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  1. Known Issues [v0.36.1375.8]
  2. Nda?
  3. Will there be a datawipe when it transitions into beta?
  4. Controls feel sluggish Fix...kinda
  5. Trouble logging in
  6. Bugs I have encountered thus far.
  7. Shooting range issue
  8. Looking for Group thread
  9. A few things i've noticed
  10. May we get just 1 friend invitation please?
  11. Tutorial
  12. PS4 Crash Reporting
  13. Friends list issue
  14. Glitches
  15. Glitch w/ BombKing
  16. Glitch report
  17. Some Issues I have noticed so far.
  18. What I think so far
  19. Balance
  20. Game Sensitivity
  21. Will There be a PC to ps4 Transfer like Smite had?
  22. Just a tiny big bug
  23. HUD completely disappeard
  24. Shooting when I respawn
  25. Respawning issues
  26. My Issue's So Far
  27. Active Server Hours
  28. When will the PC updates come to console?
  29. Is anybody even playing?
  30. Consolidated list of bugs/issues
  31. Next Scheduled Playtest - Play with the Devs!
  32. PSA: Sha Lin bug temp solution
  33. Temporary Issue - Sha Lin (RESOLVED)
  34. Redeem Code currently not accepting codes?
  35. Controller input question
  36. Aim assist controls.
  37. PS4 Pro support
  38. Extra Alpha Codes/Friend Referrals
  39. Playstation 4 issues
  40. Is VGS coming to the console versions?
  41. help with Redeem Codes
  42. Code redeem
  43. PS4 Codes not working please HELP
  44. How can I have alpha closed on ps4??
  45. Paladins Ps4 camera movement
  46. Unable to download on Xbox one
  47. redeem code on Xbox one
  48. Xbox Alpha Codes Having Errors
  49. (UPDATED 12/9/2016)XBox One Code Redemption Issues
  50. Extra code for redemption issues?
  51. Console Closed Alpha
  52. Extra friends code
  53. Xbox One Code Update?
  54. My feedback PS4
  55. [PS4] My feedback
  56. Question!
  57. Yet another "My PS4 feedback" Mainly style/layout issues
  58. Makoa in game sound issue
  59. Bugs
  60. Received a PS4 code. Signed up for Xbox one
  61. How did i get my Xbox one code ?
  62. Ps4 codes arent working
  63. Bugs I've found so far! [XBOX]
  64. Bugs i found ALPHA XBOX ONE
  65. Xbox Club is Open! Please Join!
  66. Ps4 code not working
  67. Resolution: Bad PS4 Keys
  68. Received key for wrong system
  69. Well Here's My Roundup
  70. Signed Up for Xbox but I changed my console
  71. Xbox Live Achievements Not Unlocking Even Though In-Game Achievements Have
  72. Screen Cut
  73. Xbox Authentication Requires New Account Creation
  74. Bots standing still in Ice Mines map (Xbox one)
  75. Crashing and Missing UI
  76. Sound balance is very off.
  77. Aiming and look control feedback (Xbox)
  78. Some Bugs I've Encountered
  79. [Xbox] Add feature to invite members of a club
  80. Get 4 Champions to Mastery 5 Achievement Not Tracking Properly/Unlocking (Xbox One)
  81. Bug on Xbox
  82. Bug List
  83. Ps4 can't queue up, always when loading into match logs me out of the game
  84. Bugs
  85. Achievements on xbox one
  86. Only getting queued with bots?
  87. Can't hide options menu to see Controls? Ps4
  88. Login with Hi-Rez? (Xbox One)
  89. kinessa ps4 bug
  90. Are subscription bonus' available on console?
  91. did the PS4 servers die?
  92. Queuing in this game broken or are the servers down? XB1
  93. VGS for Thanks gives wrong Audio que (XBOX ONE)
  94. [Suggestion] [PS4] Right joystick more sensitive.
  95. Multiple games where there was no 'Play of the Game' at the end
  96. Question: Will the 12 Days of Paladins event apply to the console alphas?
  97. Please connect to Xbox live to continue?
  98. Insanely loud static sound
  99. Payload only playable with bots
  100. Xbox redemption bug?
  101. Sha Lin Impaler Arrow Visual Bug(X1)
  102. Cassie disengage ability BUG
  103. feedback
  104. Skin Voice Packs No Different?
  105. What patch is thie console running?
  106. How exactly does matchmaking work?
  107. Account Linking
  108. Account Linking
  109. Xbox one. Sensitivty not saving
  110. Anyone who wants to swap Xbox with PS4 code?
  111. Xbox One Beta Key giveaway!
  112. Game?
  113. Forum User Name?
  114. Ruckus too overpowered.
  115. Founder's Pack?
  116. So I signed up for the PS4 Beta...
  117. Bugs mixed with opinions, I guess.
  118. Overall game thoughts
  119. Opinions
  120. Buck soundless
  121. When are we console players getting patch 40 with Tyra?
  122. Ability to link accounts
  123. [Xbox} Black main menu background
  124. Blank Hub Page
  125. can i get an extra ps4 key?
