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  1. Barik's Health?
  2. Fernando's ultimate
  3. Barik's Turrets
  4. Makoa Dredge Anchor Feels wrong
  5. Tank Overlap
  6. Barik is simply unfun to play
  7. barik is so weak i consider him a troll pick
  8. Fernando overperforming?
  9. Bariks Ultimate
  10. Ruckus is pretty bad
  11. Ruckus is pretty bad
  12. buff fernando
  13. LAST ONE STA- [dead]
  14. Fernando fireball bonus damage + burning = gamebreaking
  15. Ruckus' charge ability needs buff
  16. Bariks buffs
  17. Fernando seriously need looking at.
  18. Makoa's Shell Shield (enemy stepping in it)
  19. Makoa's Shell Spin Knockback Is Non-Existent
  20. Makoa`s need some buffs.
  21. Good lord this fernando
  22. Ruckus Repulsor Field needs a buff/rework
  23. Ruckus REWORK or a good BUFF!
  24. Barik. Turrets. They disappear in death. What's up with that?
  25. Ruckus
  26. Mejora Necesaria a Makoa
  27. Improvement Needed Makoa
  28. Fernando: Remove Shield Wall cooldown
  29. Makoa's Nerf Gun
  30. Remove Makoa's hook
  31. Ruckus's Emitter Ability
  32. By 60D DO something about makoa
  33. Makoa's gun is worthless
  34. Tanks unbalanced
  35. Are shields invulnerable to Ancient Rage or is that a bug?
  36. Fernando's "Unstoppable Force" card
  37. Makoa needs some love.
  38. Uncalled for Fernando Nerf
  39. More Frontlines = More Wins
  40. Fernando feel more stupid after each patch
  41. Makoa dredge anchor
  42. Barik Turrets.
  43. Barik's Turret should have faster projectile
  44. Balance Ruckus
  45. Could Makoa get a higher Shell Shield Duration?
  46. Barik
  47. On Ruckus and his inability to do his job
  48. Buff BARIK
  49. Ruckus needs any kind of nerf
  50. The 500th Fernando rework
  51. RIP Barik
  52. Barik no longer a frontliner?
  53. Balance: Shield Wrecker and Tanks
  54. Why does ruckus emitter take bonus damage while being a shield
  55. Ruckus is an EASY character
  56. Frontliner? I'm more thinking about participation award...
  57. possible changes on ruckus
  58. Concerning Barik (And a few other things)
  59. ruckus underpowerd?
  60. Give Ruckus some love... and buff/rework would also be appreciated.
  61. Front Line Buffs/Nerfs Suggestions
  62. Video that show how ruckus gameplay looks like with the nerf of front line
  63. Shields and how they work.
  64. Makoa's Melee Hts on ULT Need More...
  65. Instead of the constant frountliner health/sustain nerfs....
  66. Fernando's shield
  67. Barik ult tweak?
  68. Fernando Nerfs Every Patch!!! OB 39
  69. Makoa in the next patch.
  70. Fernando ultimate
  71. Tanks should be given 10% (or 5%) innate blast and direct damage resistance ?
  72. The Tanks mobility in the game should be buffed or changed
  73. I think it's safe to say Ruckus is OP
  74. Buff Mcdonalds
  75. After numerous nerfs, Fernando is still the best tank and flank
  76. Barik Got Nerfed Too Much
  77. Fernando - Unstoppable Force card
  78. Barik needs a rework!
  79. Please Limit 1 Tank Per Team
  80. Barik
  81. Barik - the most useless Champion
  82. Ruckus too strong?
  83. Makoa dredge anchor
  84. Wrecker vs Ruckus
  85. Frontlines getting ult charge for blocking damage
  86. Allow Fernando to have a toggleable barrier
  87. Do frontliners get ult charge for objective time?
  88. Torvald nerf
  89. Shooting through Fernando's Shield.
  90. torvald buff
  91. Torvald Balance and Changes
  92. Wrecker vs Torvald
  93. Torvald basic attacks are weak.
  94. Where is the ruckus nerf?
  95. I think Torvald is balanced
  96. Nerf Torvald
  97. New tank ruined the game
  98. more health for barik
  99. Torvold's Gun
  100. Welcome to an awful tank meta
  101. Rip torvald soon
  102. TorVald #OPTankConfirmed
  103. Torvald's auto aim mechanics are terrible
  104. Stop cry about Torvald
  105. Trovald - Runic Blast
  106. Torvald is either Balanced or Unbalanced, in my opinion...
  107. Make Barik great again!
  108. makoa hook
  109. Makoa ultimate change
  110. Nerf Ulti (E) torvald
  111. I feel this.
  112. Torvald's Ultimate is crazy on some maps
  113. Torvald Ultimate Charging
  114. TORVOLD Needs to be addressed
  115. Please, nerf Makoa hook.
  116. Nerf torvald
  117. Thoughts on Barik
  118. Ruckus and Repulser Field
  119. Makoa changes not addressed in patch 43?
  120. Torvald Ultimate can be cancelled...............
  121. Makoa hook vs Trovald Ult
  122. Torvald Buff
  123. Please fix or just remove Fernando and Barik
  124. how is torvald atm?
