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  1. Run down on divisions?
  2. Names Hacker
  3. New Amino Community!
  4. as OB started we had 9 maps, why were 2 removed?
  5. Till when does the HRX Digital loot pack is available in game?
  6. This is why you should play vs Bots as Flank (OB40 Bot's behavior)
  7. character usage stats from first two days of hi rez expo, major changes post OB 40
  8. New map/New Skins/New champions/ New game mode :)!
  9. Is this really acceptable?
  10. WAtch this video for the Season 1 leaks
  11. We have the same amount of post, and this guy is 12 level above me
  12. About Cassie's Night Bane and Legendary Founder's Pack
  13. Server Lags
  14. Evie's community loadouts for almost every champion
  15. Radiant chest should be able to be bought using gold
  16. Best Part About HRX Day 3
  17. New champ idea
  18. Can I Trade?
  19. Fascinating Bulldozer
  20. kill to heal. ask
  21. Top 5 most famous players (on the forums)
  22. I have no respect for Viktor players.
  23. How do i upvote a post?
  24. How boosters work?
  25. New map reveal / Genie Ying Gameplay and the HRX Paladins champion :)!!
  26. Ying Bug?
  27. Reversal questions
  28. Question About Linux Port
  29. Any date for PS4?
  30. New map stone keep is coming soon - trailer !
  31. Tyra is NOT weak
  32. Paladins Champion Idea - AoE Sniper
  33. maybe could do with adding some optional voice comms for paladins
  34. I think we need a new game mode.
  35. Fraud and manipulation of points in the competitive. World Top Brazilians are defraud
  36. Long as hell match.
  37. Refer a Friend...Help me plz !
  38. Comprar Paladins® - Legendary Founder's Pack Bundle
  39. Possible to play up to five (5) in a competitive match
  40. How come hirez wants to rework so many characters?
  41. Hi-rez servers gone Wild! [EU] (Anyone else having this?)
  42. Torval Possible skills, cards and playstyle/ New gamemodes confirmed!!
  43. Open Beta 41 Patch Notes
  44. Are Ying and Sha Lin related?
  45. what piece of genie chest will be last piece?
  46. We need 21:9 aspect ratio thousands of posts about it on every forum for this game
  47. Season 1 ranks
  48. How To Win More Games - Zoning ? Target ? Attitude ?
  49. Stone Keep first look!! (Stroll around the map)
  50. New Map Stone Keep Impression & PTS Gameplay / OB 41
  51. Ayuda con el error de EasyAntiCheat :(
  52. Ranking and stuff, sha lin
  53. My linked account from twitch got banned from Paladins's official channel
  54. Unable to f**cking play
  55. Why am I still getting players at 40 lvl + who refuse to play this game?
  56. Sweden!
  57. Is not picking the champ.role your team want really banable?
  58. The players...so bad.
  59. Season 1 - Ranked
  60. YouTube Channel Team Sanctum
  61. Anticheat
  62. What really grinds my gears...
  63. Border Reset -Season Reset
  64. Should Paladins have a champion limit?
  65. Fixes to the demo?
  66. Helpful Thread
  67. How does the respawn time work? And the capture time?
  68. Hackers everywhere
  69. Competitive rank cheating
  70. What is your DPI configuration?
  71. Poll to who should get a legendary skin (PLEASE VOTE & COMMENT WHY)
  72. Orange Bolt on Skye
  73. hmm they removed crystals from weekly rewards?
  74. Better match history and an spectate option
  75. Is Competitive worth it ?
  76. Why only two people in a competitive group?
  77. Is this game like 90% spanish / brazilians??
  78. So, about this matchmaking in casual, is their any logic?
  79. Hey guys, just made this Bomb King guide!
  80. good team comp by champion type?
  81. A Move for the Complete Abolishment of the Reputation System
  82. Top Play
  83. Im broke on the pts.
  84. when you give feedback in the forums and.....
  85. Final Thoughts and Feedback
  86. So this game is P2W...
  87. Effort. And my slow decline of enjoying Paladins as a whole.
  88. Extra Xbox Closed Beta Key :)
  89. paladins are not updated to the patch 41
  90. Better aim = hacking ... ?
  91. Spectating System
  92. How does item-card stacking work?
  93. Better ranking system
  94. game showing wrong info about end results of match
  95. Counter Picks - How To Counter Drogoz !
  96. Androxus skin's
  97. The Stone Keep map
  98. Paladins - OB41 Hidden Patchnotes, Secrets, New Skins and MORE [INFORMATION]
  99. 1v1 paladins mini tournament (bomb king edition)
  100. Any New Players?
  101. (spoilers)datamining OB41:PvE mode,2 new champions and torvald
  102. Join a growing community of experienced and new player!
  103. Undercity is awesome map!! cant wait!!
  104. What do you guys think of Drogoz?
  105. Valid reason for reporting players : semi-afk?
  106. DepthofField
  107. Just Uploaded This Buck Guide :)!
  108. Reach for support.
  109. Does this stacks ?
  110. Golden Card
  111. All about the new Androxus Skins "Stage 4" and "X"
  112. Androxus skin stage 4
  113. Paladins Community
  114. Paladin's Server
  115. Stop accusing everyone of aimbotting
  116. I never got an answer from supports
  117. 2x 200 Crystals Giveawey!
