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  1. Some flankers need help
  2. Buff Maeve
  3. #BuffEvie
  4. Can you ask Jad Saxton for a Maeve announcer pack?
  5. Move Lex to support class?
  6. We've seen How powerful Skye is with aimbot
  7. buff Maeve
  8. Nerf evie
  9. Can we take another look at Androxus?
  10. Skye is totally broken on ps4
  11. Evie upgrade?
  12. Please nerf Skye...
  13. Skye Preperation Legendary balance
  14. Lex Retribution rework
  15. Daily reminder that Lex still has no counters
  16. How to make Skye good
  17. nerf Androxus
  18. suggesstion
  19. What is FLANK?
  20. Lex - Come on, Hi-Rez.
  21. Buck became useless
  22. Rework that awful champion already shes double D tier since her creation
  23. Lex Is too overpowered
  24. Furtive characters too strong
  25. Fix hitboxes or remove heads will roll and eagle eye!
  26. Mave the Effing sniper
  27. Maeve
  28. Nerf Skye
  29. The Buff Skye Deserves
  30. Another Motherf***ing Maeve Post
  31. Androxus headshot legendary replacement
  32. Evie Lag Compensation Hi-Rez
  33. Console Skye
  34. Nerf Skye
  35. Lex
  36. Nerf skye
  37. Skye: Replace Legendary - Surprise Attack
  38. Making lex not feel cheap
  39. Evie Skill Heal OP unable to counter
  40. Skye too overpowered weapon!
  41. On Lex and Bonus Credits
  42. Why is Lex still here?
  43. Skye
  44. Skye must be nerfed!
  45. Flankers are Overpowered
  46. Lex balancing
  47. Remove skye from console
  48. Nerf Skye on console
  49. Maeve needs more tools
  50. How and why you need buff Skye
  51. Make Maeve better
  52. Let's rework Lex
  53. Zhin's Q is a better version of Grohk's F?
  54. Yesssss!!!
  55. evie is Brokie
  56. Please remove/rework Lex from the Realm.
  57. i thought maeve was genji
  58. Zhin Balancing
  59. Skye Balancing
  60. Some originality for Zhin!
  61. Nerf / Remove Evie's Reprieve Legendary
  62. evie more ** than symettra
  63. Skye Rebalance Based on Community Feedback
  64. Androxus is a very OP Champ !!!
  65. Oh hey another Maeve post
  66. why do flanks have to rule
  67. How to balance Zhin
  68. Androxus removal of defiance
  69. Buff Maeve
  70. Some improvements for Zhin (Suggestions)
  71. Weeaboo Master really sucks
  72. Zhin Balance
  73. Zhin's Ult kind of OP?
  74. I can swing my sword sword!
  75. Zhin doesn't flow well
  76. Who is the most under powered Flank?
  77. Zhin Balancing Issues
  78. Buff Evie
  79. Zhin Rework
  80. Skye nerf.
  81. Buckshot and You: The Fine Art of Shooting Things Repeatedly, and Questions Therof
  82. Skye tiny buff in movement speed?
  83. How to fix Zhin
  84. Lex need 1 nerf
  85. Rework Ideas for Zhin
  86. The Best Rework for Zhin - Ideas & Suggestions!
  87. How to make Skye viable for higher level games!
  88. evie doesn't need a buff
  89. Zhin - "Retaliation" could allow cancelling "Counter"
  90. Skye needs a nerf
  91. Skye breaks the game so bad I want a refund.
  92. How to balance LEX
  93. Buff Meave's Ult
  94. Every new flank should be tested...
  95. Skye On Console
  96. Not a Lex Nerf ,but a bit of a remake to make him a lot more fun to play.
  97. nerf Androxus
  98. why arent you buffing maeve ??
