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  1. Ying the Barbarian
  2. dont remove our loadouts!!!
  3. 18 Months of beta and still these server issues?
  4. Priority: Adding or Fixing?
  5. The amazing skilled hi-rez team
  6. I can teach anyone how to get Plat / Diamond / Master
  7. [Guide] How to Skip the Retarded POTG
  8. Mal'Damba-Feels much weaker than the rest of the healers.
  9. What if champions had "difficulty levels" ? Need feedback from the community.
  10. 3400 overall mmr / 16 plat / 2 diamond
  11. Why do you play this instead of Overwatch?
  12. Androxus ps4 skin?
  13. Code green viktor chest and valentine chest
  14. Competetive Party
  15. Customizable colors on your reputation bar!
  16. I Just Don't Get It
  17. Matchmaking changed?
  18. Curse! (No, not swear words) :P
  19. How does one gain access to closed alpha on ps4?
  20. Question about speed boost stacking
  21. My best game on casual
  22. Kinessa stealing POTG :v
  23. Grover Legendary Card changes
  24. Maeve's concept art
  25. Platinum frame in the first game?
  26. What should I do?
  27. Regarding inara on ps4
  28. The world of PALADINS
  29. Tyra Skins
  30. Unlocking toons on pts
  31. Watching previous matches
  32. Looking for someone to carry me
  33. When is the Console Founders Pack coming?
  34. Problems With Cards
  35. Lost my Account
  36. Competitive is not Fair. Please Hi-Rez do something.
  37. Fix the servers
  38. [Guide v2] Skipping POTG with 1 click. (My custom script)
  39. What's with 19.6 MB update?
  40. Competitive Casual? Suggestion for Hi-Rez
  41. Do ANYTHING stack with nimble?
  42. quick question about androxus' reversal...
  43. Ptfo
  44. When will patch 45 be active?
  45. Hackers and Hitboxes
  46. List of Cards that Still Need Art.
  47. Bomb Ying is a murder machine
  48. When is the OB 45 going live?
  49. Lobby quiters
  50. Can you decide the snaps?
  51. Why can't i see my coursor ingame???
  52. What paladins has to do to make their game good again
  53. How dose rank really work!
  54. This costs the whole store.
  55. Yings nerf on her legendary ?
  56. I wonder what happend if overwatch going free.
  57. Baroness Tyra in Chest
  58. (Inara) IDK what I did.. but I did it.
  59. GOD DAMN IT (2 Free PS4 Keys)
  60. Test Queue and wins of the day.
  61. Want Stage 4?
  62. Doubt MVP
  63. "Pro" Players using low elo accounts to get easier games.
  64. Which is better? paladins stand-alone or steam
  65. which is better? stand-alone or steam version
  66. Inara is a troll's best friend
  67. Picture Posting
  68. Nub mentality: "Im DD I dont have to flank"
  69. PSA: Don't Use Whispering For This
  70. Did you know there was a ban wave yesterday!
  71. Easiest way to beat Co-op mode: Mid life Crisis
  72. How to switch ally cam while being dead?
  73. Eslix' New EVIE CRAZY gameplay!!
  74. New with questions
  75. Make the afk check shorter
  76. [Guide OB45+] How to skip POTG
  77. Competitive Mode - Number of players playing comp. in each server!
  78. Genie Chests?
  79. Interntional
  80. Do flanknando still exist?
  81. So when is Pip's potion gonna be fixed?
  82. Competetive...
  83. Is there champion EXP decay?
  84. About ranked ratings
  85. [Suggestion] Create a Radar for Paladins
  86. Nvidia Settings for Paladins
  87. GIVEAWAY Xbox Key!
  88. NA Masters going on now
  89. Competitve is Diseased LOL
  90. How?
  91. So unless I get lucky at the start I can forget getting to masters huh?
  92. Console aiming system
  93. Should have
  94. Maeve Chalange - Monkey Style
  95. People buying wrongs items
  96. Favorite catchphrase + champion poll
  97. What issue should be addressed first? Poll.
  98. Anyone know's how to toggle force toggle your mount?
  99. More Beta Codes
  100. [Discussion] Could Flexible Burn-cards Fix Stack-comps?
  101. LOL nice troll hirez (stupid sale)
  102. People with High Ping
  103. Far too many bugs! D:<
  104. How to get Androxus Blue skin?
  105. - Champion Idea : A.S.O. -
  106. Need a paladins team/people to play with
  107. My Thoughts on Fernando
  108. Hi-Rez does not look into reports
  109. Lagger hack
  110. Boost graphics
  111. Paladin Switching
  112. HiRez arbitrarily forcing name changes on pros
  114. Friend Referral Reward?
  115. Looking for a Discord chat to join!
  116. Ayuda Por Favor!
  117. Everything Wrong with PVE
  118. Getting into casual and comp matches faster?
  119. Skins: The essence collection.
  120. Who is the least used champion in your experience?
  121. [RANT] Pip is not a Flanker, goddamit!
  122. Does Skye Deserve Nerf?
  123. What would be a better replacement for Drogoz broken OP ult?
  124. Inara wall should NOT have an effect on teammates, we can all agree with that.
  125. Could you stop with all the meme/childish looks/stuff in game?
  126. Support Site changed ?!
  127. drophack now also in casual... this is getting frustrating
  128. Something wrong with competitive queue times?
  129. Can i get banned for spamming the VGS chat
  130. we need this..
