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  1. Drogoz is stronger than i thought
  2. Drogoz Ultimate vs Barriers
  3. Bomb King
  4. Long Range + Hit Scan + DPS + Mobility = OP
  5. Nerf Kinessa
  6. Nerf or Delete
  7. How to troll your enemies with Kinessa
  8. Bomb king needs buff or fix
  9. All you talk about Evie and Skye, What about Viktor??
  10. Grumpy bomb nerf
  11. Vicktor is so OP
  12. Bomb King - Very underwhelming Damage Champion
  13. Dashes remove Bomb King's sticky bombs
  14. Problems with Viktor
  15. Whats the point to the damage class?
  16. Increase Kinessa's rifle accuracy
  17. Cassie disengage-roll build needs to be toned down
  18. Bomb King Ult nerfed too much imo
  19. Am I playing Kinessa wrong?
  20. Viktor's crosshair is ridiculous. Viktor is unbalanced.
  21. Drogoz and Salvo
  22. viktor's ult shouldnt autotarget enemy champions
  23. Viktor needs buffs
  24. Bomb King's poppy bomb
  25. BK knockback bugg exploit/ balance problem?
  26. Viktor is too overpowered!
  27. Increase explosion range for grenaders
  28. Cassie Nerf PLZ
  29. Put damage fall off on Viktor's gun
  30. Bombking Nergs Plz
  31. fix/ nerf viktor please
  32. Damage dealers charge ultimates way too fast without Morale boost
  33. Cassie - sky warden / territorial
  34. Remove Viktor!
  35. Bomb kings knockback build
  36. Fix Kinessa transporter!
  37. Viktor gun nerf
  38. Suggestion on Kinessa improvement
  39. drogoz splash up trade for raw dmg
  40. Viktor's Grenadier Card effect applies on himself
  41. Viktor needs damage nerf
  42. Drogoz needs rework
  43. Totally unfair Kinessa dash denied
  44. Bomb King KnockBack Ability on Frog Isle please BALANCE it
  45. Nerf Cassie Please
  46. Suggestion to stop Spammer Cassies
  47. Nerf victor cards?
  48. A little ulti nerf for Dragoz
  49. kinessa too weak?only me?
  50. Nerf Viktor !!!
  51. Nerf Viktor or ban him from Competitive Match
  52. please fix viktor (nerf)
  53. Make Victor Great Again!
  54. The problem with Viktor and why he needs a nerf.
  55. Why would you play anything but Viktor
  56. Bomb King - Bomb Shelter
  57. Kinessa needs defence against flankers
  58. Bomb King's 8 second Ult! (One shot kill)
  59. Getting tired of Cassie
  60. Nerf viktor and cassie
  61. Nerf BOMB KING 2 hit kill
  62. Bomb king's knockback is absurd
  63. Kinessa:Marshmallow
  64. Nerf Bomb King knokdown
  65. I have been thinking about it a while.....Kinessa needs some slighty tweaks and buffs
  66. Drogoz is way stronger then any other damage dealer
  67. Let's talk Cassie
  68. What is the point of using Kinessa?
  69. Bomb King nerf anytime soon?
  70. Iron sights recoil make Victor useless
  71. Please nerf viktor
  72. Poppy Bomb + Jolt
  73. Why isn't Viktor getting nerfed?
  74. Damage Falloff for Cassie
  75. Cassie Damage Suggestion
  76. Did viktor got a huge recoil nerf?
  77. Viktor Nerf.
  78. Delete Kinessa please
  79. at least reduce the recoil to Viktor
  80. As much as I hate too bring it up... Poppy Bomb?
  81. Drogoz Fire Rate buff
  82. Kinessa Easy prey and with bugs ?
  83. Getting excited for Kinessa delete 10/10
  84. I'm not the first to mention Poppy Bomb
  85. Do Viktor need a nerf ?
  86. nerf viktor
  87. Nerf this f****** viktor plz
  88. Lets make Kinessa fun
  89. IT'S TIME TO STOP [Viktor]
  90. Balance Bombking
  91. Nerf bomb king CC or damage
  92. Stop saying poppy bomb needs a nerf
  93. Victors Mirage through roofs
  94. Viktors compensator card nerf
  95. Poppy bomb has more power than Most ults during overtime
  96. Nerf Victors F?
  97. Cassie Under Powered?
  98. Viktor needs a solid nerf
  99. How to deal with Kinessa as Sha Lin!!!!!!!
  100. Sha Lin First impressions....
  101. Sha Lin is to fast and to stong
  102. Sha Lin is completely broken. Here is why.
  103. Viktor is a human too
  104. Disable BK on Frog Isle
  105. Make Kinessa cost 1,000,000 gold and not unlock with Founder's pack
  106. Sha' Lin has the worst cards in game (Comparison)
  107. A little thing that this game forget ( Kinessa & Sniper )
  108. Do you feel Cassie is a bit off? Unbalanced? Perhaps even OP?
  109. Sha lin and OB38 Patch Twitch
  110. Viktor needs a nerf.
  111. Dragoz- worst game exp. in the game
  112. Viktor is still broken and autowin in casuals
  113. How to Ignore Viktor's 'Nerfs' in OB38
  114. Viktor needs a LITTLE nerf?
  115. nerf viktor
  116. Something about cassie
  117. 60/1/19 and 117k dmg as Viktor in normal siege?
  118. Add recharde to Sha Lin
  119. Bomb king Poppy Bomb needs a nerf?
  120. Bombking's "jump" bomb
  121. Another Viktor Rant
  122. what about kinessa damage?
