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08-13-2016, 06:52 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm still somewhat new to paladins overall; this is also my first design related post here, so i hope this kind of suggestion/thread is acceptable in this section of the forums and of use to the developers.

Motivations: I've seen a good number of players wishing that the card system had a bigger impact in the game. However, it feels like simply buffing the effects of cards is not considered a positive direction for the game.

I tried to make a couple of tweaks to the system to make the effects be more visible and tangible for players during the game-play. My goal is to make the card's effects be perceived more easily by players during the game-play, while trying not to simply buff the overall impacts of the cards balance wise.

1)Cards can be activated by pressing number from 1 to 3-4.
*Cards becoming something that you have to actively use allows you to focus your attention on them more often.
*after the activation the card's effect will remain available until they get triggered. When they get triggered that card will burn.

2)Cards have Stronger effects, but limited by either time or instances of use.
Effects from the same card are not stack-able.
It means you are buying non stack-able passive effects.
You also lose the effects on dead (but you won't lose non-activated cards on dead)
*Stronger impact, but trade offs to balance them back to what hi-rez database suggest is the best spot. In hopes to obtain a clearer yet balanced effect.
*burning cards will happen more frequently. making the possession or the lack of a card a feature that have an impact more times during a game.
*cards effects being non stack-able makes them easier to balance.

3)Cards can be acquired during the battle.
You can build a priority list for your cards in advance. When you have enough points, the card becomes available in automatic.
When you get a card, something similar to a "level up" animation will happen, which will be visible for both you and your opponent.
*The current system forces you to die, if you want to utilize the points you earn during the game-play, as soon as possible. I'm more of the opinion that you should be (almost) always encouraged and rewarded for keeping yourself alive as much as possible.
*animation added to make getting a card a cool event. It is also important to notify players that the options of one player (yourself, your ally or and enemy) have just increased.


Now all of this probably sounds quite complicated so i will now give a practical example to give an idea of how this could play out.

Using the new card system:
New card:
Survivor: After activation your champion is protected by the effects of this card for one instance.
If your champion receives enough damage to lose his current hit points he instead survives with one hp.

*This card have a clear impact that changes your in-game decisions multiple times during a match depending on it's availability and the situation you are in.

*This card attempts to give champions a visually more reliable defensive option than what current defensive cards do.
Normally defensive cards give you a very small percentage of damage reduction. Visually looking at a card that gives you 10% damage reduction doesn't give of a powerful impression. It is also hard to get an idea of when and how the card will be worth it, as you would need to do the math considering all different combinations of champions and attacks, etc.

When you are playing against big damage per shot characters that small percentage can be the difference between (just as an example) getting three hit killed or two hit killed from full hp.
So when you are at full hp it can be a huge game changer. but if you lose a bit hp then the card suddenly becomes worth nothing in that same scenario.
such an effect only becomes relevant when that small percentage of protection makes the difference between a critical number of hits.
This model of card should grant you Guaranteed protection from a critical blow.

*The card can potentially absorb a great deal of damage if you have extremely low hp while it's effect is available. However, making a play that forces the usage of the card from and opponent, burns the card, so you are validating your attack and getting an edge without killing an opponent. That adds more ways to get ahead in a match and build up your accomplishments without forcing a players to re-spawn.

*This card makes mixing different types of damage (high damage hit, fast dps, dot) generate strong synergies when securing a tactical attack, if timed correctly.

***You can always see which cards your opponent or your team mates have by pressing Tab. You might be able to see what their are building what cards they have currently available in the same way, to prepare in advance.


I can ready up many more cards if needed. but first wanted to get the idea out there to see what kind of impressions it generates.

Good day to all ^^

08-13-2016, 07:16 AM
In this way cards just become more abilities since they are limited by time and haveb to be activated

08-13-2016, 07:43 AM
I love the activating card ability idea. Plus1 plus1.......plus1 until infinity. Let me post some ideas for cards like that.
Berserk - decrease health by 200/300/400/500 to gain 10/20/30/40 percent increased rate of fire
Get lost - when card is activated and escape ability is popped it triggers a knockback around you. Aoe type
Energise - on activation increase movement speed
Anti heal - on activation and pressing lmb the next shot stops all healing for sometime
Come fly with me - on activation, an aoe trap is trigger when the player walks over the trap gravity is nullified for the player and he is suspended in air for 1 sec.
Over and out - after death trigger an aoe explosion dealing damage and marking enemies for 5 sec.
Bacteria - add a small dot to the weapon.