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  1. WTF #1 Makoa
  2. OB52 Preview Discussion
  3. Salty Players
  4. Melee attack
  5. OB52 Cassie Skin
  6. We need more mounts (no more horses)
  7. About onslaught
  8. Zhin the bad flanker ever
  9. About people attitude in PTS
  10. Idea for skin recolors
  11. 2XP Weekend on Console??
  12. Just wondering about the Lore's
  13. Apparently, Zhin's ult ignores high priority CC immunity (Ult immunity)
  14. Console Refer-a-Friend??
  15. there is upgrade after OB51???????
  16. Founders pack ?
  17. Discussion: Why I personally think that Zhin is bad?
  18. Fun Fact About Lex's 'Heroism' Legendary
  19. Zhin=Excalibur
  20. Can you add new maps like in overwatch?
  21. How Would One Join Touraments?
  22. Someone know which one font is in Paladins logo?
  23. CC and new players
  24. Italian Language in the game.
  25. Is playstation account merged with PC?
  26. Hackers and why don't they get banned right away ?
  27. Holy crap!
  28. Almost at comp mode unlock (9/12 done), who's worth levelling up?
  29. TROLL question. can we get some money from Hirez?? Leak how cheat work.
  30. OB52: The unseen buff of cosmic proportions.
  31. where are the drogoz nerfs?
  32. Point control has been rendered meaningless
  33. Who's the Best Supports?
  34. Terrible matchmaking or terrible gamers?
  35. Hackers
  36. Drogoz's & His Skin's Sound Pack's Volume Levels
  37. Reverse Motion Sickness?
  38. Account Link
  39. Aim and hit markers
  40. How are people good with Ruckus? worst champ?
  41. Error After Launching Game
  42. Hackers are on the rise
  43. I cant use Zhin? I cant see him in champion store? help please
  44. no reason to play comp
  45. EasyAntiCheat ain't doing much to stop cheaters
  46. Random Radiant Chests Obtained
  47. Dear toxic players
  48. whats with end of game lag? drop hack??
  49. Double Giveaway for Paladins
  50. How to Counter Convergence?
  51. Ranked System? ?
  52. how they should fix comp que times
  53. Why is Dark Stalker broke?
  54. is founder's pack ever % off?
  55. Regarding Kinessa!
  56. Hi-Rez Studios bankrupt
  57. Opinions On Onslaught?
  58. VIKTOR MAINS, how do you plan to play against Zhin?
  59. why is competitive offline ?
  60. Hackers are on the rise
  61. Paladins is even more laggy than usual
  62. So What Are Good Scores?
  63. LOL radiant chest key
  64. You can't get dis-enchanted pre ob50 legendaries from chests
  65. Can't play unranked Champions
  66. Fernando's charge should have passive knock back.
  67. Other players profile
  68. Is it a bug or intended
  69. Evil side of bomb king
  70. For all those who think Andro is OP
  71. What Does Lifesteal Do?
  72. Paladins Vs. Overwatch
  73. Hi-Rez killed cheating this evening?
  74. Is there an actual representation of skill?
  75. Competitive wishes
  76. WTF,guys? Say me, what is that? New privat hacher?
  77. 160-180 Ping.
  78. A little shower thought....
  79. Don't you think Seris' basic heal range is a bit too short?
  80. so is maintanence done or no
  81. OB 52 Crashing game after launch
  82. Paladins - Highlight
  83. 75 crystals/9.5k gold for this?!
  84. Paladins - Sha Lin Free Skin
  85. PS4 Competitive Scene??
  86. Is there a west coast and east coast server for NA?
  87. Need SV in LAS
  88. willo makes this game too annoying to play, seriously
  89. I'm done with casual mode
  90. many casual players that don't understand the character they are playing.
  91. Cheats on Paladins
  92. With the recent addition of zhin the game became unplayable for me
  93. Your thoughts on Onslaught?
  94. My experience with ranked the past few days
  95. Deserter should not prevent Tutorial or Shooting Range play.
  96. Zhin's global cooldown
  97. What's #buffevie about?
  98. Fastest and slowest charging ults?
  99. 400 only for voicepack??
