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  1. Pip Ultimate
  2. Grohk can't get/hit Skye out of stealth?
  3. RIP ying
  4. Support's Damage
  5. well, look at this grohk damage. is this really possible without hack??
  6. Pip's cards are currently problematic
  7. Healing abilities rework idea
  8. Grover Feedback.
  9. Ying is overpowered!
  10. Grover needs a better identity
  11. Ying small range
  12. Pip's slow needs a nerf
  13. [Ying] Shatter damage card
  14. Pip OP AF
  15. The Pip ultimate
  16. Ying needs her healing and health toned down
  17. Ying absolutely needs a rebalance
  18. Grohk Needs A Massive Buff
  19. Grohk's ultimate.
  20. Pip Ultimate idea
  21. Grovers kit is a mess
  22. Ying Feedback
  23. (Class Change) Pip as Flanker
  24. Grovers unlimited axe spam
  25. PIP balance suggestions
  26. Maldamba can permastun
  27. Mal'Damba Impressions
  28. Mal'Damba what were you thinking hi rez??
  29. Mal'Damba's reload speed
  30. Mal'Damba - Can Mending Spirits have a bit of a bigger "target" area?
  31. Nerf Ying
  32. Mal'Damba
  33. When is Ying's healing getting a nerf or other healers being buffed to her level?
  34. Mal'Damba = Buff his F
  35. Grover Left Click Damage
  36. Please buff/help Grover
  37. Ying Too Risk Free
  38. Suggestion: Buff thought for Pip
  39. Mal'Damba is just fine
  40. Grover = useless
  41. Grohk's Ultimate . . .
  42. Mal'Damba Heals feel weaker than other Supports...
  43. Mal'damba stun-lock and kill Ruckus face to face
  44. Ying's Clones need a shorter lifetime or shorter range.
  45. Pip - A healer or a flanker?
  46. Ying needs 3 illusions to reduce her healing power!!
  47. Fix yings heal
  48. Mal'Damba needs a buff.
  49. Make Grover a proper healer!!
  50. Ying still unbalanced
  51. My Proposed Changes to Supports - Not Just Healing
  52. When did they fix Grover?
  53. Grohk Ult Buff Suggestion
  54. Suggestion for Grover
  55. Mal' damba still sucks
  56. Discussion about Supports
  57. The Problem with Supports
  58. MalDamba Suggestion
  59. Grohk and Illuminate Buff Idea
  60. Grohk Should be Invincible When he Ults
  61. Slightly Buff Pip
  62. buff/fix Ying
  63. Make PIP more support
  64. Healer stacking in payload
  65. Is it me or Ying now is underwhelming?
  66. Why Ying's Healing isn't the Issue - Opinions of a Diamond Ying Main
  67. Why is Grohk considered to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad?
  68. Grohk ult buff?
  69. Why I Think Grohk is The Worst Support
  70. Pip, the Flank
  71. Grohk Ulti Improvement
  72. Grohk Balancing Ideas
  73. Possible changes on grohk
  74. Maldaba stun
  75. #Savepip
  76. Mal Damba Right Click Heal: Suggestion
  77. mal dambas stun
  78. Grover why did you change him
  79. Grohk overbuffed?
  80. Pip's recently nerfed healing ability.
  81. One mildly annoying thing about Pip's ult
  82. Please Nerf Grover . . . Please
  83. Maldamba Stun
  84. Pips ultimate recharge timer.
  85. Let's Talk about Ying
  86. Grover- worse support (in common)
  87. Maldamba's stun duration
  88. Suggesting a Small Buff for Grover: Friendly Player Counter
  89. Grohk is seriously OP now, he was massively overbuffed
  90. Mal'Damba killed ever front
  91. PIP is all round better version of BUCK, think about it.
  92. Grover Feedback
  93. Ying. You call this sh*t a healer?
  94. Ying Suggestions
  95. Grover Axe Scaling shouldn't count as bonus damage.
  96. Nerf Mal'damba
  97. So Grohk got "fixed"
  98. Mal'Damba Stunlock Fix Suggestion
  99. Mal damba Rework ideas
  100. Make Grover a melee character again.
  101. Here's why Grohk is sucking and how to fix it
  102. Grover should be a melee champion, and here's why.
  103. Mal'Damba Stun Lock
  104. Mal'Damba reloadspeed build BROKEN
  105. Ying nerfed, weak and dissapearing from the battleground
  106. Lower the dmg on all supports
  107. Adjust Mal Damba's Stun (Snake Toss)
  108. Grohk/Grover should provide alternative buffs alongside their healing abilities.
  109. Mal'damba, tier 3 reload stuns
  110. Grover should go back to being melee.
  111. Mal'Dambda's ultimate
  112. Change Pip's Class
  113. Grover's dire need for a buff
  114. Some Grohk changes.
  115. Grover buff - Passive heal to 100?
  116. Mal'damba reload speed cap?
  117. Why can't Mal'damba counter Makoas ult with his ult?
  118. Let grohk place his totem on the payload like bariks turrets
  119. Why doesnt supports get ult charge by self healing?
  120. pip explosive bomb is too op
  121. Ying's healing beams
  122. Mal'Damba Alternative Damage Options
  123. Swap Grover's DPS axe throw.
  124. Mal'damba Stun needs nerf
  125. Mal Damba Stuns
  126. I feel like support dont have their places
  127. Mal'Damba Stun Changes
  128. Grover and new ultimate system
