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  1. Evie ice block - blink buff
  2. Nerf Androxus, he is so op
  3. Nerf Meave
  4. Revert Androxus damage and fix his other issues
  5. Androxus is useless now, please give him something better than a simple melee attack
  6. Evie vs. Androxus
  7. Andro is slightly op
  8. Talus
  9. Androxus Maths
  10. Strix's stealth bar for Skye too
  11. Buck overbuffed
  12. Zhin’s movement
  13. If you think flanks played by an average player are op read this!
  14. Talus need more buff
  15. Flanks are overpowered!
  16. Hi-Rez ... U Bucked Up
  17. Skye complete rework. Please give feeback
  18. Game WAS fun
  19. Talus overcharge nerf?
  20. Maeve is actually Broken
  21. Lex, andro, and unbalance
  22. Skye rework to make her tricky
  23. Why people think Androxus is too OP?
  24. Talus didn't need a buff
  25. More Stupid Ideas to Balance Flankers
  26. My thoughts...OB61 Maeve
  28. Evie's Soar nerf might screw her up more than you think.
  29. Talus buff
  30. If you have to nerf talus consider this...
  31. Lex & Androxus Reworks...
  32. Flank Balance
  33. How to properly fix Evie.
  34. I think Skye needs a slight mobility buff
  35. Revert changes to Anrdoxus.
  36. There is a bug where evie can blink upwards
  37. Some nerfs/changes to ults (especialy skye)
  38. Buck Bounce House is ridiculous
  39. For the love of god nerf flankers
  40. Welcome to flankers paradise
  41. Please remove auto-aim from Lex. it's ridiculous!!
  42. Hi-Rez PLS Bring Back The Old Androxus!!!
  43. Maeve Super Rework
  44. Pls remove the indication that shows that Zhin is countering
  45. Lex in-pursuit rework
  46. Lex nerf?
  47. Zin is too OP
  48. Severe nerfs for some flankers because no balance (But not for Evie.Give her a break)
  49. Role of a flanker?
  50. Talus the Leech
  51. Evie
  52. Balanced Flank Class
  53. plz get the old zhin back ...he was great in that way plz
  54. Androxus nether step?
  55. rework broken ass lex...
  56. What Evie Really Needs
  57. 2 Tweaks To Make Lex "balanced"
  58. Personal Balance - Androxus
  59. Can people stop with the *insert champion here* is op sh*t
  60. Spite needs a major nerf
  61. Moar health for evie (cuz strix 1 shot)
  62. "Maeve"
  63. Possible buffs to Skye to take her into competitive.
  64. Something must be done about Androxus' burst damage
  65. reveal skye everywhere
  66. Call out to Pro Evie players, is the witch dead?
  67. Why Flanks (Unfortunately) Wont be Massively Nerfed/ Reverted Anytime Soon.
  68. Just another Evie post passing by...
  69. Fix buck
  70. Flanks of old, need to rise again
  71. smolder legendary card from zhin op
  72. Androxus Balance Proposal
  73. Evie Balance Proposal
  74. Personal Balance - Lex
  75. Buck Balancing
  76. Ideas for Possible Changes to Flanks
  77. Can meave get drop damage?
  78. I want old Buck back.
  79. Buck Ensnare
  80. Make Lex isn't aim bot champion
  81. Evie is in desperate need of a rework
  82. Buck deserves more of a nerf than Vivian
  83. flankers take too long to kill
  84. Buck need nerf
  85. The current problem with Evie
  86. Bring Back Mobility
  87. Flank me Gently, it's my first time !
  88. Nerf buck
  89. Nerf Lex
  90. Evie to Overpowered?
  91. Please balance Lex
  92. Skye needs a healing card/ability
  93. Maeve Balancing
  94. Why Evie and Maeve should get nerfed
  95. Meave doesn't have damage drop off!!!
  96. What. In the. World. Is. This. Unbalanced. Card.
  97. Rant about Lex, Tyra, Lian, SSSENN, Makoa, etc...., and life.
  98. nerf zhin's legendary guillotine
  99. How to cure the mental illness of each flank (except Evie and Skye buff them plox)
  100. Retaliation Zhin is still not balanced
  101. Andro Reversaling Terminus ult
  102. Lex new legendary ob64 balance idea
  103. Please return the old androxus
  104. Movement Speed Abilities; a carefully-worded plea
  105. Please don't nerf Evie again...a long with a ton of other characters
  106. Please buff Maeve and Evie.
  107. The OB64 #5 update Flank feedback
  108. Buck can fly now?
  109. Skye didn t need nerf this OB
  110. Evie nerf? I’m done
  111. Evie balance, remake that nerf
  112. Why Nerf to Maeve
  113. Talus Ultimate too OP
  114. Zhin needs less range of attack
  115. Stop crying for nerfs
  116. OB64 Maeve Over-Nerfed
  117. Is Maeve dead now?
  118. Evie buff? Evie too nefed?? I don't think that's the issue...
  119. Buff evie
  120. Skye is dead?
  121. Almost all flanks are dead
  122. Buff Skye pls
  123. Flank Class Feedback as I observed. (OB64)
  124. Androxus cards and balance suggestion
  125. Maeve's new legendary card is too powered
  126. Dead Maeve Is Dead
  127. shouldn't Zhin's range be short ?