  100. Queue
  101. crosshair on zhin
  102. What to do about about OP champion
  103. Paladins (in my opinion)
  104. Kinessa problems and sensitivity
  105. Where's the Latin America North Server?
  106. queue time
  107. How to deal with Tilting
  108. Week 3 of my Summer Crystal Giveaway starts at 9PM EST, 20 mins from now!
  109. What forum icons mean?
  110. Pip's 3rd Person View
  111. Crystal chests dupe protected?
  112. Skin chest does not come with all pieces as advertised! (For Ying)
  113. Why cant a healer get top damage etc..
  114. Is paladins still in beta?
  115. I have a confession to make... (Why does Evie need a buff?)
  116. Support champion suggestion - Maxwell the Quantologist
  117. Toxic annoying evie player
  118. New champs primary attack
  119. Ying cards, i need more details
  120. Who Got Blood Moon or Quicksilver?
  121. Important Seris QoL request + why her skins are meh?
  122. Competitive Ranking Issues.
  123. Evie is fine, but give her lag comp
  124. Trying to get my xbox data to my pc
  125. Dear some people in competitive
  126. The "Skins" Conundrum...
  127. So about the LootBot and exclusive Ying/Cassie skins
  128. Report people Hi rez please help
  129. Name and shame
  130. Which stream do we watch to get the free skins ???
  131. What is Ash good for?
  132. New Mode
  133. Most Pathetic Game?
  134. Twitch Skins
  135. Can I still get one of those special skins IF...
  136. The Better Meta (stats/comp site, now with legendaries!)
  137. twitch
  138. Remove willo from the game
  139. Please ban this guy! (Video proof of aimbot)
  140. Can we get set pieces back?
  141. I am 10 and wad dis?
  142. Grohk needs more love
  143. Pip flank 'pro'?
  144. please nerf skye
  145. I got banned for no reasons
  146. Unforseen consequences.
  147. Failed matchmaking
  148. Could Onslaught be competitive?
  149. Zhin ult while healing the target with seris
  150. Rant on the ridiculous amount of low tier players in comp
  151. Hi rez this look normal machmaking ????
  152. hint to win competitive
  153. Pedestals on paladins?
  154. The last to choose hero!!!
  155. I'm disappointed with Hi-Rez
  156. Paladins Dictionary
  157. Cheating Common for anyone else?
  158. Paladins competitive
  159. I Miss Evie's Salute when u pick her :(
  160. The Competitive Problem and Possible Solutions:
  161. Grohk Mains: How useful is healing rain?
  162. How To counter Zhin
  163. Tips so people can get better
  164. Comp matchmaking
  165. fix matchmaking
  166. How to get high rating with one champion
  167. paladins guru
  168. If you could pick one champion skill IRL, what would it be?
  169. Change your mentality. Paladins is not CS:GO
  170. Why paladins is not a team game but a death match free for all
  171. Coming from Overwatch, any hero recommendations for me?
  172. So... how exactly do you report hackers again?
  173. this guy just thrown are game
  174. Siege Ending | New Ending mode
  175. Possible way to make Essence work
  176. Which Champion Do You Dread Fighting the Most?
  177. Esports Roundtable Discussion on SunkenCitySalt Monday 6/26
  178. BAN THIS PLAYER WTF. Do something Hi-Rez please. Nobody takes you seriously.
  179. PC to Console Copy
  180. Competitive needs changed!
  181. a solution for fixing comp
  182. Story Time
  183. Game rank decrease for not choosing champions at competitive mdode
  184. You can block deadzone with shields
  185. How to make ranked better and new game mode suggestions
  186. Paladins guru users whining in casual.
  187. Where are all the 2000 + elo players?
  188. I want to copy my console account to the PC...
  189. Verification
  190. #nerf evie
  191. can someone explane
  192. What's Next?
  193. Blast shields vs haven
  194. nimble stacking with prowl
  195. Account copy from pc to xb1
  196. Elo Ranges!?
  197. maeve's prowl
  198. Masterpaldins/Mypaladins not workiing?
  199. Are a lot of players 'throwing' in comp?
  200. where the hitboxes at??
  201. Dropped players and farming in PVE?
  202. Add an option to mute champion ambient SFX, I beg of you.
  203. Vile Necromancers vs Holy Paladins: about thread closing.
  204. Cheaters taking over the game
  205. Simple item guide for beginners.
  206. OB 53 Preview Discussion
  207. To all people blasting music into their mic
  208. My game account got banned again after 120 hours played and i honestly dont know why
  209. What causes Ashe bug?
  210. Refer rewards
  211. Hero recommendations for new players
  212. Does healing rain and totemic ward stack?
  213. Elitism and general toxicity in casual
  214. New players need more free champs.
  215. How to make fernando say "Together we are strong!"
  216. Highest & Lowest Skill Floors with Data
  217. Is It Legal To Have a Second Account?
  218. Let's share, compare, and discuss our personal guru elo
  219. Looking for a team of 3-5 people to play this game.
  220. What's your main
  221. The Champion Loadout Hub
  222. How much skill do these champions really take? Tell me!
  223. PTS Patch 53
  224. So Hi Rez just completly ignored everything about essence
  225. Are you F---ing kidding me
  226. Cauterize Rework
  227. Essence solution: Wheel of Fortune!
  228. 50% off on all chests?
  229. Evies nerf: this isn't okay.
  230. Does skye really need nerfs?
  231. "Target locked" is back
  232. Question About 50% Off Sale
  233. How to get dreamhack Maeve skin?
  234. Why there is no report option for "cheating"?
  235. does domeone has this too?
  236. Can you 1v1 Ruckus?
  237. Permabanned from Twitch channel chat room
  238. I'm SICK of this mentality
  239. Now that you're adding comp bans....
  240. Run fools
  241. Internal delay measurement?
  242. Does Hi-Rez take our concerns into account?
  243. Refer a Friend Question
  244. Please add a New Learning Queue to massively improve the MM
  245. Weapon chest idea
  246. Fernandro
  247. Can we do something about the ruined Twitch chat?
  248. Post OB53 Evie
  249. HIREZ! PLEASE! Maeve announcer pack!
  250. Competetive bans