View Full Version : Match is in a Bad State

09-17-2016, 08:40 AM
From time to time whenever I queue for a Casual Siege match, I get either 80-150 ping or 300-600 ping. When I get 80-150 ping, my teammates get bad ping and which causes the match to be in a bad state and close in 30 seconds.
1. Queue for Casual Siege Match.
2. Choose any character and type /stat fps
3. When ping is 80-150, match will go to a bad state in around 5 minutes and close the match.

Might not work for other people.

09-17-2016, 08:47 AM
paladins has a cross server region feature wich makes us get faster queue times.
basically NA & EU will get matched together and play on EU if 60% or more of the players in that game have EU as their prefered region.
in ranked all of this is scrapped. and the game decides on wich server it will be based on the best ping for each and every player