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  1. The Cold Truth
  2. AFKers
  3. Why do Viktors and Kinessa think they are gods?
  4. The mount system is necessary?
  5. How Do You Communicate With People Better In Paladins?
  6. abilities description while ingame
  7. CB33 Dev Update
  8. That Ping is killing the game experience
  9. How can i play with a newbie friend?
  10. CB33 Opinions/Speculation
  11. CB33 Ranked Mode: My Thoughts (Long Post Ahead)
  12. Oceanic Servers
  13. How can i chat with the enemy team?
  14. Spawn Room Teleport Gate/Door
  15. Why Skye killed you. Come with questions.
  16. Why is Taking Design Philosphy From Overwatch Bad? (Heavily Opinionated Long Post)
  17. I need your help!(not really serious)
  18. Que times - game time
  19. The meaning of Grover no more being a melee champion..
  20. Level Up for Nothing
  21. This game is basically dead.
  22. Idea for new champion
  23. September Rant Thread
  24. New champions, Modes and Maps
  25. Androxus, IN KINESSA TEASER!!!
  26. Paladins: Is it screwed?
  27. The best champion
  28. Best Score
  29. Graphical Improvements
  30. Grohk CB 33 Suggested Addition!
  31. My body is ready to take a ban.
  32. Spring is comming in next patch
  33. 1000 years waiting for the CB33
  34. Tencent is working for Paladins China server
  35. Castle map spoil!!
  36. New champion idea - Jack or Jake , Dual pistol Wielder
  37. Patch 33 - petition for Payload
  38. Funny i think i need some help with !
  39. Funny i think i need some help with ! Part 2
  40. This community is the worst out there.
  41. Stop with the misleading CB33 banners on the forum, home screen and launcher.
  42. Carefull with cheaters
  43. I get rewards just for winning.
  44. Cb 33?
  45. Game is down....???
  46. Does this game favor EU?
  47. Who had the great idea to remove the voice packets?
  48. Why is this game changing to another game?
  49. So... Where is Ying (or Yang, I guess)
  50. State of the game
  51. Temp mods
  52. No more payload mode? is it good?
  53. Controller support
  54. why is ranked so bad?
  55. problem with loadouts change
  56. Reinstalling Paladins
  57. So Hows CB33? Was it Worth The Long Wait?
  58. Paladins: Skye's of the Realm
  59. (Kills)High Score thread
  60. How HiRez balance their champs every patch/hotfix?
  61. Barik(Team Fortress Skin) Who know?
  62. I'm done.
  63. Guide to get good MMR
  64. Paladins is now on Steam!
  65. Please bring payload back
  66. Not received Skin Fernando --> Smite
  67. Please disable the new server until it's fixed
  68. WTF happened here:
  69. Champ DPS updated to CB33
  70. Get rid of the deserter timer ffs
  71. Looking for HiRezErez thread about Paladins And Overwatch
  72. choose your class in competitive...
  73. Erez ESL Spoils from today.
  74. Goodbye, Paladins, you will be missed!
  75. Hey ummm how can i get Engie Barik without steam
  76. Black Ice Evie Giveaway
  77. Cant play competitive with an friend
  78. what is mean 'TIME LEFT' in Refer A Friend in-game page?
  79. PaladinsBestGame
  80. Why people can see me while cloaked?
  81. How to get Mastery!?
  82. When Ying back?
  83. [Healthy Discussion] What changes with Open Beta?
  84. Why are the servers keep going down and back on?
  85. make the AFK Checker shorter than this plz! (video inside)
  86. Cassie skin giveaway.
  87. Server down - launcher bug
  88. So what was the point of the founder's pack ?
  89. Remove hero paywall to be relevant
  90. Aim bot / hack prevention?
  91. Level faster?
  92. Open beta have reset accout?
  93. Angry post~
  94. Ying missing ???
  95. New to the game ...and wtf
  96. anyone got the teamfortress 2 barik skin yet?(cant seem to get mine)
  97. So I've stopped playing Paladins and I'm really struggling to want to play again...
  98. Having a closed beta achievement feels good man
  99. 144hz ?
  100. Teamspeak?
  101. Adding a 'Leave Queue' button.
  102. News on champion lore
  103. Cant log in
  104. Question about what a shield can block and can't.
  105. when does barik actually become useful and viable again?