  123. Nerf Poppy Bomb
  124. Drogoz..? that shit can be called balanced ?
  125. Viktor need a dmg buff?
  126. Viktor you call that balanced
  127. Bomb King Hitbox too small?
  128. BK's Jolt card is NOT broken. Period.
  129. Kinessa Charged Shoot without scoping
  130. Kinessa possible slight buff?
  131. Why Cassie doesn't need a nerf
  132. Right Drogoz nerf
  133. Right BombKing nerf
  134. Why can only fight cessie and drogoz "good" against flankers
  135. Nerf Cassie (Yes, This kind of thread again)
  136. To all those children who are incapable of killing a drogoz and say this isn't a nerf
  137. VIKTOR still OP?
  138. Kinessa's Teleport
  139. Drogoz need nerf
  140. Sha Lin? (what were they thinking?)
  141. Remove tyra or make her cost 1,000,000 gold and not be unlocked with founder's pack
  142. Tyra's Q ability
  143. Viktor Changes (Nerfs/Buffs)
  144. Kinessa's Movement ability needs to be a little quicker.
  145. Viktoria and Cassinesso are getting too strong.................
  146. Who thought Tyra's molotov was a good idea?
  147. Tyra?
  148. For Frontliner Mains, How Was Tyra?
  149. nerf tyra molotov
  150. Nerf Cauterize and Tyra is not OP.
  151. Viktor's Damage per Shot
  152. Sha-Lin is too OP
  153. Bomb King (Grumpy Bomb)
  154. Tyra is making Paladins unplayable
  155. [Serious and not only bull---] feedback on Tyra
  156. Viktor grenade thoughts
  157. victor balance suggestion that solves a couple main issues.
  158. Cassie became the weakest character in this game
  159. Disengage + Airborne shot
  160. cassie ultimate is too UP
  161. Viktor.
  162. drogoz need nerf
  163. Kinesse being able to go on unreachable places
  164. Kinessa Projectile Hitbox
  165. Drogoz's ultimate really needs some tweaks
  166. Kinessa's Carbine could use a little buff please.
  167. Drogoz ulti is too fast being charged
  168. Kinessa's Headshots should 1 shot 2500 health targets
  169. Tyra must get nerfed
  170. Drogoz Salvo Balancing
  171. Kinessa not a nerf but a buff
  172. Reasons of why cassie/sha Lin doesn't deserve a nerf
  173. slight nerf, maybe fix?, to sha lin
  174. drogoz
  175. Tyra's Firebomb is completely broken
  176. Why do people keep crying about the knock back in dorgoz right click?
  177. Drogoz. My thoughts about his improvement (not buffing).
  178. Real champion reveal for viktor
  179. Cassie - whats the point? (compared to Androxus)
  180. Kinessa snipe mod
  181. Please nerf bomb king
  182. Sha Lin needs a nerf. Please read before judge.
  183. Reduce the duration of drogoz ult
  184. A slight improvement Kinessa.
  185. Why Tyra is not a Viktor Clone
  186. Victor running ability
  187. A change for Kinessa
  188. Nerf Drogoz
  189. Sha Lin buff
  190. Nerf Cassie
  191. Bomb King tweaks.
  192. Drogoz 2100 damage one shot ?
  193. Cassie is 100% overpowered and needs a nerf
  194. Tyras Molotov is countered too easily
  195. Drogoz Ultimate is honestly stupid, 100% true damage? why?
  196. Win with viktor is too easy!
  197. Sha Lin Draw Strength
  198. Tyra Buff?
  199. A couple of suggestions to make Tyra a tad bit more viable.
  200. Salvo buff, but no fire spit nerf?
  201. Kinessa Concerns
  202. My solutions for Kinessa........
  203. Consecutive Damage (Nerf/Buff Idea)
  204. Bomb king nerf not in patch notes
  205. Kinessa at close range
  206. Drogoz is OP, why? because he doesnt have ANY character that counter him
  207. Tyra
  208. Sha Lin adjustments
  209. Give Tyra a double jump
  210. Drogoz spit-fire combo vs turrets, totem, clones...
  211. Tyra Buff
  212. Drogoz Fire Spit OP?
  213. Cassie ultimate "Scout" is USELESS
  214. RIP front liner - Cassie is overpowered now
  215. OB44 Ruined Drogoz... :(
  216. 0 Counterplay Ult Ruining the Game
  217. [PTS] [OB44] Kinessa's too vulnerable now
  218. Viktor didn't need a 20% damage buff
  219. Chain Reaction is fairly lack luster
  220. Thoughts on Sha Lin in PTS
  221. Roll Incitement into Cassie's kit.
  222. Bomb King is Now Broken
  223. BK Poppy Bomb Legendary
  224. Grumpy bomb card
  225. Kinessa's teleporter rework
  226. Drogoz Balancing
  227. Kinessa Carbine Buff
  228. If you keep it like this remove / remake bomb king
  229. Nerf Drogoz
  230. We need to talk about Kinessa
  231. The current state of Viktor and his ultimate
  232. Tyra... that fire make me sad >:c
  233. Cassie's underwhelming cards
  234. Please just nerf Tyra's damage
  235. Sha Lin Balancing
  236. Drogoz Dragon Punch
  237. Hi-Rez Can You Nerf Drogoz Into Oblivion Like You Did Maeve?
  238. Drogoz' Fire Spit
  239. can wee end the drogoz meta for a seconde ?
  240. is kinessa a bad champion?
  241. Kinessa's Transporter
  242. She Lin's Legendary Cards are Uninspired and Lazily Designed
  243. Cards that are littelary the same but one of them have higher value...
  244. The Canadians Want Their Logs Back
  245. Sha Lin Ballance Idea
  246. Nerf tyra
  247. Viktor's aiming
  248. Drogoz nerf missed the point?
  249. Kinessa have a serious issue with the flank meta
  250. LMB+RMB spaming BK's feel like a problem