  126. Mal, Damba needs a rework
  127. Drogoz console controls
  128. Can't redeem my Xbox one beta codes
  129. Can't hear anything in-game
  130. General messages in a game,
  131. Unable to download game
  132. Xbox one alpha codes not working
  133. Create a deck anyone?
  134. Controller Sensitivity [PS4]
  135. This is my feedback!
  136. My first impressions.
  137. Ying Requires a nerf?
  138. My Quick Overview (12/12/16)
  139. Some bugs
  140. Small bugs I noticed
  141. Trubble signing in
  142. Why am i only playing with and against bots?
  143. PSA for new players; stand in the F**** circle. That is all.
  144. 12/21/16 Day Two Notes (During Day)
  145. Progression
  146. I started playing today and here are my thoughts on the ps4 version
  147. Issue
  148. More beta codes?
  149. Needs a lot of work for a closed alpha
  150. Bug? Achievement/Award Progression
  151. The bugs I've noticed
  152. Available without PlayStation Plus?
  153. Viktor glitch
  154. Matchmaking
  155. Graphical glitch when starting Paladins in order to join someone's game (PS4)
  156. Makoa SFX Not Functioning In Target Practice (PS4)
  157. Title screen
  158. Aim Assist needs a little tweaking.
  159. Founders pack
  160. Bugs no console alfa fechado ps4
  161. Some Bugs and feedback
  162. will come update for consoles;
  163. Paladins - Ice Mine Map - NEED to fix player spawn.
  164. Daily Reward Glitch and Returned to home screen issue. (xbox1)
  165. Founders Pack
  166. Kill Recap view errors
  167. Slow Loading Maps
  168. Please ready up for games
  169. Fernando auto dismounts off horse
  170. Emote panel doesn't fit screen XBOX1
  171. Play of the game no longer shows
  172. Founders pack
  173. Buttons sticking (PS4)
  174. Mounts, Why?
  175. Lack of online players
  176. Hit Boxes
  177. Daily Quest Rewards
  178. Issues with loadout if disconnected before loadout choice is made
  179. Features to Add? Please?..
  180. Xbox1 Buttons loss of function w/ voice commands
  181. Full Simultaneous Party Disconnect (PS4)
  182. The game freezes in the menus incessantly
  183. Jumping Suggestion
  184. Major gamebreaking bug/exploit.
  185. Paladins console matince today
  186. Can't login
  187. It would be nice if I could play
  188. unable to play on XBox One
  189. Increase Font size
  190. Login failed PS4
  191. I can't find a game :(
  192. Few Issues on PS4 Closed Beta
  193. aim acceleration.
  194. Dear Devs, here's a video containing PS4 bugs made for you
  195. Can you fix the Login issue please for using the xbox account on the forums
  196. PS4: User Name/PW Error (Resolved)
  197. Competitive Mode...
  198. Closed Alpha issues and concerns (PS4)
  199. Going to HRX? Come say hi
  200. "Party is full" when one slot is empty (PS4)
  201. Can't queue up again if someone refuses a match (PS4)
  202. What update is currently live??
  203. Mic Notification (talking notification) XB1
  204. Where to redeem my PS4 KEY
  205. Title Page Load error?
  206. x2 Closed Alpha Codes?
  207. You have too get on the objective
  208. Aim Assist & Sensitivity Settings
  209. Jadeite and Mystic Mirror (Ying Weapon Skins) XB1
  210. Can we be awarded something to show that we played in the Closed Alpha of Paladins?
  211. My First Impressions of the Paladins Closed Alpha
  212. Competitive Scene on Consoles?
  213. Can't buy Crystals from the store
  214. Anyone have any spare beta keys???
  215. Biggest Issues for me thus far...
  216. Pc are getting patch 41 this week.
  217. Code do not work
  218. Testing Post
  219. .37.38 Aim Assist Feedback Survey
  220. Makoa BUG
  221. My summary of Paladins ps4 version
  222. Aim Assist on illusions!?
  223. kinda have a gold issue in the future
  224. (Xbox one) New patch?
  225. Paladins in nintendo switch in the future ?
  226. [X1] Looking for a spare key!
  227. Competitive Closed?
  228. How do you use Emotes and how can you send text messages I game?
  229. FOV slider gone?
  230. Skins Glitch on consoles now
  231. Control options for each champion
  232. Target practice Mal'Damba ult broke
  233. Win/Loss Bug
  234. So based on my playtime the following needs to happen.
  235. How to speak inside the game? PS4
  236. One code on two worked
  237. Can you start adding more people in to the alpha please XB1
  238. Fixed: Forum Name Login issue
  239. Praying to wake up to some news of a patch
  240. PS 4 Main menu visual and sound lags.
  241. Allied AI issues
  242. Barriers blinking bug
  243. Alpha Testing // Bugs // QoL Recommendations
  244. Erh mah gawd! Patch soon boys VERY SOON
  245. Please bring the patch tomorrow or during this weekend, we are waiting!
  246. Voice over ?
  247. There's region locking on PC? Please not on console yet
  248. Your signature hero
  249. A few bugs I noticed on the PS4 test servers.
  250. Matchmaking seems unfair.