  106. Keep getting booted to HOME screen when joining a match.
  107. Our prayers have been answerd!
  108. Black Ice Evie Giveaway! 1k Keys
  109. With the influx of new players, shouldn't we get region selection in casuals back?
  110. The game feels more like an alpha build than beta
  111. Unofficial Paladins General Discussion Thread
  112. How to use Makoa?
  113. Are there currently hackers in game?
  114. Really? deserter? are you fking serious?
  115. Best burn cards for Skye?
  116. Where's my Barik's TF2 Skin??
  117. I don't understand Buck
  118. Server Ping
  119. Cant buy gem
  120. New to the game(simple question)
  121. SUPER SAD FACE :( :( :( Barik skin whurrrrr?
  122. Is competitive better than casual?
  123. Post a Picture of Yourself.
  124. Anyone have black ice evie skin code ?
  125. Game changes and no changelogs?
  126. what happened to voicepacks
  127. Grohk and Reload
  128. New Player, Big Problems I have
  129. how to really play
  130. Why there is no report system?
  131. New update problem
  132. How does the hero rating, ranking system and leaderboards work?
  133. Casual mm only versus bots?! Really??
  134. New player here, what happened to Ying?
  135. How to get PIP's unlockable skin?
  136. Playing against bots?
  137. Feeling Generous
  138. 50k Fernando Onslaught skin keys
  139. eGr Bitey CB33: Feedback & Review
  140. Better graphics and sound
  141. Uhm... Spike Pit Spawn Room....
  142. Ranked Questions
  143. For those who say that Paladins is a copy of Overwatch
  144. Bot exp and gold
  145. New Ying's modelling, do you like it?
  146. Are tanks op?
  147. I am so glad I never bought Overpriced, TY for this awesome game :)
  148. Free Skins
  149. OB 34: Payload and Ying are Back!
  150. Can you Still get the Fernando Skin for Ares in Smite?
  151. Out of combat heal rate
  152. OB34 Stream - Highlights
  153. South America server?
  154. About the nerf of OB34 Ying.... need to save her now!
  155. Pip weird skin ?
  156. Random Disconnection from the Server
  157. Does "good" team composition even matter?
  158. Farewell faith in the players' skill.
  159. dced in champ select and 15min deserter ban GGWP
  160. Im done with the matchmaking in competitive queue
  161. Refer for me?
  162. How long have these things been this way?
  163. Must say im impressed by this game
  164. Headshot!?
  165. Hitbox size as a design decision and why it makes sense.
  166. In game All chat please
  167. A couple of questions I haven't found answers to, help :)
  168. Just 2 things (devs)
  169. Wheres the patch ?
  170. No support for Xbox controller
  171. Question about the founder's pack
  172. Beta rewards
  173. Win ratios, statistics
  174. Duplicate cards gold refund
  175. Ranking system
  176. Scoreboard : fatal blows.
  177. Map Rotation?
  178. Over-powered champions, Under-powered champions, Balancing discussion
  179. Help! Questions!
  180. Competitive Discussion
  181. It's been a week in Open Beta, and the players still have no idea how to play.
  182. POLL: Who needs a nerf?
  183. Playing against other players?
  184. Buying Crystals
  185. Limited number of champions from the same category
  186. What Cassie build do you use?
  187. Why must I team with these people? this is why deserter needs removing or changing
  188. Is Ying getting a rework or what?
  189. What is the worst/saddest/cringe player you have encountered?
  190. Why are some of my champions' borders gold or silver?
  191. When can we expect single region que in casual MM ?
  192. Servers unavailable.
  193. Idea for paladins lore
  194. How long are the server down?
  195. Founders Pack and Other platforms in the future.
  196. hero rotation?
  197. A Noir Hero!
  198. Have Any Skins Ideas?
  199. I see hi rez aren't exactly quick like ninjas lol
  200. Virtually Every Time I Lose
  201. Rank Explanation
  202. Something needs to be done about these Ruckus players.
  203. 240+ ping we need a dedicated server
  204. Ideas for Buck.
  205. Hackers
  206. Suggesting a new champion?
  207. Hi i'm new.. kinda and i need some answers :)
  208. is there an australia server?
  209. 1 Question
  210. bots bots bots bots
  211. How to stream to twitch?
  212. Add SEA Server :(
  213. Questions and ideas before spending money - Help!
  214. Iusses and Questions
  215. HI REz need a report function ingame for AFKERS
  216. Why are so many posts viewed but barely get any replies?
  217. Whenever I see portugese in the chat
  218. Basic questions and hopefully answers.
  219. How do you cope with Skye's ult? (oh nooo not this again)
  220. Linux support ?
  221. Keep getting the same people on my side in casual queue
  222. Suggestion: Allow people to switch characters after a round completes
  223. Possible hack
  224. Competitiive
  225. Hi, see my Gameplay
  226. How Do I Obtain Vampire Slayer Skin?
  227. I am new player and need your help!
  228. How to Get Barik Skin if You already have Non-Steam Paladins Installed?
  229. Looking for loudout ideas
  230. It happened, hacks for paladins released :/
  231. Paladins CB33 counter guide
  232. 2 questions about the beta
  233. Help A Old Closed Beta Player Out?
  234. Unreal Engine 4?
  235. Viktor Montage | Paladins!
  236. Gender representation in game right now!
  237. Still failed to enter Oceanic at PTS.
  238. What is Hi-Rez's Stance On Player Created Paladins Blogs?
  239. Unlocking competitive
  240. How to rename the Username Login..
  241. What's wrong with Pip's ult?
  242. Game is down for patch?
  243. Mismatch Version
  244. Voice packs
  245. Demo Skin/Champion concept
  246. Things that irk you in game
  247. So... Friendlies Are In Paladins
  248. As a new player...
  249. why does game automatically close after 30sec ??
  250. Missed Evie Black Ice Skin