View Full Version : Hello i am Here to tell you some things to check out

09-15-2016, 03:13 PM
there was a small update so idk fi it was fixed yet. but the loadout pops up every time after you respawn and someone has told me in the patch notes you can no longer access it mid game. i determined its confusing players so maybe have a 1 time load out pop up at a beggining of the game. here is another thing i found out is that the auto item option is not working and people complain to me why i have no items etc. i tell them if the game wont let it work it isnt my fault. because wasting time to look at the items give you less an advantage for new players. to players who want to get to the objective. i think adding quick purchase or auto purchase as like Smite's leveling system but with the items cards not the load out but the extra items during a match. to be clear about what i am talking about in the second half. but yes this problem it affecting gameplay to new and lazy people like myself. rather not lazy but don't want to waste time. to get into action. aswell auto item's is on by default for new players so how will they learn cards or have cards if this system isn't working.

Thanks for the Read.