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  1. I feel as though Androxus needs to have some damage shaved off.
  2. Does Buck needs a damage buff?
  3. Evie
  4. We all know that Skye is broken
  5. Evie breakdown
  6. Nerf or Ban Skye
  7. Evie balance idea
  8. Buck? More like... Suck! -s at being a flanker!
  9. I never won a game with Buck in my team
  10. Buck Review
  11. Buck Balancing Suggestions (Because we needed another thread on Buck).
  12. Please remove Skye! + (Kinessa thoughts)
  13. Skye ulti
  14. Buck buff suggestions
  15. A possible mechanics change to Skye's ultimate
  16. Androxus secondary fire...
  17. Why Skye main issue hasn't been adressed yet ?
  18. Androxus and Evie Dominating servers
  19. How to make Buck a viable character?
  20. Evie need up !
  21. Evie Quality of Life tweaks
  22. Skye's ulti range
  23. Nothing bad with the ulti of Skye
  24. Nerf Evie's Ice Block
  25. Nerf Skye (especially the Invisible ability)
  26. Skye Ulti (E) range nerf
  27. Two changes that would make Skye far less annoying.
  28. Skye can totaly deny and bully Kinessa
  29. Skye's Ultimate even more broken now...
  30. Evie's IceBlock bonus damage.
  31. Skye totally op.
  32. Skye is OP
  33. Buck - Capable but lackluster. Needs a little rework
  34. Ultimate of skye
  35. Range of ultimate of skye have too much range
  36. Nerf Skye
  37. Androxus Q third person view
  38. Androxus's Reversal
  39. isn't Androxus' Defiance a bit shitty?
  40. Skye become to OP for the game
  41. How to make a skye useless
  42. A little change for Evie's ice block
  43. skye's ult
  44. Does Androxus need a buff?
  45. Buck's Heroic Leap "bug"
  46. xanaxos is useless except for his ult
  47. What were you thinking when you made Skye?
  48. Skye's Ultimate
  49. Skye's ult
  50. Skye's Ultimate Idea
  51. A simple Syke Nerf
  52. Skye Ultimate
  53. Skye: Overall Veredict
  54. Evie Needs A Serious Buff | Least Used Champion
  55. Skye's Ult NEEDS a nerf
  56. I had an idea for Skye's ult rework.
  57. Skye Balancing Ideas
  58. Androxus Defiance is Baaaaaaaaad!
  59. Skye's Ultimate is gamebreaking
  60. Can we stop with the "Skye is OP" threads?
  61. Buck is balanced, he doesnt needs a buff
  62. Top
  63. Problem I have with Skye (not a Skye is OP thread)
  64. Skye's ultimate too stronk?
  65. Suggested Skye Changes
  66. Androxus need changes ?
  67. Skye-NERF
  68. Skye's Time Bomb nerf.
  69. Skye's Ult 2 op
  70. Evie: Replace Reprieve's heal with Damage Reduction? Or make DR baseline?
  71. Rebalance Evie's Health/Damage
  72. Skye - Bomb of Time
  73. It is just me or Buck seems kinda broken?
  74. A SKYE MainsĀ“ analysation of her state of balance + tweaking suggestions
  75. I hate to say this but..
  76. I don't think skye ult has been nerfed
  77. Evie needs a redesign.
  78. Solution for Evie's problems
  79. Buck- Paladins greatest Space Marine
  80. Skye
  81. Buck is very op
  82. Evie Hate
  83. Balance the Skye's ultimate
  84. Make Evie equal with other characters
  85. Please add new skins for Buck and Androxus
  86. Skye Ult Changes
  87. Skye's Ultimate vs. LoS
  88. Skye in the forum in a nutshell
  89. Buck: Tank + Flan + DPS?
  90. Androxous Ultimate skill buff
  91. Nerf sky strafe speed
  92. Fix evie!
  93. Evie Balancing Suggestions.
  94. Skye balancing
  95. Need more Skye nerfs.
  96. Buck needs less HP
  97. Evie has been stealth nerfed
  98. Skye Kit Buff
  99. Androxus' Reversal "Buff"/change
  100. Buck nerf
  101. Evie is currently to OP. Unlimited escape is not a good thing.
  102. NErf skye
  103. Evie
  104. Evie: Replace Ice Block with Ice Armor
  105. Skye!!!
  106. Skye is complete garbage
  107. Buck - Heroic Leap unbalanced skill!
  108. I thought you were "looking into Skye" for OB37?
  109. Buck Nerf
  110. question about buck
  111. Delay on Evie's blink is ridiculous
  112. Skye NEEDS a NERF!!!
  113. Just nerf Buck already
  114. Champ Feedback II: Skye Harder
  115. Evie desbalanced, random critical
  116. omg,Buff skye look at this shitty game, she deserv it
  117. OB38 still no love for skye
  118. Evie-NERF
  119. when evie nerf?
