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  1. Briggs?
  2. Broken and frustrating
  3. All you need to know about crossplay
  4. Two Players afk after they cried about how good they are on their main account
  5. Alyssa Announcer pack Please
  6. Changes confirmed by devs for Season 2 (Balance and more)
  7. Maeve's Alley cat tail docking
  8. Behold, the 400k+ healing match (Diamond level rank match)
  9. Mixer Points
  10. [Poll] Which would you prefer ?
  11. Paladins in Epic Games store
  12. Ultimate Healers Are The Worst Healers
  13. What is with this terrible lvl based legendary system??
  14. linking Steam account to Paladin account
  15. Maybe make a Remix themed Map?
  16. Support not healer - clarification question
  17. 300k Heal and damage challenge
  18. Paladins Official Wiki browser error
  19. Party of 1?
  20. Mixer points are working!
  21. Why is Furia fat?
  22. Can I buy Maeve Merrymaker in the future, or is it limited?
  23. Hi-Rez Launcher is better than Steam Launcher but How to remember password?
  24. Esport chest still gives only booster! Emojo, here's how to fix it.
  25. Simple question
  26. How to play with multiple accounts ?
  27. Mixer Point Account problem
  28. New content cycle
  29. Help
  30. my Account
  31. How to log in to my.hirezstudios.com?
  32. #MakeLizardGreatAgain
  33. Lian - Enlightment
  34. Andro and lex
  35. Cauterize/Wrecker Splits And Why...Learn more about Wrecker
  36. Explanation about the "Clan" system?
  37. Community Talent Removal Results
  38. "Small Playerbase"
  39. Frustrated beginner
  40. How to flank when your enemy team never separate?
  41. Rank is about to end, so why not share some of your experiences in Ranked 2.0
  42. Is it okay to post IGN of Noob, Trolls and enemy GM that party on my MM experience?
  43. Helvian next video - addressing bugs
  44. Types of skins and how to get them? Standard, Exclusive, Limited, Unlimited
  45. Will ranked season 1 extend until patch 2.01 goes live?
  46. Mixer point on Nintendo Switch
  47. Nerf Paladins
  48. If I buy the key for pc, do I unlock it for ps4 aswell?
  49. Paladins for Linux?
  50. Can we Talk About how Amazing New Battle Pass Skins are?
  51. Beginning of 2.01 PTS?
  52. 2.01 promises
  53. Paladins feels great now
  54. over 10 minutes of queue time.
  55. PC FOUNDER KEY works on consoles!
  56. 팔라딘스 2.01 패치노트 한국어 번역 (신캐, 이마니 출시 및 대규모 밸런스 패치!)
  57. Roots effect is not fun! and so does the stupid dragon thingy
  58. Frontliners in 2.01
  59. Competitive 200 wins loading frames vs Competitive 2019 reach Gold V loading frames
  60. If we lose every single match, will our future matches be with beginners?
  61. Does anyone know how to get Merry maker Dredge "Sparkling Abs" avatar?
  62. How Evil Mojo views Kinessa at this Point
  63. Story Mode!
  64. Question about Gifting
  65. Skye smoke bomb
  66. Merry Mayhem Quest Help
  67. How to get 200,000 points of damage for achievement quest?
  68. Damage and Heal players for 300,000 total in a single match
  69. Let's Take The Poll. Longer Game Time Waits or Bots/Bad Comp.
  70. Season pass 2019 Bundle question
  71. Reporting people
  72. A new game mode idea
  73. About rankeds frames
  74. Strix and Khan PoTG Help
  75. Bots are ruining this game
  76. Do you get the skins from previous Battle Passes in the Season Pass
  77. Doubts about reports, bans, threats, and HI-REZ
  78. January Rage Thread
  79. January Happy Thread
  80. How to make this game more competitive
  81. Cute female frontline champion
  82. Ash emote - wave/salute emote
  83. Grover advice/opinions
  84. Will the MIXER store be limited and only be available for a period of time?
  85. Streamers spanish-speaking
  86. Imani's Dragon can push and contest payload. is this intended?
  87. Ameri-khan's voice actor
  88. Improve skin quality
  89. Why is the Mixer Point gain so slow ... And Other Things I want to address.
  90. Lian character choice animation changed - when?
  91. Fix your damn game before handing out 30 min deserters
  92. When is 2.01 going live?
  93. If I play Paladins I do not get MIXER points, BUG?
  94. Looking for team -Discord? (NON E-sports)
  95. Mixer Points + Steam = not work ?
  96. Pacotes de voz / Voice Pack
  97. [Help] Steam forced me to make a new account?