  99. Possible Balance changes for Zhin
  100. I tested a bit zhin's ultimate...
  101. Zhin's survivability seems excessive for a flanker
  102. Zhin needs a buff if he is to stay in the flank category
  103. Hotfix Zhin
  104. Skye on console and PC
  105. Zhin need Buff/Changes.
  106. Evie Lag Compensation
  107. I'm not sure what balance is but between Zhin and Lex something is off
  108. Evie's ultimate should be countered by Resilience
  109. Lex is Overpowered
  110. Fix or Replace Defiance
  111. Is Evie supposed to be able to Blink out of Roots?
  112. Evie's Ice Block is a problem.
  113. Reduce the performance time of evie skills
  114. Lex Credit gain is insane
  115. Evie Problem
  116. Small Buff to Zhin
  117. Before you scream about the Evie change
  118. Why would you nerf skye?
  119. OB53 - evie blink bonus nerf, and projectile champs
  120. OB53 Evie
  121. Keep Old Evie Or New Evie? [OB53]
  122. stop saying skye who cant kill skye is a noob
  123. Skye Preparation now only affects kills.
  124. Evie don't need changes
  125. Give Maeve wallrunning! / Skye's smoke bomb rework
  126. (Damager) (Sniper) (Flanker) Evie
  127. To all evie mainers that cry about that cheesy 20% damage
  128. The Reason Evie is Now Broken
  129. Ofc about Evie :mad:
  130. evie funeral
  131. a nerf for skye that wont affect pc
  132. Buff Evie
  133. Skye is AWESOME
  134. Evie rebalance idea
  135. Possible change to Androxus Ult
  136. Are Flankers too durable?
  137. Maeve buff?
  138. At Least my Fries Are Always Taste Delicious: One Salty Anti Androx Review
  139. Remove skye and then ban anyone who uses her.
  140. "Nerfs" on Evie made her OP
  141. Please Turn Evie Back to normal
  142. Evie change
  143. Evie and 53th patch.
  144. Nerf Evie!!
  145. skye got nerfed????
  146. Return the old Evie.
  147. New champion, new OP champion Zhin this time
  148. No Lex nerf? You serious???
  149. lex's in pursuit can be dodged
  150. get rid of zhins ability delay
  151. For the love of jiggle physics save PC Skye
  152. Maeve not so OP
  153. Nerf skye please.
  154. Give us back our Evie
  155. After all the "RIP Evie" threads
  156. Zhin is The Worst in Every Way, Here's Why and How to Fix Him
  157. evie buff.... meh
  158. Nerf evie
  159. Zhin..
  160. Return Evie Back
  161. Current state of evie
  162. evie need a nerf now that she have a boost atk
  163. evies cooldowns are too low
  164. Potential Mobility Change for Skye
  165. Evie is to overpowerd
  166. Some Skye Idea Changes
  167. Buff Androxus Please
  168. You want a Skye rework for any ELO? Read this.
  169. something needs to be done about zhin
  170. Evie Reprieve
  171. what do you think abaut meave wallrun ?
  172. Evie needs to...
  173. Sky is a game killer
  174. anyone else think zhin is just stupid?
  175. maeve/evie Fix already
  176. I want my old Evie back
  177. look how insanely overpowered Evie is
  178. Evie need a nerf or change
  179. buck
  180. My opinion on Evie's state of balance currently.
  181. Zhin Ability/Attack Delay in between abilities
  182. Nerf androxus
  183. ban skye from the game
  184. We need the Classic Skye
  185. Petition to rework Skye (for both Console and PC)
  186. Do SOMETHING With Skye
  187. A good Evie post
  188. Skye Rework
  189. Trying to carry a game and killing Lex was constantly putting me at a disadvantage?!!
  190. Rip evie
  191. Rip flying andro
  192. Please revert the missile speed buff for Evie.
  193. They nerfed over the moon
  194. I want My Evie Back !!
  195. Evie nerfs, thank you hirez
  196. The Issue With Buck (analysis of its issues and suggestions to improve him)
  197. Why Sky for now?
  198. Lex still doing way too much damage
  199. So Buck might need some help after patch 54
  200. buck
  201. Zhin needs nerfing. A lot
  202. Buff Skye?
  203. Skye, for the love of god Hi-Rez, buff her for god sake
  204. Evie
  205. New evie legendary
  206. Please fix Zhin
  207. Evie Changes
  208. Evie Reprive buff poll idea's!
  209. Evie, the loss of design, and identity drift
  210. About this new Maeve legendary card
  211. Evie Wormhole Buff Ideas
  212. i fart in your general direction
  213. they nerf andro wtfff
  214. Evie is finally ok
  215. Get Back Maeve's Triple Jump.
  216. Question regarding healing of Zhin Legendary
  217. Buck balancing
  218. Androxus Legendary card remove
  219. Remove zhin's counter delay
  220. Neitherstep legendary rework
  221. Bring back the Pre-legendary Age, give back everything you took from evie,revive skye
  222. remove skye from the game
  223. Androxus Darkstalker Card
  224. zhin re work
  225. Changing Skye
  226. Evie
  227. Maeve
  228. Let Zhin cancel his Billow and Counter early
  229. Evie is fine
  230. Skye buff idea
  231. Create a passive skill for skye = Wall Climbing
  232. sad my baby evie nerf so badly
  233. ok 2 of Zhins Legendarys need a Nerf/Re-work..reasons why.
  234. Zhin, am i the only one that thinks so ?
  235. Evie needs a serious nerf
  236. Make skye's poison bolts instant.
  237. RIP Cat Burglar
  238. Buck needs Buff, too much broken at the moment
  239. Evie's New Nerf Thoughts.
  240. Change Evie Ultimate
  241. Sky sucks right now
  242. Buck's Ensnare Legendary is one-dimensional
  243. Zhin - Failure of the Realm
  244. Evies Lmb
  245. Broken flank champs Zhin, Evie and Maeve
  246. Download Evie's damage
  247. Zhin
  248. Evie Crisis
  249. Buck: Heroic Leap No longer deals damage
  250. Rework Defiance and Heads Will Roll