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  1. HiRezChris LORD AND SAVIOR!
  2. Stop complaining guys
  3. Hmmm? Terminus story?
  4. >>> The Future Potential of Paladins <<<
  5. Why do you lunch an update when it is not ready?!
  6. Undo all balance changes from OB64 to OB65
  7. My complaints about battlegrounds
  8. Back to Paladins
  9. Toxicity percentage in Classic Siege
  10. Battlegrounds complaints (updated)
  11. Reimbursement for Unbound Cards & Chests
  12. A classic mode for Battlegrounds?
  13. Wha.. What's killing me!?
  14. Hi Rez,will matchmaking 2.0 season 2 put us with unranked players again?
  15. Uncommon skins
  16. Discussion Thread! Should all balance changes made during Cards Unbound be removed.
  17. Dev insight (Thank you)
  18. Champion leaderboards
  19. Decks you are excited about the 15 point system?
  20. Cards unbound removal
  21. New map?
  22. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Grover)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-그로버)
  23. No more paladins for me ??
  24. Paladins best game ever !!!
  25. hmm khan is in OB67? HELL YEAH
  26. Onslaught Mode Should Be Brought Back
  27. questions about the new 2 skin bundles of term and strix
  28. Buff evie' pleaseeeeeeeee
  29. Giving every character a second ultra move.
  30. Melhor jogada???
  31. HiRezChris please add past old models and their old kits as an option
  32. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Inara)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-이나라)
  33. Feasibility of Cosmetic Loading Frames / Borders in Paladins (and other stuff)
  34. Willow Really?
  35. A List of All Voice Commands in Korean (팔라딘스 VGS 대사목록 한국어 번역)
  36. Battlegrounds, how much is it changing?
  37. Paladins
  38. [Suggestion] Create a Paladins Season 2 Battle Pass
  39. What will happen to unopened Champion Chests?
  40. Weird feel to gameplay after the update?
  41. Stop using bots to fill
  42. OB67 change notes link?
  43. What happen if we report someone for intentional feeding?
  44. I hope the MvP system is on their to-rework list.
  45. How do i buy the new packs?
  46. Creos Gaming [FR]
  47. So all Packs are not going to be aviable enymore????
  48. Gameplay Videos?
  49. Would you like to see the old PABG be an added feature in upcoming Battle Royale?
  50. When the new patch drops-in?
  51. Should I Make A Video On My Favourite Champion??
  52. Secret files about the new champion?
  53. Can we have this?....
  54. The most salty rank
  55. Matchmaking needs to be completely reworked.
  56. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Jenos)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-제노스)
  57. When (pts) for the new card system starts ?
  58. Remove Unbound card and VIPs point spent on chests of champions.
  59. Why does Hi-Res Delete my post about a clear cheater, Do nothing, And don't even link
  60. Is Ranked Matchmaking Better Than Casual Matchmaking?
  61. Why dont any cards work?
  62. Help PLZ
  63. New Champion Suggestions???
  64. Game is down?
  65. The most boring champion?
  66. What kind of hotfix is this?
  67. Ob67 update showcase
  68. Model Updates soon!!
  69. March Happy Thread
  70. March Rant Thread
  71. Nice job Chris!
  72. Take pose out and sray
  73. what are you looking forward to the most in OB67??
  74. Ob 67
  75. Loot Boxes and Paladins!
  76. The new levels
  77. Pre OB67 cash in?
  78. Jenos' Star Splitter attack speed
  79. Help With VIP PACK
  80. Less expensive champions.
  81. So I just had a weired expirence
  82. HiRezChris have Mad Scientist Pip to be purchase with gold, vip points or crystals
  83. To open chest or not to open chests?
  84. Toxic People
  85. My suggestion, Hi-Rez should keep half idea of Card Unbound to make more income
  86. I love the IDEA of the new Mastery system, but I have a problem with it.
  87. A couple questions on OB 67:
  88. Lian KNEEL vs Lian KNEEL! - Funny 1v1 gameplay.
  89. PTS... Today??!?
  90. OB67 Patch Note in Korean (팔라딘스 OB65 패치노트 한국어 번역(Card Unbound 삭제!))
  91. How much gold are you getting?
  92. Questions about farming
  93. I've been away for a while, why did they change andro again?
  94. different HUD?
  95. Mains?
  96. old vs new willow voice
  97. Why aren't VIP tier rewards retroactive?
  98. Paladins Battleground
  99. Skin and Diamond Chest
  100. ob67 patch notes question
  101. The question we should be asking about OB67
  102. Intentional Feeding
  103. HiRez Contact Info
  104. How to prepare for upcoming patch?
  105. Why am I always being matched with bots vs real players?
  106. [Opinion] What do you think about Grover ?