  98. Does the burst meta still exist?
  99. Custom Quickplay
  100. Skin for Evie
  101. Been gone a while, what's the state of things?
  102. How do bans work?
  103. New champion concept
  104. How does the 2019 Season pass interact with the Founders pack?
  105. I'm Christian Dorny/PWNDotcom/#TakeOffKogasShirt Guy...
  106. My candidacy for the assembly of champions
  107. Troll player in ranked
  108. Fanfic Paladins
  109. Let talk about naming and shaming
  110. Vote for Wallachia!
  111. Who the hell is ShinyStego? Assembly of Champions Switch Candidate #Vote4Stego
  112. Can not buy MIXER SKINS if you do not buy the champion?
  113. Hello everyone! I am Dainserk and i am a candidate for the Assembly of Champions!
  114. Introducing myself for the Assembly of Champions
  115. AoC: Why Tomlikeafox is the right choice!
  116. Old man Gao is here to listen - so vote for me and let me shout at Evil Mojo for you
  117. How to handle teammates that don't always play their roll?
  118. What should I know before playing Competitive? And other questions
  119. Cross Progression for Switch?
  120. My 2c after recently returning
  121. What happened?
  122. Assembly of Champions Update
  123. Confused by the Deal of the Day
  124. New champion idea: The Hunter
  125. Ranked "Season 2" Rewards 200 Wins instead of 200 Play
  126. Battle Pass 4 Level XP Increase
  127. Dragon BS
  128. Season Pass Not Giving Battle Pass
  129. Really need some people to heal on PS4
  130. Furia's new battle pass skin.
  131. Mixer skins
  132. Stop nerfing evie!
  133. Paladins official new Lore:Fire and Ice in Korean (팔라딘스 공식 스토리: 옛이야기 - 불과 얼음)
  134. Question About Time/or day of the Week For Competitive (PC)
  135. Shooting Range Missing [Nintendo Switch]
  136. Player report
  137. Computed Ability Information
  138. Cross-platform
  139. Helvian, the best candidate for AoC that Hi-Rez banned for doing what is right.
  140. Healers aren't supposed to be protected?
  141. 2.01 is a JOKE
  142. Why do people feel entitled to lecture supports so much?
  143. Exclusive, account linking rewards
  144. New item ideas/item system idea.
  145. New Balance
  146. Season Pass Is A Bad Deal For Founders.
  147. how to bind look around on mouse movement
  148. Bring Back Non-steam Launcher
  149. My thoughts on 'New Girl' :p
  150. Buyer's dilema
  151. Team Boosters in Battle Pass Chests
  152. Brazilian servers still lagging after 2+ months
  153. About Coldsnap Furia & Mixer Khan
  154. Link Paladins Account to Steam
  155. Will DLC purchased from Microsoft Store work for my PC account
  156. I opened 27 Esport chests and I received 25 Booster
  157. Text Chat During Champion Selection For Comp Match?
  158. I'm a new player in ranked
  159. Switch users and Mixer points
  160. FYI Those Using Controller On PC - Must REad
  161. That new mount
  162. How to play buck with bounce house and heal build
  163. Ying - Life Exchange - How does it work?
  164. Huge Oversight On CrossPlay - PC Players On Controller Instead of Mouse With Keyboard
  165. Paladins 2.02 Patch Notes in Korean (팔라딘스 2.02 패치노트 한국어 번역 (신규 이벤트, 최후의 시간))
  166. How to add PC player to party on Xbox?
  167. Can someone explain to me why this exist?
  168. Does anyone also experiencing "paladins has stop responding after logging in"?
  169. How do I get that avatar?
  170. Silly question about Masteries in some Champions...
  171. Is there anywhere online to find out your hours played on hero x
  172. Is it allowed in this forum to put personal signatures or avatars?
  173. Sick of healer abuse in siege
  174. Customized automatic purchase? What items do you buy?
  175. Met a switch player on the Xbox, anyone know how i can find/talk to him?
  176. Battle Pass 4 worth it?
  177. Public Lobby, Yea or Nay
  178. Can't access to 2.02 PTS
  179. Is there a way to direct buy Haloween Evie skin?
  180. What does this number mean in the load frames?
  181. LAUNCH ERROR | Game client encountered an application error | Error Code 23
  182. Stand Alone Client?
  183. 300,000 Healing & Damage and Penta Kill
  184. [lore] champions relationships
  185. Chieftan Grohk can't unlock skin
  186. HRX Digital Loot Pack
  187. Why do you hate Street Justice?
  188. February Rage Thread
  189. February Happy Thread
  190. Battlepass 'For Realm Alpha' Magistrate Champions
  191. Back after OB64
  192. Is Ying Life exchange legendary bugged
  193. More advantage to play in 1st person or 3rd person?
  194. PTS on PS4
  195. Is it wins or games that you need for these quests ? I dont know
  196. Problem in the game
  197. Ideas for Nerfs
  198. Champion Mastery Rewards
  199. Nice ranked mode you have here
  200. Maeve default skin rework?
  201. Who are the 14 Champions in The Magistrate's Reign Challenge?
  202. What heroes are strong right now?
  203. Being reported always for "you have wrong talent" in unranked gamemode.
  204. query
  205. Reporting Player?
  206. Loadout leaderboard
  207. Competitive
  208. This game mechanic TILT me hard !
  209. Haven or Blast Shields?
  210. hacker, again
  211. How do you know how performing you are in paladins without having a rank?
  212. Support ban
  213. Supports in Paladins going forward
  214. i dont know if this has already been asked.
  215. Maintenance
  216. Constant Imani Ultimate
  217. Imani Ultmiate spam 4 times in less that 5 minutes!!!!
  218. Crossplay problem or hacker?
  219. The Game State of Paladins
  220. When does Ranked come back?
  221. Account Linked Question
  222. Play 5 games "End Times" 0/5 BUG? Someone else?
  223. Paladins Forum down?
  224. New Daily offers value in €, can not be bought with crystals?