  129. Ying Link - Needs to be faster
  130. Grover buff idea!
  131. Wasn't Mal Damba's Perma-stun Nerfed?
  132. i think grohk needs some buffs
  133. Mal'Damba Buff?
  134. Pip and GROHK skills balance !
  135. GROHK needs some improvements
  136. Buff Mal'damba
  137. I'm about sick of getting harassed for playing Pip
  138. Grohk Changes:
  139. Inconsistent Mal'Damba ultimate
  140. a personal rating for support
  141. Buff grock's Q
  142. Increase duration of Grohk's totem
  143. Pip Legendary Card
  144. While I appreciate Grohk's legendary cards...
  145. Grhock legendaries needs nerf
  146. Give Mal'Damba his damage amplification back on his ultimate ( on OB 44 )
  147. Ying legendary cards
  148. pips default legendary is a hindrince
  149. Pip is broken in OB44
  150. Ying healing
  151. Grohk is almost one of the most fun champion to play
  152. response to thread on Mal damba heal vs yings
  153. Fix Ying Already
  154. Buff Grohk's Ultimate
  155. Hacker Grohk
  156. Grohk's Wraith is (literally) broken
  157. Grohk ultimate: how to make it usable
  158. Give Grohk a better ultimate
  159. Give Grohk's Ultimate Damage Redux
  160. Proper Legendaries for support heroes
  161. Grohk, oh Grohk...
  162. Who tought that Pip's giant potion was a good idea?
  163. Grohk's Totemic Ward
  164. Buff mal damba and his healing hitbox
  165. Grohk Bustin is Hi-Rez Trolling it's Playerbase
  166. Ying's Rewind card
  167. How would you balance pip? Should he lose his instant self heal or some ULT change?
  168. Honestly, Grohk healing totem then ghost walk needs to have a cooldown in between
  169. So Grohk's Lightning Staff damage was nerfed from 85 to 75 (patch preview)
  170. Grohk’s Ulti
  171. Mal Damba's RMB: Mending Spirits
  172. The Buff Grohk Deserves!
  173. Idea for new Support
  174. ghrok card error
  175. Grohk
  176. Pip nerf
  177. Mal Damba's cards could use some love
  178. Ying - an unmatched healer?
  179. Ying is DEAD. DEAD!
  180. Let's talk about Pip...
  181. Removal of Wekeno's Wrath Legendary for Stun-Damba's Return.
  182. pip's side tank nerf
  183. Nerf Flank Pip Buff Healing Pip
  184. Some buff needed for grohk
  185. Grohks Ult
  186. Balance is broken!!!
  187. pip weightless "bouncing" speed increase
  188. Oracle's ult
  189. siris op
  190. Seris Balancing
  191. Seris Is Pretty Weak...
  192. Please nerf Grohk's gale card.
  193. buff seris
  194. Small buff to Grohk's card
  195. Seris with healing build cannot compete with other supports with healing builds
  196. Move some of Seris's power to Agony
  197. I think that Seris is OP as a flanker and have a very high 1v1 potential.
  198. Seris damage potential is too low.
  199. Seris is balanced....?
  200. Pip Health Potion is hit detection issue
  201. Balance seris
  202. Please Remove SERIS
  203. Grohk's Healing Totem could use a health buff (totem's health)
  204. Essence, Grover legendary card 30% damage with scaling and balance team matchmaking
  205. Seris y Grohk nefreo
  206. That seris ult nerf....
  207. Remove Mal'Damba stun
  208. Buff Grover and nerf caunterize
  209. Make Seris take skill to play
  210. Pip is slightly OP at the moment
  211. Nerf pip's explosive flask
  212. My thoughts on Pip
  213. Pip Adjustment
  214. Pip, the flanking dps healer, what is balance?
  215. Pip Adjustment Proposal (not a nerf)
  216. How to screw over a class that already gets enough hate 101
  217. Remove pips healing, he's not a healer.
  218. Make supports do less damage
  219. Seris: love her, yet not sure...
  220. A few tweaks to Grover
  221. You nerf Ying's healing, so I tried a bomb Ying - and it worked!
  222. Seris's Self-Healing
  223. Ying feedback for (hopefully) OB 51.
  224. Buff Grohk (And Maeve).
  225. I guess they are trying to push Ying out and make room for Seris?
  226. Seris ult was useless, now its broken.
  227. Buff and Nerfs for Grover
  228. Ying did not need the nerf
  229. Seris ult
  230. Healer Rework Suggestions
  231. Pip's Self Damage
  232. Change Grohk's ultimate
  233. We must bring glory to the Lightning Orc!
  234. Buff Lifelike
  235. Ideas to Grover and Grohk
  236. Seris nerf
  237. The Blossom has Withered
  238. Remember when Damba can outheal any healer by a huge margin when paired with skill
  239. Ferocity Buff (Grover)
  240. Seris can have a 2 second cooldown on a 4 second cooldown ability? WTF!
  241. Seris can have a 2 second cooldown reduction on a 4 second cooldown ability? WTF!
  242. Maldamba vs Seris
  243. Seris heals are way too easy. It needs a rework
  244. Grohk Buff
  245. 'Damba
  246. Ying really needs changed
  247. Adjust Pip's damage output (or change his class entirely)
  248. Buff/rework suggestions for Grohk
  249. Seris Healing rework
  250. Another post about Seris