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  1. Any working ping reducer for paladins?
  2. Comp players Vs. Casual only players.
  3. 8/10 gmes today hackers....gj HiRrz
  4. How Many Bots per Team in Comp?
  5. Paladins needs better options.
  6. HACKER CAUGHT IN Ozon3TV STREAM! Hi Rez Pleas read!
  7. Petition: Hi-Rez PLEASE remove the option of "reticle change over target"
  8. Why partner with Facebook? WHY?
  9. Will this years Halloween skins be VIP?
  10. Tickrate graphs between Paladins and Overwatch
  11. Who do y'all have problems with
  12. VIP would've been better if you included this.
  13. Can someone make me a Raeve dagger blueprint?
  14. Suggestions
  15. AFK and trolls in rank
  16. How to ksip division
  17. Ps4 too buggy after last update
  18. Hi-Rez released a photo about OB59
  19. OB59 Preview Discussion
  20. EVERY Champion is Blast Damage? o.o
  21. Suggestion: Sub-forums For Different Gaming Systems
  22. Did anyone unlock this archivement?
  23. Conqueror Zhin ult grunts
  24. What does this tell us about Ruckus?
  25. Cheaters İn game
  26. Overpowered Zhin Card combo
  27. Hi-Rez doesn't care about its players
  28. What are the balance changes in ob 59?
  29. WTF!!? Makoa Pirate Hat on Volcano Body, not STUPID SHELLS
  30. Why does everyone hate Lian
  31. What is the most important thing Hi-rez needs to improve before the game exits beta?
  32. The "new" Torvald
  33. How many total announcer packs have been released?
  34. Do Snipers Really Need Protection?
  35. The infuriating state of Torvald's rework.
  36. Doesn't this worry anyone?
  37. 팔라딘스 OB59 패치노트 한국어 번역 (토발드 패치 및 점감 시스템 삭제) (Patch Notes translated for korean)
  38. Steam 1 Year Anniversary Sale? :D
  39. My Game Crashed Apology Thread
  40. Competitive rank
  41. Skill?
  42. NA server is being infested by latins
  43. Win or Loose after 5min
  44. My opinion on Talus
  45. Welcome to Paladins
  46. Ranking system and elo
  47. The evolution of a Paladin's Master
  48. What I want for this Halloween
  49. Something needs to be done about Lex
  50. Question
  51. Pladin players dont know play game
  52. Competitive rank decay?
  53. Are there any champs that you would deliberately solo ult?
  54. OB 59 has new champion other than Talus!!!
  55. Let's talk mod support
  56. Torvald's debuff
  57. How works leaderboard?
  58. I really have no idea what Hirez is thinking anymore
  59. VIP program is good (PS4)
  60. It's Time To Stop The Maeve Hate
  61. New OB59 "updates"
  62. Crystal Weekend: Increase in cheaters
  63. Is Hi Rez really noobifying Paladins?
  64. Dealing with flankers. Advice?
  65. ranked = unranked
  66. Whats this tempest skill
  67. Ranked 2.0: The Old Requirements
  68. PaladinsGuru is INACCURATE! Which Stats Will You Use Now?
  69. Map changes are good but how about we blow up the houses in ice mines?
  70. Torvald before and after Patch 59
  71. Dutchman Makoa Fantasma - Spotlight
  72. Seems like the community wants the broken champs fixed and... a replay system?
  73. Who is looking forwards to Talus
  74. We don't need any more flanks
  75. What type of champ are you hoping for next?
  76. any Paladins PC giveaway?
  77. Cheater found - robbed us from win
  78. Seeing names during character select
  79. I dont know where or how report!!
  80. I wish Paladins would also 'Accidentally' enable console crossplay!
  81. Change the matchmaking please
  82. Lian should be a Flank!
  83. Ask the Community Managers Anything (Paladins related)
  84. Buck and Pip are so similar, who's the better flank?
  85. Paladins open house event on The Beacon!
  86. Does Buck Really Need A Buff?
  87. Hacker report
  88. Know Your Role
  89. Wtf!??!! Makoa skins locked now raage!!!
  90. Current Talus
  91. No Quest for free chest this patch
  92. Ranked
  93. Please don't let your game die
  94. Makoa Hook Mechanics
  95. Favorite Hero?
  96. "Cannot find the Hirez Installation"
  97. Why developers decided to go through with the abomination that is andro's new recoil?
  98. DDOS Attack or bad servers once again?
  99. Voice chat thingi
  100. The State of Kinessa in Paladins
  101. next, Seris Voodoo Skin!, please!