  118. People ruining team composition due to weekly quests.
  119. Genie Chests Feel Terrible
  120. Drills sugestions?
  121. Is it possible Hi-Rez
  122. Dev Insight Season 1 Upgrading Cards
  123. Hello
  124. surge in trolls lately?
  125. Thanks for my FREE 30 minutes deserter penalty
  126. Beta Test Maps - District - Atrium - Undercity !
  127. Rip paladins cheat which kick out all from the server.
  128. PvE and other modes in the game
  129. Resolution
  130. Question about our mmr
  131. Why do Hi-Rez avoid the matchmaking question in Q&A?
  132. What is Ruckus EMP?
  133. Avatars? Icons?
  134. Question About Regions
  135. Is Paladins going on a road to a P2W?
  136. Is there any hope for a stop to selfish players?
  137. Gimme back my comp rating
  138. Hi-rez support page
  139. Is there a free champion rotation in this game?
  140. I have been banned
  141. Saving our play of the game
  142. Error Easy Anti Cheat Question
  143. Blue The Hero! Champion Kit Idea! Opinions are welcome!
  144. Most intense game ever?
  145. Shalin's model is a temporary one?
  146. 2000 Crystals Giveaway
  147. Leaderboard Rankings...
  148. Expensive, exclusive Play of the Game Intro cutscenes.
  149. What is Hi-Rez doing to people who is feeding?
  150. Mnemonic
  151. Everyone, Torvald hype!
  152. OB42 Patch New Champion
  153. How to get androxus skin?
  154. Let's talk about season 1 (need answers)
  155. IDEA : In-game reputation
  156. (spoilers)datamining OB42:2 new champs skills and cards and the so famous talents
  157. My thoughts on Season 1 and the future of Paladins
  158. What's the current state of running this in Linux?
  159. Unofficial Lore Project
  160. PTS Issue
  161. Team Builds
  162. Dansker Søges til team og hygge
  163. What do you guys think about these new chests?
  164. Asking for Frozen Frenzy tournament hosted on Brazil server for the south america com
  165. Barrier Tank
  166. New balanced gamemodes ideas
  167. A new gamemode
  168. PTS all free, why not?
  169. Getting bored of trolls
  170. Will console ever get patch notes?
  171. Forum rep system
  172. pip
  173. Danish team need players
  174. Ranked games / ranked 5premade
  175. Sick of some people
  176. A short but meaningful PvE mode review you should check out
  177. Some math behind the proposed Season 1 changes
  178. Paladins Casual Group looking for members
  179. [RANT] Argument With A Troglodyte
  180. Please stop South American players from playing on NA server.
  181. Do you guys think that boosting accounts should be illegal?
  182. Cassie is OP
  183. Assymetrical gameplay possibilites with introduction of ELITE-tier champions!
  184. how do i sign OUT for paladins xbox one beta?
  185. Remove Pip from Support tab.
  186. paladins competitive so balance
  187. New main?!
  188. When are we getting a south american server?
  189. Grohk's Healing rain ?
  190. All emotes and poses are now in the Colossal Chest as well as the Radiant Chest.
  191. When do you think OB42 will be out?
  192. I have a question about the skins that worries me
  193. SweetFx Files
  194. New game mode idea: Forced, Balanced teams.
  195. Viktor Code Green Skin Preview
  196. Damn.
  197. We live in a negative community
  198. Evie
  199. Why do we not get Console Patch Notes
  200. Rip aggression ,petition
  201. When will hi-rez stop putting tiny details on skins and selling it like new
  202. MMR hell
  203. New Skin Collection for Viktor - Code Green
  204. Gold Sink suggestion for Competive /Ranked play.
  205. Dead Zone
  206. How 2 get popular on the forums
  207. How much damage/flank kills/protection or healing you done?
  208. Makoa species
  209. Your impression of Torvald
  210. why every update is so big?!
  211. Competitive Parties
  212. I remembered when Ice Mines was my favourite map
  213. Code Green for Viktor...
  214. Grey portrait
  215. Payload no longer moves faster with more people?
  216. Best support character to run with torvald?
  217. padlock
  218. Is Torvald Op or UnP ?
  219. They so should release Yang!
  220. Found a Way to Exploit Competitive Matchmaking
  221. Guy ends match when he lose 3 times.
  222. IDEA: Why dodging does lead to elo lose in competitive?
  223. Deft Hands, the new agression
  224. Just becuase people disagrees with me doesnt mean that they can sink my level
  225. But I need to buy Aggresion...
  226. How did manage to get 4 dots?
  227. Steam workshop integration
  228. Drogoz spit
  229. SEA Paladins Community Event - Weekend Night Brawl
  230. ¿Colossal Chests?
  231. Androxus level4 skin?
  232. How about a pirate champ, huh?
  233. I have some questions about the PvE mode
  234. Do you want to play in the team?
  235. Unfair Colossal Chest Changes - Spread the word
  236. Idea for next champion Meave or Flankers.
  237. Get infected by ADWARE/BROSEFOX.gen7 with new champion patch (steam)
  238. Why do all champions have golden border once you hit 4 lvl with them?
  239. Anti hack?
  240. No obejective time or shielding?
  241. How to deal with Androxus
  242. Skin Lore!
  243. Viktor new skin (not code green)
  244. Erro
  245. Evie is probably 100 years old
  246. wtf is happening with the servs
  247. Any new avatars that you'll add?
  248. Question!
  249. How am i supposed to get new Avatars?
  250. Anyone hyped to stop playing the game when season one comes out?