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  1. Things you need to add to the paladins wiki
  2. Make it so that you can see if the ability is ready by looking at the weapon/hands!
  3. Give us an option to choose the hero gender!
  4. This game needs real balance and not P2W tricks!
  5. What is with this "Player Disconnected"?
  6. How to play with androxus
  7. What the fuck is wrong with rating system?
  8. Fps drops
  9. Total EXP required for level 25 champion mastery
  10. Lex ult vs torvald question
  11. Lex in numbers
  12. Custom Games sucks...
  13. Add a Witch into the game
  14. Where to submit exploit / hack users?
  15. Season 1
  16. Advice: Be nice to your team. Be like me
  17. What happened
  18. Could we have a "moronic Monday" on this forum and reddit for developers and mods?
  19. This game was a LOT more balanced and fun before they added legendary cards
  20. Getting Gems
  21. Just started playing and now uninstalled.
  22. Game Too Easy
  23. Horses and skins
  24. mas skins para personajes pls u.u
  25. Ez Place 1 lower stats the 50% others
  26. Let's talk: Rating System
  27. More Performance Rewarding for Front Line/Support?
  28. this game has some of the most intrusive type of mechanics i have seen
  29. How I learned to stop hating and start loving Skye.
  30. Competitive with More Than 2 People - Ideas
  31. Mini-games / shooting range during queue?
  32. What On EARTH Are You Doing Hi-Rez?!
  33. Game logo design ?
  34. Shouldn't we gain extra credits if a player disconnects?
  35. Nerfing Torvald completely!
  36. Random constant lag in half or more of the games
  37. Worst ultimate
  38. Top Down Isometric Views of the Maps
  39. Raynday and prettyhair turned into a meme
  40. Change Bounty Hunter Achievment/Trophy
  41. Free crystals! like 45 in abouts 2 hours, while you play
  42. 10 min. queue time for competitive ?
  43. Call for tanks, be a tank
  44. i didn't choose a character in time so im a deserter?
  45. New Paladin Idea- Trinity The Warden of Realms
  46. Chronis question
  47. Do I suck?
  48. Kinessa's Skins.
  49. Kinessa Voice Pack . . . When???
  50. Cauterize: Is it too strong?
  51. Steam or PS4?
  52. Competitive Mode Unavailable?
  53. Rank compensation for playing with hackers?
  54. Thoughts on the new Co-op minefield map?
  55. How about self heals stats...
  56. Long Queue times and AFKing(consoles) need to be sorted out
  57. Team for competitive!
  58. Get rid of Torvald!
  59. Not trying to brag but what rankings do the good players start at?
  60. OB47 Preview Discussion
  61. Worst map
  62. Finally launched: PaladinsCounter - Counterpicks, tips and tricks
  63. 350 MS Matches?
  64. ELO system - how it works
  65. VGS After the match is over
  66. Mechanics of ulti recharge
  67. Whats up with Hi-Rez's main website?
  68. Why stacking Frontlines on point is bad.
  69. Inara = worst frontline? Or am I missing something?
  70. Paladins cheater video proof
  71. Super Sad hacker gets exposed 101 plz hirez peeps watch
  72. My ranked progress
  73. Uproar.gg Tutorial-Earn rewards by simply playing Paladins
  74. Does the game run more smoothly on pc than console?
  75. [semi-rant] Player harassment
  76. How to get every achievement and how to?
  77. Can you help me to understand Paladins.guru statistics?
  78. Stuck at 99% overdrive ;-;
  79. Re-mounting the horse is possible
  80. So I upgraded my PC...
  81. fernando what are you doing
  82. Looking for advice.
  83. xbox one closed beta keys not working?
  84. How to get the Volcano Makoa skin?
  85. Is Drogoz a male or a female organism or something else?
  86. Just to support the devs!
  87. The pain after Cassie changed her bow
  88. Evie's april help thread
  89. OB47, Grohk will be an excellent healer?
  90. When is Open beta ending?
  91. Standard Voice Packs
  92. Standard Voice Packs
  93. Why is this taniela guy still not banned why!!!!
  94. Do you guys reckon they will do more lag compensation for champions?
  95. Has anyone tried pwnwin?
  96. OB47 Still no POTG Skip Button?
  97. new hero
  98. 2 Questions About Speed Boost Stacking
  99. Bot Player should not be this bad
  100. When the patch will be available 47?
  101. Fuck you HiRez
  102. Androxus Builds?
  103. The wonderfully rainy and warming rant thread of the April month!
  104. Giveaway Stream
  105. It would be cool If--
  106. Ui Suggestion ^ - ^
  107. Discord server, find people!
  108. I Emailed Hi-Rez...
  109. Why is there no option to play vs friends?
  110. Who like Makoa Volcanic Skin
  111. Just got reported by 9 people because of bad replay
  112. I've finally discovered how MM works
  113. Can HiRez support team be more effecting?
  114. Does anyone know a legit and affordable gaming laptop?
  115. Experience the Tranquility
  116. When have you seen an "ultimate combination"?
  117. What is your favorite emote?
  118. Free on ps4
  119. Will there be splitscreen
  120. Who is the least played champion?
  121. Lex's dual pistols...
  122. Steam controler
  123. Card cost
  124. A 1v1 Paladins Tournament!!
  125. remove ban?
