View Full Version : Bots =/= players

09-18-2016, 05:45 AM
I started playing today and immediately noticed I was playing against bots. I re-read the "Casual" playlist, and indeed it does say you fight against "other players." I played some more matches and it happened every time. I Googled this weirdness and discovered that the game pits you against bots until level 5. I hit level 5, and I then was finally able to play against actual people.

I really think this is crappy. If you want to force players to fight against bots, then lock out casual mode and direct them to the bots mode. At the very least this needs to be explained to players. Some people aren't going to realize they're fighting bots (the bads, ahem) and they're going to be confused when they start doing way worse at level 5.

Personally, I think forcing players to fight bots for more than a match is garbage. Fighting bots is NOT a good way to learn a game. I mean, I guess it helps teach the importance of objectives, but that's it. They don't stand a chance against humans.

09-18-2016, 05:57 AM
I agree there has been a lot of confusion about this. They have to make it clear or at least say it somewhere! Right now many people think they're hotshots and the game is mindbogglingly easy! lol