  120. Nerf Evie or I QUIT PALADINS
  121. Did Skye ult get buffed again?
  122. Why Skye cant get a buff nor a nerf.
  123. Nerf request - Evie
  124. It's over - Evie
  125. Evie is a joke?
  126. How to Counter Flanks Guide
  127. Let's Talk about Skye
  128. Buck
  129. NERF - Buck!
  130. Androxus - Underpowered and buggy
  131. Buck as a flanker.....
  132. Skye ulti nerf
  133. Evie.
  134. Nerf Buck please
  135. Androxus shouldn't have headshots
  136. What, Okay , so even in OB39 no skye buff ?
  137. Is a Skye rework neccessary? and potential Skye rework idea
  138. Buck is not OP and does not need a hard nerf
  139. Skye is OP
  140. Skye is unstoppable.
  141. Every game- Ivie
  142. buff androxus
  143. The evie nerf for OB39 is bad
  144. What Skye needs.
  145. I am so tired of playing against Buck
  146. Evie's useless ability. (pls don't be mad)
  147. Skye: Get Rid of the Obnoxious De-Stealthing Sound
  148. Skye Fix Suggestions
  149. Skye cards idea
  150. Buck .....way too op
  151. Androxus
  152. fml buck is way too op
  153. Skye needs serious nerfs...
  154. FUC*...i mean BUCK // Good Game going sad
  155. Sooo... Skye Rework Soon(TM) or naw? No buffs for so long smells kinda suspicious ;)
  156. I really don't understand how you don't understand Buck is OP
  157. Got banned for playing skye for 63 hours
  158. ahah , skye hp nerf ? Ok Azurion is really triggerate
  159. Oh,Azurion is happy now about skye !
  160. Buck can jump too far/high and too often
  161. Make Wormhole a part of Evie's kit
  162. Skye's nerf makes her unplayable.
  163. Skye in Competitive
  164. Evie
  165. Buck is too OP.
  166. Evie is absolutely broken compared to the other flankers.
  167. OB40 death of flanks...
  168. Skye's Ult is ridiculous
  169. Hi-Rez Killed Androxus' Ultimate
  170. Evie is absurdly broken
  171. Evie - lowest hp of all, highest survivability of all
  172. Evie is the new Buck
  173. Skye is OP af, please nerf her! (Lets talk)
  174. Androxous Nerf
  175. Make Evie wormhole 0.5/1/1.5/2
  176. Please Nerf Skye Please
  177. Evie?!
  178. The biggest nerf in Paladins happend in.......
  179. Skye Needs Jesus
  180. Reason why skye should NOT have the same hp as evie. (1800)
  181. Evie nerf..
  182. A flanker with 3000 hp?
  183. Buck OP!11!11!!! 3000 hp!? 1000 healing?!?1111!? Lifesteal cards?!1?!? NERF PLZ!11!
  184. Androxus Ultimate (Was the nerf too harsh)
  185. Androxus doesn't appear to be working as advertised.
  186. Skye can still preform! (Not under powered.)
  187. Skye`s cooldowns.
  188. Androxus Right click Triple Shot = Kind of Worthless needs tweaking
  189. Nerf Buck to strong for flank
  190. Evie needs a little help...
  191. Why is the card "Wormhole" so popular?
  192. Does Buck REALLY need a nerf?
  193. Some thoughts about Buck
  194. Nerf Androxus Nerf
  195. Skye balance
  196. Evie needds nerf
  197. Why nerf Evie? just rework a bit
  198. Androxus reversal
  199. Enough with the Evie nerfing!
  200. Skye Rework of the Gods
  201. oh, after 41 patch, skye finally got 5 more bullets lul
  202. Anyone else NOT seeing Skye's bomb indicator?
  203. Skye needs fixing horribly
  204. A little nerf goes a long way - Skye
  205. Pls nerf evie
  206. EVIE is too cuute to nerf!! DONT DO IT!!!
  207. Buck Buff?
  208. Androxus Ult is Underpowered, and here is why!
  209. Skye Rework and Nerf Buck
  210. Evie OP?
  211. Cooldown reset ability should never reset its own cooldown [Maeve]
  212. Skye needs buffs at high ranks, bur nerfs at low ones
  213. Evie - Some thoughts
  214. The best part of Maeve's release...
  215. Maeve underpowered in pro scene?
  216. Skye is close to be at least ''playable''
  217. Skye Nerf/Buff
  218. Plz buff andro
  219. Skye wallrun/wallclimb?
  220. Maeve "Boom headshot" the ultimate gamebreaker, proof inside
  221. Maeve in comparison to other flanks
  222. Maeve
  223. Maeve: mobilidade fora do normal
  224. Maeve's attack style.
  225. Thoughts on Maeve
  226. Buff Maeve?
  227. Make Maeve's damage from 450 to 400.
  228. Maeve
  229. Maeve is not op...
  230. Maeve broken compared to her "similars"
  231. Maeve :D
  232. MAEVE ITS BROKEN?? o.O?
  233. How to make Skye better
  234. Maeve: let's be constructive
  235. Maeve destroy Paladins happy fun time
  236. Maeve
  237. Maeve is fine
  238. Balance broken! Have you ever seen such stats in a match until maeve?
  239. Let's talk about Skye shall we?
  240. Maeve
  241. Androxus Balance/Fix?
  242. Maeve nerf (obviously)... Also other stuff.
  243. new champ "MAEVE" SUX.. & USELESS, Need BUFF
  244. Why don't Maeve players take Resilience more often?
  245. Skye needs a nerf again pls
  246. Easy Maeve balance
  247. BUFF MAEVE Take the double jump and nine lives do not recharge the skills
  249. Skye Buff?
  250. These videos will prove Maeve is OP