  102. The blissful state of torvald's rework
  103. Casual>>Competitive?
  104. Legendary Emotes
  105. Is Lian really THE counter for Maeve?
  106. At what point do you considered Paladin's to be at it's peak
  107. Talus = TF2 Scout?!?!11?!?!?!111
  108. Genie Ying Hat's
  109. The QoL Megathread
  110. The way to make viktor ok. Why lian haves advantage.
  111. Did Buck get stealthbuffed?
  112. Looking for in game mechanics list?
  113. Tyra needs a movility/defensive buff!
  114. Torvald Ranting before and after
  115. Nova Strike Collection
  116. Lobby chat
  117. I want Candy Unicorn
  118. Stupid game
  119. Is it just me or are there are literally now more bugs in game now than ever.
  120. What happened to paladins vods?
  121. Why people think Front-Liners are healers.
  122. So... When do we get a Hellboy skin for Talus?
  123. evie tips for a noob
  124. Tyra Rework Speculation
  125. How many games does it take to raise MMR
  126. This Idea will greatly improve the game.
  127. New Hero Concept
  128. Spam Chat Bug
  129. Suggestion: Limit deserter to 5 minutes if pre game
  130. New cheat? Shooting through walls?
  131. fps issues
  132. When is "Dark lord" coming?
  133. Talus / Makoa / Grohk / Mal'damba Lore
  134. Everyone can't be flank and damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. How?
  136. Can we have a disney skin evie?
  137. What is the deal with Hi Rez balancing decisions...
  138. Which DLC
  139. The Paradigm happening in Paladins or maybe.....
  140. Does he have a point?
  141. Casual - No tank meta ?
  142. Change the Champion icons!
  143. Is it easier to gain TP in the lower tiers of a division than a higher one?
  144. Anyone else had this issue?
  145. Offended player AFK in rating games, what to do?
  146. OB60 Predicted changes
  147. Title awards.
  148. Current state of paladins
  149. Problems with the store\ Проблемы с покупкой
  150. Need help Paladins PS4 Mic issues?
  151. The importance of a 2nd competitive queue (for 5 men or 2+)
  152. What's the difference between PS4 and Xbox?
  153. Resilience + Deft Hands Mins and Maxes (and how items and cards interact)
  154. In Game Reputation System
  155. Skin for Andro idea
  156. Why do people think Over the Moon sucks?
  157. Supernova kinessa skin
  158. Am I the only one finding always a toxic player in every game?
  159. The word that Hirez does not know: Balancing
  160. My Maeve artwork album :3
  161. What's with this week's rotation?
  162. [Proposition]: Fixing the Baroness Tyra problem
  163. Decaying TPs in competitive
  164. Champion Titles
  165. Paladins OB60 Reveal Discussion
  166. Open Beta 60 Pre-Reveal Discussion
  167. Paladin's Champions Roulette (Demo Available)
  168. We got 12 new skins coming apparently, yet not one is for Grohk :(
  169. 11-2 in promotion sequence and only one rank up?
  170. Diamonds worse cancer than bronzes?
  171. I have an idea to shorten queue times. Such a great idea. So wonderful. And such.
  172. I take a lot lot more damage with every champ! any sujjestion?
  173. 3 Best Mains
  174. Hi-Rez hate Grohk?
  175. Pts
  176. The new title, Insane
  177. Sensetivities
  178. 팔라딘스 OB60 패치노트 한국어 번역(The Patch Notes translated in Korean for Korean users)
  179. Sometimes it feels so dead inside the game! how about U?
  180. New Torvald recharge and cards
  181. No new Grohk skin ???
  182. Beta status and one year anniversary
  183. toxic players
  184. What are the differences between directx11 and directx10 in Paladins?
  185. How is this even possible?
  186. Player disconnect pls help
  187. October Rant Thread
  188. October Happy Thread
  189. Easy Anti Cheat
  190. facebook stream quality
  191. 5 ways to lose like a winner!
  192. Grohk Rework Speculation
  193. Credit bonuses in matches
  194. New Forum Layout?
  195. Something about the Bewitching Evie really bugs me
  196. Small shield amounts absorbs all of much larger hits
  197. Make Sha Lin new emote have music as Raeve do.
  198. Torvald told me a joke
  199. Voice language
  200. Which indirect/limited skin are you hoping to magically pop up in the VIP store?
  201. [Event] The Greatest Hunt!
  202. Advice
  203. Vip points
  204. Maeve and Lex
  205. Coming Back After Half a Year, What Have I Missed?
  206. Question about vip points from picks
  207. 4 Points to win, why?
  208. Feudal Strife Quest line will be closing...
  209. Critical Grohk Buff Suggestion
  210. Isso é Balanciado?
  211. High Elo = Pro players?
  212. Kinessa vs Strix
  213. Are you a new player who wants to play ranked? Read this first!
  214. [SPOILER] Paladins OB 60 Datamining
  215. Baneos de personajes en competitivo
  216. Is there any discount for crystals atm? Im a dollar short for the crystals atm bc...
  217. We Need More Support Champions
  218. WTF is up with aim assist?
  219. Make all Legendary cards unlock(forever not just during event)
  220. When will the halloween chest be gone?
  221. Help with the OB60 chest/skin/whatever and where to find them
  222. Wickerman Collection Problem With Quest
  223. Do Something About Ranked!
  224. unlocking a collection?
  225. Uncap FPS
  226. Grohk
  227. Bored because of Maria
  228. Are drophack boosted diamond accounts for sale?
  229. The new Achievements dont take into effect what you have already accomplished
  230. Maeve damage and high ping
  231. Melee warrior Androxus.
  232. Achievement related questions
  233. Idea for character selection
  234. You know what really grinds my gears !
  235. account banned for no reason
  236. Note: Buying a VIP skin when having partial unlocks refunds nothing
  237. Question about Harrowing Horrors Quest line
  238. Bomb King and Skye ultimates
  239. FPS Issues
  240. How is Talus Ult supposed to work?
  241. Anyone else Notice Torvalds Q is different
  242. Makoa's song?
  243. Buff Evie
  244. What happened to the Moon ?
  245. My Story at Hi- Rez support
  246. Championship Fall - Pick right winner of matches and get rewards
  247. what are the most OP champs in your opinion
  248. The [abridged] 3 Step uide to fighting Zhin (with Bonus Content!)
  249. Will PC data to Console ever come back?
  250. I'm Surprised that Nobody noticied.