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  1. someone found seris eyes
  2. Patch 49
  3. Is HiRez listening to the community?
  4. Please make Seris skins in OB50
  5. Idea: Make gender swap skins a thing
  6. should i be depressed?
  7. how to people behave with voice chat?
  8. Why do people blame lag and fps drops on hi rez
  9. What's your favorite siege map?
  10. When will lore come out?
  11. Win an Emporium Chest Roll
  12. Changing to Chinese?
  13. Do we have mods on this forum?
  14. Tank Buster Cassie
  15. Deft Hands
  16. Quick Noob Keybind Question
  17. When you loose and you don't know why
  18. Game is UP but cant play? Did OB49 come out yet or not?!
  19. This new site
  20. Invader Pip Voice Pack
  21. jogadores com progama ilegal
  22. Question About Cassie's 'Sky Warden' Card
  23. Real talk: Current competitive meta
  24. Please stop blaming your supports, help them
  25. Champion DPS Chart + Frontline Survivability Simulator
  26. humiliating a whole solid team pushing them into spawn with an angry fernando
  27. Replay lag? OR Aim hacks?
  28. More Options in custom Games
  29. Still incredibly low level of play on casual servers
  30. Willo, Paladins newest champion OP?!?!!??!?
  31. Paladins needs a better tanks not an anti-tank!
  32. What the heck!?
  33. The pre match system for competitive is really really bad
  34. Competitive in OB49 (your opinions)
  35. Double Gold Not Working For me
  36. Inara more common in OB49
  37. This is a beautiful game.
  38. Tell Me About Some Interesting Builds
  39. barik useless.
  40. how works the rating system now?
  41. where are the voice buttons for in the start screen?
  42. lol the amount of games that wont even start now because one guy wont pick
  43. DarkLord
  44. End game scores
  45. Player disconnected pls help
  46. The cinematic trailer is surprisingly accurate
  47. Paladins in the nutshell
  48. so here i was trying to play the game again...
  49. PvE mode is gone
  50. Your top 5 champions
  51. The Perfect Moment For An Inara Player
  52. FPS drops since OB48?
  53. Question about the new pip skin
  54. Favorite Support?
  55. Pladins community Discord
  56. THE WILLO CONSPIRACY (Read this!!)
  57. stack of the comment
  58. Feature to ban people
  59. Can Kinessa Reload While Using Transporter?
  60. bring back healing and damage things
  61. how do I report a match being tampered?
  62. Game crashed too many times in a single match after OB49.
  63. just another day on casual servers
  64. Pre-defined t2 avatars
  65. Messages from no-friends? FUNNY GUY TRYING TO HURT MY FEELINGS :(
  66. There is no exit game button on main menu are they that desperate to keep players in
  67. Willo Quadra kill 99% objective save + using her ult to dismount across the map
  68. elo loss with afk?
  69. Changes to Lex that can make hime a more skilled/decision making champion
  70. Favourite Concept Of Mine
  71. [Question] Champion mastery calculation
  72. Is voice chat even working?
  73. Troll Kinessa
  74. Paladins Forum Mod applications
  75. "Stable" servers
  76. Question About Skye's 'Confound' Card
  77. Skye Build/s?
  78. Friendly Reminder: Blast Shields Exist.
  79. cheaters !!
  80. evie biased to top play
  81. Please change the way Rejuvenate works
  82. Put bulldoze when fighting inara please.
  83. Guys! Matchmaking system is finally BALANCED!!!!!
  84. Question About Sha Lin's 'Withdraw' Ability
  85. Competitive with random people who dont even speak English on NA server
  86. The Best in Class shows different amount of healing than Scores
  87. Game is down
  88. Game wont even let me use my ult at 100%
  89. Buying Voice Packs
  90. Paladin Funny quotes ?
  91. LAGGY SERVERS NON-STOP [EUROPE] losing because of hi rez servers.
  92. Wtf
  93. maybe stop raging on the forums people.
  94. Why do i keep getting bad stuff
  95. For All Content Creators...
  96. Ping out of normal
  97. Best way to describe the game!
  98. North american server
  99. Help fast
  100. So... voice chat
  101. Helping People in Competitive
  102. You Have No Right to Complain About "No Heals" if...
  103. Willo should look like this
  104. Crowd Control
  105. Report option is gone?
  106. My paladiscord w/ link
  107. what do you think about this kind of play (spawn camping while ignored by teammates)
  108. Problem : Unable to connect to server.
  109. Clan tag
  110. Similarities between Brightmarsh and Frozen Guard
  111. What the hell?!
  112. How sad can cheaters be?
  113. The current balance of the game and the "cancer" characters.
  114. (ps4) Mute Button ?