  131. Tier List based on popularity
  132. How do you guys cope with competitive?
  133. Ying OP.
  134. #MakeFernandoGreatAgain
  135. Champ Select
  136. How is MM for new players?
  137. [Serious] Why are developers so sensitive/upset that people want to skip POTG?
  138. Resilience is confusing
  139. Profile
  140. Lore about Sha Lin
  141. Rated games must change
  142. Favorite and Least Favorite Champion and Why
  143. Why Hi-Rez likes to protect Cheaters aka Script Kiddies?
  144. OB45 Preview discussion
  145. Front Liners and Tanks (Please Read)
  146. Makoa ULT nerf/change is horrible. Just replace his ULT completly with something new.
  147. People have to realise one thing - there is NO such a thing as an art team only
  148. What is the highest amount of shielding you have seen on Mokoa? Or any Champ?
  149. Can Pip now ult makoa in Ancient rage?
  150. Founders pack skin?
  151. How to beat Co-op mode: Grohk Bustin
  152. What we really need now is a competitive improvement!
  153. what's with scrubs in casual games? (srs rant tho)
  154. Overdrive achievement, how does it work?
  155. Sha Lin New Bow , Please...
  156. My first Paladins Video (Pip montage) - tell me what you think about it :)
  157. New Champion Idea: Astro The Galaxy Hero
  158. Skye can deal a lot of damage up close - Jeeze, I know that already!
  159. Competitive disabled
  160. [SPOILERS] OB46 Datamining
  161. Is it me or is PTS down>? pls quick reply
  162. Lex Skin Ideas Thread
  163. About queue of competitive
  164. So, does Lex always reveal invisible Skye and Sha Lin?
  165. My OB46 Thoguhts
  166. OB46 dtmining:Seris/oracle abilities explanined and new champ fairy prototype
  167. Stop having new champions for a while?
  168. New to game, have questions
  169. Why no black champions?
  170. Does Hi-Rez Even Read Feedback?
  171. paladins R.I.P
  172. Support Champion
  173. Amazing servers
  174. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend
  175. Hi-Rez about Barik
  176. FightingForLove
  177. My items are locked back again!!!!
  178. Not playing any more unless you deal with this shit
  179. Can't get into the Paladins PTS
  180. Paladins Item Defense Guie
  181. add an option for voice chat
  182. Really cancerous teammates lately
  183. Advices about Pip?
  184. Lex Is Mathematically Worse than Androxus
  185. Character suggestion *Bunny girl cannoneer*
  186. Question about PTS and spending money
  187. Best idea for grohk!!!!
  188. What Champions are in the meta right now?
  189. Delete Inara may be?
  190. Drogoz IS a Dragon
  191. 3 Legendary cards 1 chest
  192. Drogoz is a unicorn!
  193. What stacks, what doesn't. Decrpify and Cauterize
  194. [guide] capslock guide to ying - the way she was meant to be yinged
  195. How do you tell if legendary is up or down on your own character
  196. I Playing with 3 Cheater in Competition Mode
  197. Well known competitive issue
  198. PS4 closed alpha key
  199. What happend if drogoz ultimate hit another drogoz ultimate ?
  200. Not sure if gonna love Paladins once again.
  201. Barik heal
  202. linked hi-rez accounts??
  203. Judge Dredd skin for Lex
  204. Yes, developers ignore all good feedback but constant lag spikes are still a problem
  205. Hi-Rez are doing a great job.
  206. 2 PS4 beta keys
  207. Matchmaking in Casual.
  208. "player vs player"
  209. Paladins WTF Moments #1 | How to Actually Play Lex
  210. Why PS4 KEY?!?!?!
  211. Has the patch dropped?
  212. Instead of fixing bugs/fps drops/lag/ban cheaters they removed an option to skip POTG
  213. Weird Thing in Champ Select
  214. Welcome to the Broke ass game
  215. For real, Hi-Rez?
  216. New patch O.Owl Rly ?
  217. How do find tickets I've submitted
  218. Those Magnums are Satisfying to shoot
  219. OB46 Review Q&A- Why did they dodge this question?
  220. Kinessa's skin
  221. Worried for Androxus
  222. Why I will not invest anymore $$$ into Paladins
  223. Wheres the Buck love?
  224. After OB46 Patch Thoughs on Inara
  225. Why are we still in beta
  226. Arto de esta gent d mierda miren esto por favor
  227. Bring Back Closed Beta Evie
  228. Movement item doesnt stack with movement card
  229. The Bandwagon
  230. Gieb Overdrive
  231. OB 46 Devs Q&A - All questions and answers
  232. Sentence for Ying's ulti
  233. Replay system
  234. What are the caps?
  235. Cross Platforming....Good idea or Bad idea?
  236. Bomb King Lag Compensation
  237. Chosen Champions| 3v3 Paladins Tournament
  238. Whats wrong with that Steam mods ?
  239. Whats up with the new picking order in comp?
  240. Date for Skye and Maeve Nerf?
  241. [RANT] Blame de Frontline
  242. Is there a way to level up faster?
  243. How Much Advantage You Will Get From Spending Money In This Game?
  244. Paladins Best Ways to Beat PvE ALMOST Everytime (Mine Field)
  245. Double exp and gold event
  246. Not a genius recomendation, but its somethin.
  247. Every new toon is either Op or Up
  248. Dodging
  249. [Discussion] Fenando's Shield and Legendary Cards
  250. Paladins Team Now Recruiting!