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  1. Console Open Beta Bug Reports & Template
  2. Founders packs now available on console stores.
  3. Community Questions
  4. Survival Mode[PS4]
  5. Feedback and Suggestions
  6. Is Paladins free?
  7. Closed beta key giveaway
  8. The countless amounts of skins and cosmetic items that were kept from us during chest
  9. Radiant Chests
  10. Androxus Skin Xbox Live Account Already Linked
  11. Make ps4 competitive available again
  12. OG PS4 Issues since OB 44 Date 3/15/17
  13. Refer a Friend
  14. Is competitive mode active? [XBOX]
  15. Fix Androxus's Reversal [PS4]
  16. Achievements on Xbox
  17. WTT> "MY" PS4 U.S. Beta Key Code For "Your" EU PS4 Beta Key Code
  18. Some things i've noticed pt.2
  19. Console Closed Beta .44 Hotfix #1 | March 16th
  20. Gamechat issue
  21. Xbox Achievement bug. [Champion of the Realm]
  22. Xbox - Torvald bugged out when leveling
  23. All hail t-pose torvald! [xbox]
  24. Xbox - Radiant chest still stating DUPLICATE when I do not have the item
  25. What comes after the closed beta?
  26. Grouping with a Friend
  27. Is the Brazilian server available on Xbox Live?
  28. Account Linking
  29. Who Are Your Favourite Champions And Why?
  30. Free Console Closed Beta Keys
  31. Gold not returned for VPs when purchasing founders pack.
  32. PS4: Unable to access Store while in game?
  33. Could we skip OB45 and wait a bit longer for OB46?
  34. OB45/CB45 for console
  35. Twitch Drops
  36. Problem when you try to enter in the queue for the 2nd Time
  37. New Updates for Console
  38. Champions
  39. PVE Mode
  40. No one playing competitive/ranked on PS4 ?
  41. Shooting Range Bug on PS4
  42. PS4 Bug
  43. Champion Console Play Improvements - Androxus and Drogoz
  44. When will leaderboards be back?
  45. Torvald shield
  46. Can you please ban people who don't ready up
  47. Xbox Account linked a long time ago -- still haven't received skin
  48. Skye ultimate has too much range
  49. First Win of the Day Gold
  50. .45 Incoming for PS4!
  51. Bug Reports from NekoGenna ^.^
  52. Console Closed Beta 45 Patch Notes | March 21st, 2017
  53. Playstation 4 bug & more
  54. Logged on with 1550 cystals and 50 chests on PC??
  55. .45 XBOX, No crosshair for Inara
  56. 50,000 beta keys up for grabs. is this legit?
  57. Co-Op, play together on one console
  58. PS4 party bug
  59. Inara card bug PS4
  60. Question regarding competitive portrait frames and rank...
  61. Reporting Players!?
  62. Voice chat... to other lobbies!?
  63. Deleting loadouts?
  64. Mute option plz
  65. 25K Beta Codes Available Here
  66. adding a ping command /script
  67. Midlife Crisis infinite? loading screen
  68. X1 Observations
  69. Ps4 eu team
  70. Do Referrals work yet for console?
  71. PS4 founder's pack rewarding only 1 radiant chest and 9 missing
  72. Why is the Console version so Broken?
  73. PS4: -25% Discount not working
  74. Console NEEDS button mapping
  75. Lag unbareable
  76. Skye on Console
  77. Xbox One Player Input
  78. Deserter
  79. A few questions (hoping for official response)
  80. Champion of the Realm Achievement not unlocking
  81. Not doing enough damage? Is it me?
  82. *Player Disconnected* on PS4
  83. disconnect pc
  84. stopped playing console version (ps4) for now
  85. Founders Pack
  86. Console Closed Beta 46 Patch Notes | April 5th, 2017
  87. (PS4) Console scrim/team board.
  88. Is the founder's pack CrossPlatform?
  89. NA Player Looking for Team.
  90. Leaderboards gone again. Why?
  91. Aim assist/magnetism
  92. Can't Link Accounts
  93. PvE mode needs to be removed until it works.
  94. Option to disable edge acceleration
  95. Is it possible to customise the controls (PS4) in Paladins?
  96. Tutorial bugs
  97. A peaceful resolution to Aim Assist
  98. Founders Pack chests still missing!
  99. Constant disconnects.
  100. Kinessa hitbox twitch clip
  101. Deserter penalty after Xbox disconnects from Xbox Live
  102. Supports not HEALING
  103. straight up harsher deserters on Console please
  104. Any tips/tricks for aiming on console without Magnet Strength?
  105. ETA on patch 47/48?
  106. Console Closed Beta 47 Patch Notes | April 18, 2017
  107. HUD disappearing
  108. Daily Login Day 6 Not Rewarded
  109. Beta Rules about Streaming
  110. Skye is a cancer, we need some Chemo
  111. Keyboard and mouse players/console wars
  112. Played For The First Time Today (PS4)
  113. Open Beta ?
  114. need option to mute or turn off public voice chat
  115. XB1 Achievement not Unlocking
  116. No rewards for account links
  117. The opponents on the Xbox one Co-Op PvE are invisible.
  118. Fernando Shield Bug CB47
  119. Scrim
  120. Search Scrim
  121. please disable auto buy untill setting are permanently saved.