  107. Your favourite loadout in OB67 so far?
  108. Idea for new Grover talent/legendary
  109. Paladins Episode 15 Will OB67 save paladins?
  110. What is going to be in the Lunar Chests?
  111. Player Guides? What should we do with them?
  112. Why are you not giving warnings on PTS before server maintenance?
  113. I need help from an Administrator
  114. Paladins revenue
  115. Reporting on ps4
  116. What happens if I will buy V.I.P pack after ob 67 ?
  117. Moji need a mount ?
  118. Jungle map
  119. New Cassie Skin for OB68
  120. Talus, aim hack or is this an ability?
  121. Make Siege Engine a PABG replacement!
  122. How do champion leaderboards work?
  123. Anybody excited about Battlegrounds?
  124. Wondering when the update is
  125. How long left to buy the VIP pack?
  126. The idea of ​​finding matches
  127. Will Payload Matchs come back?
  128. Does Makoa Challenge Makoa?? Funniest Makoa 1v1!
  129. Where is the import button for loadouts?
  130. Do i lose vip tier progress when i'll buy something for points?
  131. Yea at least I can Ram people with Fernando!!!!!
  132. Does Lex Movement Speed Cards Stacks? OB67
  133. Account Copy/Transfer?
  134. Can i buy a Tesla with so mutch credits
  135. Competitive season two?
  136. Competitive Season 2 Restrictions
  137. Removing radiant chest exclusive skins?
  138. Crystal Storm Weekends
  139. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Kinessa)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-키네사)
  140. 2 things:
  141. Current champion earned exp will be transferred in ob67?
  142. The current ranked matchmaking system
  143. Best Lex Speed Loadout?
  144. Is there really third party sofware for Paladins stats?
  145. Get the most out of the new gold system!
  146. Match tileset doubt.
  147. Gold
  148. Which champs profit most from OB67?
  149. Rip console.
  150. Recommendations in-game.
  151. Novos designers para personagens
  152. Which is your favorite talent for each champion?
  153. Pip Arctic Skin...
  154. If you've wondered how fast every champion can be in OB67...
  155. Rip VIP
  156. SEA ping
  157. what happened to the gold chests per 10 levels?
  158. Reports in game.
  159. Currencies very important
  160. Who is the Strongest in the Realm
  161. Common skins
  162. Concede Button
  163. What Under Powered talent do/would you like to use?
  164. Where can i find the base movement speed?
  165. Import Loadout button?
  166. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Lex)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-렉스)
  167. Meaningless change about shopping in OB67
  168. Damage and Healing Tracker
  169. [IMAGE] Pyramid of Paladins matchmaking
  170. TIER 5 skin system for paladins and an idea. Please take note Hi Rez
  171. Party with a Cheater to gain more TP
  172. Crystals required to unlock VIP Tier 1 directly?
  173. Jenos Mastery
  174. Is a report button a joke?
  175. Mypaladins, guru
  176. gold to VIP
  177. Is hemlock willo a reference to Furi's stealth sniper girl?
  178. Moji Counter
  179. recolor skins
  180. Champions Suggestions : Valera and Kharn
  181. PS4 Sensitivity and stick Dead Zones?
  182. Diminishing returns - how it works
  183. Why servers are so random ?
  184. So this is what you call unlucky.
  185. Favorite Personallities
  186. Match making...
  187. Is Timber mill map even in rotation?
  188. Why the support nerf is unnecessary... also why it may not be as bad as people think.
  189. Paladins Battleground any News ?
  190. when is the OB68 pts update?
  191. Ranked full of bots and noobs
  192. 400 gold and 0 xp ?!
  193. This is stupid!!!
  194. An Idea about New Skin system
  195. System to defines your colleagues
  196. Silent change on Drogoz
  197. Halp!
  198. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Lian)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-리안)
  199. Which are your favorite cosmetics?
  200. Aiming Changes(Mac/PC)?
  201. What top 3 things annoys you the most in a match?
  202. Is ranking broken?
  203. Cosmic/Obsidian Jenos Skin?
  204. Looking for female players
  205. What...?
  206. Simple Skye rework- just give her "permanent" invisibility.
  207. old siege mode back !!
  208. Why are the stream numbers so low on this game?
  209. Few questions about the Competitive
  210. Old Willo Voice
  211. Terminus and strix in VIP store is a joke?
  212. ps4, logged in a got over 100,000 gold and 300 diamonds?
  213. PS4 Third Person view and Weapon view is gone?
  214. Unranked does not always mean bad
  215. what do you spend your gold on??
  216. cant facebook sign in
  217. The Joke HI Rez is calling "a Season"
  218. K/D/A question
  219. Free VIP for 14 Days?
  220. What will happen to single cosmetic pieces?
  221. Did they greatly increase the cooldown on Moji's abilities?
  222. is ranked gonna be reset any time soon?
  223. Compilation of common complaints made by haters haters
  224. Champions' Voice Lines Translate Project(Maeve)(팔라딘스 챔피언 대사 번역 프로젝트-매브)
  225. Stop deleting my thread.
  226. Upcoming Skin System Question
  227. How do i stay logged in???
  228. What are the ranked season 2 rewards? A list please
  229. be able to buy specific skins !!!!!!!!!
  230. Post deleted?
  231. Question About OB 68 Voice Pack Skin Award
  232. Developer Diary #3 (Frontline)
  233. lore..... skins
  234. Unfair placement in competitive
  235. Game mode suggestion
  236. Viktor Loadouts?
  237. Venting - Please read through to the end
  238. PPL picks
  239. Who else misses old cass?
  240. Exploiting OB68 Skin Update
  241. Assault
  242. Ranked totally unfair
  243. Unfair ranked
  244. About the new map
  245. Battlegrounds?
  246. Champion leaderboards discussion
  247. Console accounts to PC.
  248. Developer Diary #4 When ?
  249. Barik pro
  250. Connecting pieces (Lore)