View Full Version : Videos about Paladins german/english

11-26-2015, 05:15 AM
Hey Guys Pwncakex3 here.

Little introduction:
I am living in germany but i will make Videos about Paladins with german language and also give my best to give some english content.
I do my best to get more People into the Beta. Further Info are in my videos :)

The first two videos are without voice to make it more comfortable for non-german viewers.
Some people hit me up and said they cant understand something but its not bad cuz they are enjoying the gameplay. For those people: i will go make videos with subtitles. Because i respect the feedback of every comment i get and try to make those suggestions happen.

I started off doing videos for people who are not able to play the game sofar to give some impressions.
Im a really tiny sofar. But would be cool if some people check out my videos and give some feedback about the graphic...sound.. or in general the video quality.

I am also up to play with other people who making videos or are streaming.
Because how is it called: "Playin alone isnt always that much fun than playin with others" :)

Just message me via comment or PN if interested in playin together some Rounds of Paladins.

Here is my Channel: