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  1. Nerf skye
  2. About Evie
  3. Balance of androxus
  4. Skye is trash [Suggestions]
  5. Balance of androxus
  6. Zhin's suicide ritual ultimate.
  7. Maeve Loadouts
  8. Why can't Zhin use Billow when rooted?
  9. The Flank Class Balance Changes Proposal (OB:54) (Warning: Long Passage)
  10. Zhin's RETALIATION legendary card is making this game shit
  11. Buck Balance suggestions
  12. Minor Zhin Change
  13. Buff Maeve
  14. 3 Zhin Changes I'd Like Without Any Explanation Whatsoever
  15. Zhin's counter
  17. Maeve feedback
  18. I'm Back, B&#ches. After 6 months of not-Palading, I saw Skye buff, and has returned
  19. Nerf skye
  20. Lex Actually Needs a Buff
  21. 27 killstreak skye
  22. Make flanks better in higher lvl games?
  23. Lex Rework
  24. Revive Evie!
  25. Rework Defiance and Heads Will Roll
  26. Buff Buck
  27. Evie small change wormhole
  28. Lex rework
  29. Zhin OP?
  30. Buck Balance
  31. Overpowered Zhin
  32. I Want Your Thoughts
  33. !!! Androxus Defiance (right click) rebalance !!!
  34. Buff Evie's Blink. Very Salty Feedback.
  35. Read This Fully
  36. A easy way to balance skye
  37. Lex is needs a nerf
  38. Add buck additional bonus on net shoot
  39. Skye,Skye,Skye The rank E Of The Realm...
  40. Buck: The net shot build and the near useless card it comes with.
  41. Fixing Lex
  42. Zhin's SMOLDER Legendary card needs a nerf...
  43. Bring Evie (and flanks in general) back into the playing field....
  44. Nerf Zhin
  45. Changes I feel may benefit console only long term
  46. Simple fix for Zhin's counter
  47. Evie buffs please
  48. Maeve needs adjustments
  49. Zhin Nerf ?
  50. That skye buff won't affect at all high elo, Thanks to try to listen to us Though !
  51. Maeve buff
  52. Can Andro get an aimbot too
  53. Who is the most overpowered flank?
  54. Buck Just Feels Bad
  55. Evie need some serious buff
  56. Evies single projectile and aoe damage is much too high
  57. Why Maeve Daggers cadence has been nerfed?!
  58. Lex idea. How to fix his auto aim issue. And stop the complaining.
  59. Buck needs buffs
  60. Repair or remove already Skye
  61. Why the fuck was andros firerate buffed?
  62. Why is Lex's fire rate slower than Androxus?
  63. Maeve is literally broken.
  64. Evie
  65. Heads Will Roll Rework
  66. Flankers?
  67. How is Skye Underpowered in High ELO?
  68. Giving flankers a more defined role/buff ideas
  69. Zhin
  70. Maeve is ridiculously underpowered now.
  71. Found a way to maybe buff maeve
  72. Make Zhin AmaZhin
  73. Maeve is garbage right now.
  74. please,maeve is needs a mega buff
  75. evie is op
  76. Zhin needs reworked. My thoughts and opinions.
  77. evie needs change
  78. SKYE: *A Well Thought Rework*
  79. Is reporting someone for using Skye a good reason ?
  80. Nerf Evie!!!
  81. Thoughts on Lex After Reading OB57 Patch
  82. Skye
  83. How I think andos dark stalker legendary can be fixed
  84. Buff Maeve plssss
  85. Maeve/Balance thoughts/Feedback
  86. Buff Evie (Noobs triggered)
  87. Maeve needs a buff, NOW
  88. Can we buff a little Zhin's ultimate?
  89. Who is the most under powered flank?
  90. Zhin Countering the missiles
  91. Zhin is ridiculously overpowered.
  92. What Evie Needs
  93. Balance zhin!
  94. Why the Flankers are nerfed, again.
  95. What happen whit lex?
  96. Decrease lexes falloff
  97. Skye finally reach a good momentum.Don't touch her anymore please.
  98. Mobility Legendary for Androxus
  99. Is Hi-rez going to bring flanks back into the relevancy as high burst/tank shredders?
  100. Make Zhin's counter and billow cancellable.
  101. Alright, what is going on with Lex
  102. Please Nerf this Judge guy
  103. Skye stealth needs to be re-worked to function better in todays Paladins
  104. Why buff lex?
  105. Rework zhin counter
  106. Fix lex
  107. Some Buck buff ideas that I had.
  108. Lex is OP skye is OP zhin is OP
  109. Let's talk about Zhin <3
  110. Lex
  111. Bring Back Flankers!
  112. Is Lex a little too strong?
  113. Suggestions for balance Skye. Again. Important.
  114. Buff skye's poison bolt
  115. Combat Slide Bugs
  116. Whats wrong with Zhin?
  117. Lex is too OP now
  118. Zhin Rework
  119. Is Hi-rez going to bring flanks back into relevancy as high burst/tank shredders?
  120. Evie not regenerating life during ice blocks?
  121. Lex
  122. Lex weapon not firing correctly
  123. Suggestion for Lex
  124. Nerf Zhin
  125. The only buff to Maeve that I can think would be great
  126. Nerf Lex legal Aim Hack
  127. Flank Issues Rework Solutions
  128. Zhin's counter - OP
  129. Skye poison legendary legit OP #lolhirezbalance
  130. How to Fix Maeve (In My Opinion)
  131. Evie's ult should be reworked #TheMostUselessUlt
  132. Raeve Maeve!!!
  133. Nerf lex and zhin please.
  134. Let's talk about Buck. :)
  135. New Meave buff is good but not perfect
  136. How to Counter Lex :)
  137. Stop telling people Lex does not need a nerf!
  138. skye op
  139. Lex Combat Slide - Cooldown Adjust
  140. skye on console
  141. What the buck!
  142. Why do you believe, mechanically, Flanks are currently out of the meta?
  143. Bring Back Old Lex
  144. Evies staff glitch
  145. A simple Zhin nerf that doesn't affect high skill Zhin's but neuters braindead ones
  146. Plz don't hate, but Zhin is somewhat too strong
  147. Lex too strong!
  148. 212k damage as sky
  149. Hi-rez is destroying the flanks
  150. Zhins counter makes him immortal
  151. If we can't have mobility back, then buff something else
  152. Potential Buck Buffs
  153. People's thoughts on skye.
  154. Zhin is the new Evie.
  155. Buff e Nerf da Evie e Skye
  156. Maeve needs some damage drop off
  157. Zhin is unbelievably overpowered...(video)
  158. why they buff lex ?
  159. PTS Androxus changes
  160. Talus
  161. Talus...
  162. Skye needs a rework
  163. Please remove the screen shake on Androxus (OB59)
  164. Maeve is a fucking OP pubstomper now
  165. Lex Lore
  166. Graphs proving that OB 58 Maeve is more OP than OB 43 Maeve
  167. Rant about the cooldown for Talus's Rune of Travel
  168. Bring back old Androxus!
  169. This isn't a Androxus buff, it's a nerf. Please, Hi-Rez..
  170. Flank shouldn' be able to do this!
  171. Balance for maeve, so that everyone stops whining
  172. Maeve need nerf
  173. About Lex.
  174. new androxus = broken champ!! R.I.P ANDROXUS
  175. This rework on Androxus is terrible...
  176. You Destroyed Androxus
  177. Wormhole Evie Seems Really Broken.
  178. new androxus!
  179. Patches later.....Evie gets no love. Where are the good times?
  180. Return the old androxus
  181. Talus balacing
  182. Playing androxus sucks and is a horrible torturing experience.
  183. (QoL?) Make Buck's CDR cards be based on elimination
  184. Talus and why he doesn't suck
  185. Talus Proposals
  186. Androxus The Godslayer
  187. Give Buck an ammo-regen card
  188. Talus need buff or rework
  189. can we please nerf Lex already?
  190. Flankers - Balance Suggestions
  191. Talus tweaks (long post)
  192. Necesito que lean esto...
  193. Talus Rune of Travel Rework
  194. dear lord andro is op
  195. Androxus and Zhin
  196. Evie Fix
  197. Here are my 2 cents on the champ Maeve
  198. Androxus' Defiance after OB59
  199. Fix androxus! Bring back the godslayer!
  200. Talus Rework: give him a forward teleport instead of a damage skill.
  201. how flankers should be balanced
  202. Zhin needs to be balanced
  203. Nerf Maeve!!!
  204. Please don't fix this "bug". Buck needs it
  205. Is Andro's new alt fire worth using?
  206. so... Lex (and a bit of maeve)
  207. Evie's projectile
  208. Androxus still needs a little work
  209. A Maeve nerf (legendary card) that I think we can all agree on
  210. Zhin's cooldowns are way too forgiving
  211. Talus Balance
  212. The LEX good and bad
  213. Lex is broken!
  214. Nerf Androxus and Lex
  215. About ZHIN and his OP Legendary card
  216. It's Time to Give Buck "Bounce House" Back
  217. Zhin need a huge NERF
  218. A possible Maeve basic attack rework
  219. Shattermaw's SFX are too quiet
  220. Incoming Salt!!
  221. Lex buff needs to be removed
  222. Lex buff needs to be reduced
  223. Skills and Legendarys
  224. Meave pounce rework
  225. Alright, I seriously don't understand what all the fuzz about Maeve is.
  226. Reversal doesn't put Androxus in combat
  227. zhin can't counter torvald nullify
  228. Thoughts on the current status of Flanks
  229. Why just Why Andro
  230. A new ability
  231. Nerf Lex
  232. The reak broken one is talus.
  233. Lessons Learned from A Terrible Evie
  234. Is Maeve's Ultimate supposed to affect you no matter where you are?
  235. Androxus Hitboxes Are Huge
  236. PLS Nerf Maeve!!
  237. androxus!! seeing hatred is op!!
  238. Androxus a threat
  239. Some nerfs for Zhin and Maeve
  240. Talus....
  241. Fix Androxus's punch please
  242. androxus overpower, maeeve also but androxus is to much.
  243. Flankers gameplay now feels really TERRIBLE
  244. Lex Rework
  245. Androxus OP
  246. Hi-Rez, wtf?
  247. Well guess what, you got it. You got the Zhin nerf you always wanted.
  248. Nerf maeve
  249. Nerf the damage on Bounce House and give him back his old cooldown
  250. [Maece] a new sniper is born