  126. Stop censoring paladins chat!
  127. How do you find people to play with?
  128. [18+] children beware, you have been warned
  129. Can't login on PS4 whatsoever...
  130. Not lauching this game...
  131. They lowered the first win of the game gold.....
  132. Seris/Oracles voicelines(datamine)
  133. First purchase of crystals; A thank-you for good marketing direction.
  134. Free stuff?
  135. Steam discussion ?
  136. Mastery 20
  137. Closing game to skip top play on fast PC
  138. Competitivo Bloqueado
  139. Is deserter broken?
  140. My Smurf Experience and a Warning to New Players
  141. The Paladins Podcast, HELP ME WITH TOPICS! :D
  142. What is this
  143. Will there be a new character
  144. [rant] let people pick what they want, goddamn it!
  145. How do people make it so in your signature there a word and ---
  146. Which software for recording game sessions?
  147. So we're playing Siege
  148. Leaked Spray in Radiant Chest
  149. Ultra wide monitors
  150. Will 5 man squads ever be allowed for COMPETITIVE play?
  151. Playing Skye with a Lex on the other team?
  152. I lost my Password
  153. [HELP] couldn't get my password (forum acc.)
  154. Allow 5 man squads in competitive!!!!
  155. Pip flank or sup ?
  156. To those seeing "Hackers": Are you absolutely certain?
  157. Saving replays
  158. Matchmaking Dev Q&A
  159. How to beat Co-op mode: Lair of the Dreadhunter
  160. Bob Ross (Torvald Skin)
  161. For those new at first person shooting games. Don't thank me just get better.
  162. [RANT] Lair of the Dread Idiots
  163. Crystal Sales @ Easter Holidays ?
  164. Shell spin hitbox
  165. The Quest for "The Self Appointed Knight" Title
  166. Hosting a Tournament
  167. Morri of The Wind
  168. Paladins song
  169. bannable offense
  170. Whats wrong with this game?
  171. #NerfLEX
  172. Double XP Weekend | Apr 7-9
  173. Spectate first person view?
  174. raiting sucks
  175. Is there any way for makoa be imune to CC again?
  176. ooooooooooooooooopss nvm lol
  177. 400 Crystals for sha Lin Shades?
  178. Capture the Flag
  179. Screw this i'm going AFK he said
  180. Buying a Booster pack when you already have a Booster Active
  181. Is this considered blackmail?
  182. Viktor + skin set.
  183. Do you think developers are having a huge tantrum over the fact people hate POTG?
  184. How to get platinum diamond masters etc
  185. In new update meybe????
  186. What "MM" Meaning?
  187. So today I got 5 party steam rolled
  188. Profile picture in game
  189. Which do you like better
  190. POTG Skip?
  191. Now can we say the matchmaking system is truely broken?
  192. Capture the flag
  193. Which stats stack or override?
  194. Player reputation system
  195. Could it Work?
  196. LF Lex's 'Wicked Don't Rest' Card Gameplay
  197. nerf pipe
  198. Timelapse of Paladins logo on r/Place
  199. I had 92 eliminations 7 deaths as grohk.
  200. Okay, now I'm mad af with the competitive rating.
  201. Didnt get my obsidian?
  202. Deserter is a silly punishment that ruins this game
  203. Is the double XP event over yet?
  204. Noobs Paladins Tournament May 27th
  205. Why Kinessa "Sucks"
  206. Genie and Code Green skins back
  207. find funny video for fernando
  208. Unofficial Q&A Thread
  209. I quit paladins.
  210. Paladins Mastes LAN - Champions pick rate
  211. Have you bought crystals or the founder's pack? $$$
  212. Paladins connections even worse...
  213. BK
  214. Stealth nerf to Makoa?
  215. Question about Barik
  216. Question about pip wieghtless jump
  217. Sprays?
  218. "Why training mode is better than playing against actual players"
  219. Reached 31 and volcanic skin still locked
  220. Community: More about competitive.
  221. Can someone make me a blueprint of Maeve's dagger?
  222. Pip Flank
  223. Worst team you ever had
  224. More lag than usual lately?
  225. Idea for the Grand Master Rank
  226. What Do You Think of 'Wicked Don't Rest'?
  227. A laugh
  228. Grover VS Buck
  229. Champion Idea #1
  230. Have you ever done an Hexa Kill?
  231. ??? Buck op affff?..??,,
  232. Can someone give me skin
  233. Drybear about incoming changes on competitive
  234. Out of beta
  235. Cassie Loadout for under 10k
  236. Need player for competitive, PLEASE?!
  237. The Ultimate Guide To Inara From The World Number One Inara Player
  238. Paladins Champion Spotlight - Lex, the Hand of Justice
  239. Fourth legendary card ideas
  240. Online Store
  241. Does anyone know if the new champions will be released in the OB48?
  242. What Is My Reason To Play PVE?
  243. OB 48 Preview Discussion
  244. Competitive rating formula suggestion
  245. Is there a plan to release more cards and points for build variety?
  246. we need individual champ settings
  247. servers down?
  248. Barik: How do you pick a legendary? (showcase 400k shielding, one match)
  249. A Few Things . . .
  250. Androxus is a bad or good guy?