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09-19-2016, 04:20 PM
I'll be updating if I see anything else so far.. You can help as well if you want, better to create a big list of issued in one go than flood the forum with threads.

1 - Shield are not working against Bomb King's Angry Bomb and Skye's Toxic Time Bomb some times, I replicated it with a friend and every now and then it blocked the way it was suppose to but mostly it dioesn't, the chances of blocking, for some reason, are higher on Angry Bomb and lower on Toxic Time Bomb specially for Barik's Barricade.

2 - The Killcam always shows me riding a horse, that one is old but still there so better point out..

3 - Some times, in Glacier Keep, I spawn too close to the ledge of the spawn area and end up falling there, could at least put a fence or something?

4 - Every now and then I get kicked out of matches, some times to the main menu, some times to the login screen, I yet don't know what causes it..

5 - Some times the layout of my characters show in ranks like Golden and Platina even if I don't actually have these ranks with those characters, some of them can't even play ranked because they're not level4 yet.. This happens more frequently after I get kciked out of matches.

6 - Enemy Androxus, some times, don't shout out his ult, making it unfairly sneaky to see coming..

7 - Skye's invisibility some times don't work, it's rare tho' but better point out. Update: User Altolong updated a video in this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZuD9F_d2JE&feature=youtu.be) showing the bug on around 3:25

8 - Hitboxes on payloads are bigger than the visuals, blocking bullets where it wasn't suppose to and making taking cover on it kinda awkward.

9 - Some people (not me) are having issued in getting Barik's skin from Steam, if that's either a game issue or a steam issue, I don't know..

10 - Buck's Ultimate doesn't work properly, in the description it says it resets the cooldowns and reloads the gun but it doesn't, I used all the skills + unloaded all the shots, used the ult and I still had to reaload and wait for cooldowns, pretty much wasting it since I had to reload..

11 - Some times you spawn without the horse and you're forced to slug your way to the battlefield.

12 - Kinessa's card "Quick Scope IV" have a weird bug where the game doesn't recognize if you're scoped or not some times making your move speed on the scoped speed while unscoped, this can be removed by simple reloading or using a skill but until then..

13 - Maps don't vary even tho' they have multiple variants they keep repeting itself, so, for example, if I win for 4x3 I would had played the same map for 7 turns.

14 - Ruckus cards names are scrambled.

15 - Evie turning into a moving block of ice.. This bug fixes itself after she ACTUALLY turns into an Ice Block for real and breaks out of it but it's confusing to see her moving around like this..

16 - When two Makoas hook each other the camera goes nuts! Kinda funny tho'..

17 - Drogoz visuals and sounds of his ultimate still playing when killed by it and interrupting the killcam.

09-20-2016, 01:32 AM
Just bumping due to some updates.

09-20-2016, 04:16 PM
So I guess nobody is helping.. Just added 15 and 16