  128. Buff skye
  129. Evie mains
  130. Lex Overpower
  131. Zhin needs a nerf in his basic attacks
  132. Talus!!!!
  133. Silence should CANCEL the Rune of Talus
  134. [Short Thread - Please Read] ***SKYE*** Realistic Modifications to make her Viable!!!
  135. Maeve with knives
  136. The New Champion Moji Does Crazy Damage
  137. Flankers shouldn't be able to heal themselves as much as they do now (& my solutions)
  138. Moji WORTHLESS?!
  139. Androxus has too much of an inaccuracy bloom.
  140. Moji balance
  141. Should buck be nerfed?
  142. Maeve's ballance.
  143. Time to talk about talus
  144. Zhin's Retaliation doesnt punish?
  145. Skye really needs faster moving speed
  146. Moji: The apex of unbalenced.
  147. Moji is trash?
  148. Pls. Rework a little Talus’ Travel Rune.
  149. moji - did i miss the joke?
  151. Skye rework idea
  152. Thanks for KILLING Evie
  153. Ideas For a Skye Rework
  154. Reducing Zhins Billow
  155. Hirez Hates Evie alot!
  156. zhin legendary card (yomi)
  157. Moji is Overpowered and needs a nerf.
  158. Nerf Talus
  159. Meave on YouTube
  160. Androxus Ultimate buff
  161. Buff skye and remove iluminatte
  162. Androxus: Revolver. 580 of damage in 0.36
  163. Talus - one of the strongest tank in the game.
  164. Flanks! What are your complaints?
  165. My Two Cents on Fixing Maeve
  166. Maeve Cards/Cards/Ranked
  167. Moji would be an all-round better character with these changes.
  168. PLEASE for the love of god stop nerfing skye
  169. Maeve's double jump
  170. Androxus' ability to hold himself in the air.
  171. Talus has too much damage..
  172. How to fix Evie
  173. Talus is insane.
  174. How to balance skye without any damage buff
  175. How to fix talus without nerfing him to death
  176. Talus. Please.
  177. Change Talus blazing upper (get rid of the aoe of it)
  178. Zhin's counter.
  179. Some Buck Legendary Suggestions
  180. Some changes Evie really need
  181. Remove Buck's ability to headshot
  182. We need a urgently nerf for Talus don't be indifferent
  183. Results of a Poll I Put Out
  184. Skye rework in Q ability
  185. urgent nerf TALUS!!!!!
  186. rework Smolder Zhin legendary
  187. Talus does way too much damage for his mobility.(nerf suggestion)
  188. OP Skye and Mindless AI
  189. why i hate talus
  190. Buck: BOUNCE HOUSE the area.range of effect does not apply as it should
  191. New Skye
  192. Nerf Bulk Up and Not Recovery
  193. Nerf moji
  194. Why some flanks dont need a nerf, and some do
  195. ZHIN the undead flan
  196. ZHIN - The undead flank
  197. Zhing need nerf
  198. caution, not for maeve's, evie's, skye's, talus's lovers
  199. [Suggestion] Talus Punch Skill UP
  200. Suggestions to make Adroxus not Suck for Newer/Intermediate Players
  201. Nerf moji! Moji op!
  202. Androxus!!!
  203. Is buck a support champion or damage champion or a flank???
  204. Tweak ideas ANDREWS (andro)
  205. Talus still too much burst damage and sustain
  206. Idea for the "new" lex legendary letter
  207. Back Ivei 930 gmg
  208. Moji nerf?
  209. *please balance maeve*
  210. Talus needs a nerf
  211. HiRez dear, would you kindly stop forcing this recoil animation-thingy with Andro?
  212. Lex needs more distance in his combat slide card. OB67
  213. Revert Unecessary Nerfs
  214. Evie Wormhole
  215. Zhin Best Suggestions to balance
  216. Paluake or Quadins
  217. Nerf annoying Moji please!!!
  218. Skye rework?
  219. Androxus new/old mechanic
  220. Zhin needs to cancel billow
  221. How does Androxus still have such insane high damage?
  222. video with proofs that talus needs nerf
  223. Buffing Skye
  224. Buck's Ensnare
  225. Lex, Hi-Rez's Favorite Champion
  226. 1112 Damage Headshot from Androxus - Can we please rework flankers?
  227. What happened to Androxus and more importantly, Paladins.
  228. Buck
  229. With Lex mobility nerfed now
  230. Evie (Fair changes)
  231. How to make Evie viable again.
  232. Bend Over!! A Buck Suggestion
  233. Lex nerf faild
  234. Evie Airborne Inaccuracy
  235. Boi... Moji!
  236. Moji still cancer
  237. Suggestion: Blast Jumping on Evie
  238. Would you say Talus is balanced
  239. Skye
  240. Nerf Lex's speed cards
  241. How to make Lex a fun champion that requires just a bit more skill
  242. Skye: OB68's Patch Notes and OB67.5
  243. Skye --> My thoughts on her kit and how we can fix it without a massive rework
  244. A 2.7 KDA Zhin's Honest Opinion about Snipers in This Game
  245. evie fire rate to slow, make her faster
  246. Androxus
  247. Lex' super speed solution
  248. Lex
  249. Eviee wasn't nerfed in the ob 68 :mad:
  250. Nerf Moji please