View Full Version : Kinessa glitches

09-20-2016, 05:46 AM
This has happened to 2 games with Kinessa, when I scope, I'll return to an earlier spot, so, I move some ways from spawn for example, scope, BOOM, back at spawn, and this will happen forever for that match, unless if I right click rapidly over and over as I move, I'll still get teleported a short distance to where I was. I have to exit and restart game exe to fix

There was also another glitch where I was stuck pointing at one direction, my mouse no longer works, I could still stafe left and right but she is pointed at the same direction as if mouse didn't exist.

09-30-2016, 06:02 AM
This is not just Kinessa, this happens to any hero, the strange thing is, it only happens when I do a fresh right or left click, it won't glitch if I continue holding down any of the mouse buttons, but if I release and click, I am instantly teleported back to base facing some wall, I'll get the AoE hurt from my own weapon if that applies.

After patch 34, if I quit and relaunch, my next death will be a glitch as well, maybe 90% of the screen is black, I can only see a slit at the top of the game world, if I relaunch again, one time I cannot move. It is quite typical for the game to chain glitch or chain crash back to back.

10-04-2016, 08:44 AM
This happened again today, some observations, playing as Makoa, this glitch happens, I start to wander around the map shooting at the sky, I get teleported as I left click, Makoa's projectile is quite slow, I see the projectile turn sharply in mid air. We had a horrible team, it ended quickly, when game ended, I don't see the usual post game screen, it was just black. And I hear the team Pip shooting his pea shooter, I kept the game running on the background, and I keep hearing Pip shooting, until a few minutes in, it went quiet, the screen was still completely black, it didn't crash, just completely glitched, had to force quit in Windows Task Manager.