  125. Adjusting Torvald and Killing Deathballs for Good
  126. Came from OW for Maeve!! Going back BC Torvald
  127. Makoa legendaries need buff
  128. Is Torvald's ult op?
  129. Will grohk fall even further behind as healer?
  130. Barik's needed buffs (Sorry for bad english)
  131. What do you guys think of Ruckus's Legendary cards?
  132. Ruckus' Recycler legendary card is utterly useless and needs to be reworked
  133. Fernando Charge/Push card is kinda lame...
  134. Fernanod is LITERALLY Out of the Meta after OB 44
  135. Makoa in desperate need of a nerf
  136. Torvald Ultimate
  137. Best front-line character?
  138. Pip's Healing Potion Hitbox
  139. Barik need a bit buff
  140. Lots of shields make matches totally boring
  141. Make Barik Great Again!
  142. NERF Grohk damage build
  143. Fernandos Shield
  144. Maldambas right click
  145. Barik needs a buff?
  146. barik have the worst ult
  147. OB44 Front Liners
  148. Fernando Buffs. Full article.
  149. torvald needs prob nerf..?
  150. Buff fernando
  151. Inara is severely underpowered.
  152. Cooldown issue with PiP
  153. My Thoughts on Inara (Underpowered)
  154. Fix Torvalds stupidly OP ultimate.
  155. Barik is perfect
  156. Torvald 330 640 Protection...
  157. erf,buff Inara
  158. Evie needs a buf.
  159. Inara Sux, Need Buff. not balance,
  160. Inara Buff Idea
  161. inara is one of the best balance front liner im impressed on her right now
  162. Barik needs to have his deployables persist after his death
  163. Torvald Needed a Nerf He Just Got it in the Wrong Place
  164. Inara is Really Bad
  165. Simple Idea to Buff Fernando
  166. Make nando great again
  167. When are we nerfing Torvald Protection?
  168. many noobs complaining on torvold lol
  169. Torvald Under-powerd
  170. Fix and buff fernando plz
  171. Barik's ultimate is almost useless
  172. Makoa needs a fucking nerf
  173. Inara - What should be done ?
  174. Buff for the Hottest Knight Alive!!! (Appeal a Buff for Fernando)
  175. A rocky start: Inara ideas
  176. inara is need a buffed
  177. why its so hard to take down torvold !!?!!
  178. Inara`s healing cards need to be buffed too.
  179. Inara's wall needs a buff
  180. Ruckus needs to be nerfed
  181. Torvald = Godmode?
  182. What's the point of nerfing Makoa's ultimate?
  183. Barik`s turret revealing skye.
  184. [OB46] Inara feedback
  185. Inara Buff Idea
  186. I'm really, really sad that Torvald is not getting the love :(
  187. Fernando...
  188. Nerf tolvald more!!.
  189. This is the end of Fernando...
  190. Anyone can challenge Makoa — fix it for God's sake!
  191. inara need a change
  192. Fernando and Wrecker
  193. Inara E is absolute garbage
  194. U need really need to work on Torvald!!!
  195. Feedback on Inara changes in the PTS.
  196. Proposed changes to Inara
  197. Makoas ulti is useless now
  198. Give Inara bucks old skills !!!
  199. Why did you buff Inara?!
  200. The champion that no one talks about - Ruckus
  201. Inara Mobiliy
  202. makoa tweak ideas
  203. fernando's shield covers all his body
  204. Inara is still in need of changes.
  205. you challenge MAKOA.....yup
  206. Card "Deploy Time" of the Barik dont work
  207. How To Rebalance Inara From The Number One Inara Player
  208. Is Torvald melting like butter?
  209. siris is well balance hero ignore noobs post we need a inara skill change
  210. my opinion about balancing fernando
  211. The Torvald balance
  212. The Torvald balance
  213. I hate that Inara is not an option in competitive
  214. Fernando Changes
  215. Fernando's Unstoppable Force card is useless
  216. Please buff Inara damage
  217. Torvald blowing everyone off field with ultimate
  218. Makoa adjustments
  219. Torvald Ult charge rate
  220. Bombking not fun anymore
  221. The true tank
  222. Makoa deploying shields every 3 seconds.
  223. Torvald overpowered.
  224. Does HiRez hates tanks?
  225. Torvalds ult
  226. Why dos Viktor have 40 extra damage on his first 4 shots?
  227. inara need a makover
  228. Drgozoz has been extremely op since epics were introducted, and op prior to that.
  229. "Barik is too strong, he needs a nerf"
  230. Willow Balancing
  231. Buff Inara a bit more
  232. Small torvald buff
  233. Shields
  234. Shield nerf
  235. Fernando is Dying (;-; ) , please help him Hi-Rez , he is my main.
  236. What should be done about Inara?
  237. Bariks Shield
  238. Un-nerf Barik
  239. Buff Tanks
  240. The tanks... The REALY heavy TANKS!!
  241. Main Torvald. Any thoughts on his Hyper Beam negating Dragon Punch?
  242. Increase Fernando's Range/New Fernando Legendary
  243. Increase Fernando's Range/New Fernando Legendary
  244. Makoa thread
  245. Increase Fernando's Range/New Fernando Legendary
  246. Inara.
  247. Gather some opinions on Fernando
  248. Makoa's Ult Needs a Change.
  249. Inara's Mother's grace
  250. Torvold needs a buff for higher levels of play