  122. Import\Copy Loadout button missing since patch 47
  123. Patch
  124. PS4 Warning Version Mismatch
  125. Aiming feels terrible in .47
  126. Code redemptions not unlocking everything said
  127. Competitive Requirements Broken [Xbox]
  128. When is OB48 coming to PS4 and XB1? It's been around two weeks I think.
  129. Please don't add achievements that make me lose the game. Thanks!
  130. OB48 Patch Notes for Console | May 9th 2017
  131. Sound Bug
  132. [QUESTION] Transfer cosmetics from PC to Console?
  133. Aim assist/Magnet
  134. OB48 - No Sound FX in Competative, Can't hear enemies, effects entire party.
  135. Buck bug/glich
  136. PVE and Test Maps
  137. Open Beta Console / Xbox One / Achievement Bug /OB48
  138. Item Decks
  139. Barik PS4 Team Fortress Skin
  140. Skin didn't get - Ps4
  141. Buck - Can't use Primary Weapon or Reload when Silenced by Torvald
  142. The game is unplayable right now because sound is broken on Stone Keep
  143. Match ready bug.
  144. (XBOX ONE ) We don't have Leaderbord (top 100 players ) !!
  145. Competitive picking order PS4
  146. XBOX ONE Profile change bug
  147. The Australian XB1 server has been laggy since last friday. please fix soon!
  148. Keyboard and Mouse PS4
  149. Levelling bug
  150. Console Linking
  151. Auto buy after first login of the day
  152. PS3/Xbox 360 and graphics
  153. So is it normal to have your account reset?
  154. Paladins OB49 Console Specific Patch Notes | May 22nd 2017
  155. Competitive rating
  156. Daily reward
  157. OB 49 Known Issues - PLEASE READ
  158. Costumes dont work
  159. Stuff I would like to see (design wise)
  160. Disconnects post game
  161. Healing....
  162. Frozen Game
  163. Fernando dismount bugged
  164. Competitive Custom Game "Deserter"?
  165. [FEEDBACK]Camera Rotation[FEEDBACK]
  166. Link page for Xbox account link down?
  167. Viktor feels unresponsive
  168. Achievements Glitch
  169. Costumes do not work on consoles!!!
  170. Picking A Champion In Competitive
  171. PS4 Player Using Hacks?
  172. Deserter bug?
  173. [B]Seris[/B] "Bane" Card Misplaced/Typo
  174. Has anyone heard another player speak?
  175. Air control aiming
  176. Getting frustrating.
  177. Major Account Management Issues for Console Users!
  178. Console always one patch behind Windows / macOS?
  179. This game is getting so annoying
  180. When is Ash coming?
  181. Hit Scan dominating console meta?
  182. Can't change "Aim Acceleration Strength" PS4
  183. You want us to submit a ticket when we can't!
  184. Bounty Hunter
  185. Disable Ice Mines Until Bugs Are Fixed
  186. New Aim Assist
  187. Not rewarded Mastery level 6 Radiant Chests
  188. 3 achievements are not working.
  189. HiRez pls Help <New Champion Mastery level rewards>
  190. Game play Videos
  191. Controller vibration when you get to Character select screen
  192. Bounty Hunter Trophy
  193. Ps4 Tournament
  194. Lex aiming is now bugged since OB 51
  195. Default sensitivity settings?
  196. Que priority, easy fix
  197. Default sensitivity (Xbox one)
  198. Mal Damba needs a buff on consoles
  199. My Friends quit paladins because of skye :(
  200. Will consoles receive the discounted founders pack ?
  201. why SKYE is broken on console .
  202. My thoughts on aim assist/magnet.
  203. pc players stop posting here
  204. Sensitivity options per hero
  205. a nerf for hitscan chamos that wont affect pc
  206. Competitive Drafting order
  207. Console patch update schedule?
  208. I have linked my account and copied it to PS4,but other accounts didn't get affected!
  209. Unable to log in to server
  210. Party is broken following update today!
  211. Zhin - bug or intended?
  212. Paladins Founders Pack PS4
  213. Paladins is already UNPLAYABLE for me
  214. fix mm
  215. Game crash (PS4)
  216. Releasing Bugged Maps - Do Your Job
  217. Overall Console gameplay suggestion: Remove aim assist and control tweaks
  218. Always last in the draft?
  219. TF2 Barik skins on console?
  220. Androxus x skin
  221. Ai Battles
  222. PS4 'Auto Purchase Items' Auto Enabling Bug
  223. General Feedback from a PS4 player.
  224. Spending credits
  225. replay bug or aimbot?
  226. maeve is unplayable
  227. We could use more VGS commands
  228. Quick Q's regarding the Founder's Pack
  229. Replaying games
  230. QoL changes need on console
  231. Waiting and Waiting....
  232. Console Linking, Verifying Answers to Questions.
  233. There is no sound on payload maps
  234. Aim assist against Ying is broken
  235. This is why Mal'Damba will never be a viable healer on console
  236. Give us the option to toggle auto-aim!!
  237. Sound not working on Primal court
  238. maeve bug
  239. Emote Bug
  240. Copia da conta Pc para PS4
  241. Black Screen Temporarily After Death [PS4 Pro Issue]
  242. Xbox to PC link
  243. 2 Hour ban because the game doesn't work properly
  244. Is the founders pack shared between accounts?
  245. Does PS4 Founder pack work on my PC too? I linked both PS4 and PC account.
  246. Dodging is breaking tje game
  247. Aim acceleration must die!!!
  248. Aim Acceleration VS Aim Assist; Players Need A Toggle For Aim Assist
  249. Top Players - Top Cheaters of Xbox
  250. recruit friends