  115. Wtf?
  116. Titles for reaching level 10 with a champion
  117. item shop
  118. Is It Worth Going into Competitive?
  119. I have a question
  120. Your best KDA champions.
  121. PC vs Console
  122. Looking for Red Seris.
  123. Matchmaking. fast please?!
  124. Spawn camping & dismounting with various heros on various maps
  125. PVE not available
  126. Need help. Lag skipping, is it just me or ?
  127. The Realm [Dicsord]
  128. Competitive
  129. Competitive "Problems" (Rank System, Toxic Players, General Talk)
  130. What does W.Y.R.M stand for?
  131. A tip for people who don't know why they lose
  132. Willow (Good or Bad ) ??? OP OR Buff ??? Tank destroyer
  133. Why cant i link my ps4/xbox one account? i get error
  134. When should we expect the next Gem Storm?
  135. Voice Chat - can we fix mute mics?
  136. EU server constanly on lag.
  137. Title Idea thread
  138. Competitive or Casual - Whats The Difference
  139. How does Rank Systems Works ?
  140. Damn i want that so BAAAAD!
  141. So we didn't get a Spinfusor...
  142. bomb king looks like...
  143. Hi-Rez, Pip is not balanced, why do you leave him like this?
  144. Buck Build/s?
  145. Radiant chest dropping rate
  146. Question About Grohk's Healing Totem
  147. How will content & Founder's Pack transfer between platforms?
  148. How to use front liners?
  149. Just check out this lex ult some noob got on me
  150. Where is ammo comming from?
  151. Adult Paladins
  152. Competitive threshold should be having a number of heros at rank 10
  153. Sigh a Buck skin teaser. He has heaps of skins already.
  154. yo let's break it DOWN. OB50 preview
  155. Damage Guide Thread
  156. missing radian chests
  157. This game is very sneaky disguising players who left the game as bots
  158. The main problem of this game
  159. Explain rating system to me please
  160. Anyone Want to Play Competitive?
  161. The late and strange Rant-Thread of May!
  162. No Sound!
  163. question.
  164. Don't pick frontline if you are bad at it!
  165. Please for the love of competative, think before you pick
  166. Is it double XP? Getting 100k xp a game.
  167. Anyone has Paladins' minimaps?
  168. Paladins Patch 50 - Preview
  169. keep getting deserter penalty
  170. New skins = Bundle only?
  171. Viktor OP??
  172. possible change to makoas shield
  173. The Colossal Chest meets its end on OB51
  174. what is an announcer pack?
  175. Competitive is the definition of joke
  176. Inara is now great again.
  177. 100K Damage Guide Paladins
  178. What Does This Mean? Colossal Chests Being Removed?
  179. Let's brief talk Ying
  180. Characters/cards that just break the game if you are good with them.
  181. crosshair stays in viktor's ironsight
  182. When will people get that healers can't make you immortal?
  183. Paladins YT Content
  184. More evidence this game is low tier stuff suspended for 50+ hours
  185. Are console players retarded?
  186. Play Deserter Bug?!? (Players don't Accept / Leave the queue results in Ban for Me)
  187. Random disconnection when starting match
  188. XB1 Aus servers super laggy since Friday
  189. Radian Chest, Why is so hard?
  190. How do i get better with Fernando?
  191. Why do diamond players play ranked?
  192. Hackers/Cheaters in the game.
  193. What is this bullshit?
  194. patch OB 50 question
  195. Playing as a 5-man party is a nightmare
  196. Paladins LORE revealed [MATRIX parody] slow motion action movie
  197. post ob49 competitive
  198. Can't queue anythng?
  199. System Rank
  200. (Ps4) Logging In issue and game ending issue.
  201. Make Cauterize and Rejuvenate Equal
  202. How To Get TF2 Barik Skin?
  203. My Discord
  204. How to nuke hack in Paladins?
  205. pts on mac?
  206. Servers down?
  207. looking for 3 players to play console wars
  208. people are getting suspended in Paladins, apparently
  209. Console PVE mode?
  210. Suggesiton to fix this : players picking champion to fullfil another class's roles
  211. Favorite champion theme?
  212. Limit coin reward if there are too many playing the same role in a team
  213. Can a Tank carry a team?
  214. Can we?
  215. Toxic people in competetive?
  216. Profile Creation Question.
  217. Is anyone Having the same problem?
  218. Honestly, what power does reporting do, at this point. (mostly rant)
  219. New Mal'Damba Rework
  220. Last Chance to get Kinessa Nova Strike Collection!
  221. Torvald
  222. Please stop complaining about matchmaking
  223. What can be players average age in this game?
  224. Today i had people from Indonesia Colombia and Russia in the same team on NA server
  225. The new competitive system and my experience
  226. High ELO?????
  227. Maldamba's Legendary Card: Spirit's Chosen
  228. Drogoz ps4 control problem
  229. Would you buy a Megumin Evie skin?
  230. Looking for people to play together
  231. Rejuvenation - How does it work?
  232. Harmony heal question
  233. Is the server Up?
  234. What PTS Means ? whats the point of PTS???
  235. Willo's Heal Denial makes me not want to play Supports
  236. Character Design
  237. Essence you get for duplicates is too low
  238. 01:00 PM EinMeister promoted to Registered Users T4
  239. What have you done to Shalin's Face??
  240. Drogoz ult vs Drogoz ult
  241. Mission to Earn More Rewards
  242. Unused announcer lines?
  243. I'm surprised the investment I now give to Paladins
  244. Configurations Manual
  245. Would you pay a sub for to have the option to solo-Q?
  246. REmOp Community[ITA]
  247. Colossal Chest Removal
  248. The no balance
  249. Do unlock champians transfer from pc to ps4?
  250. Some Achievements Unlocked On Steam But Not In Awards