so, while you're out of combat reloading your weapon, you're actually also reducing your cooldown faster, so you're nearly always with skills to work around, and as you're a combo based character, that your game.

With all this, Buck's damage doesn't need a buff, but his gameplay would become much more strategic and enjoyable for everyone. He would become a viable character for sure, as of now he's not even picked that much, and no one seems to like to playing him.

Discuss what you think of these ideas, and if possible, give yours also, it would be more than welcome.

PS: I also did this post on Reddit because of its visibility, but here's where it all began, so I think it's even more important than there.

10-15-2017, 11:55 AM