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  1. Official Paladins Bug Reporting Template
  2. Investigating It's time to fix the oldest bug in the game (Video inside)
  3. Fix Planned bought cards for more money that I had
  4. Known Bug if you don't have some cards when you import a deck you can't buy them
  5. Hitbox issues
  6. Fix Planned Barick (Card Bug)
  7. loadouts just totally bug
  8. Fixed Crystal and Founder's Pack
  9. Known Bug *Ruckus Card Categorization is Wrong*
  10. tired of this bug
  11. Contact Support CB33 download issues
  12. Contact Support The Game freezes after sound switching
  13. Controller issue in options menu.
  14. Same Control Point 4 times in a row (Encountered bug after Hotfix 5)
  15. Annoying noice after Bomb King Ultimate that didn't go away the whole game (Video)
  16. Known Bug Fernando Card(Last Stand) no heal
  17. Investigating Sometimes my IU disappears
  18. Contact Support Crash and crash and crash
  19. Auto disconnect/Bad server bug
  20. Hello i am Here to tell you some things to check out
  21. match History
  22. Skye invis
  23. Known Bug Card Resistance Final [Fernando]
  24. Contact Support Downlod Bug
  25. Known Bug Didn't got my pip weapon skin
  26. 2 People same kill (Video inside)
  27. Known Bug Grover buttons mixed up.
  28. Kinessa bugged
  29. Server instability, map repertition and Barik Dome Shield
  30. Known Bug Using the scrollwheel in the ranked menu only allows you to scroll down to 16.
  31. My Paladins on STEAM needs repair
  32. Evie Ultimate not visible for the other team. (Video inside)
  33. Fixed Cost of changing name
  34. Can't see my refered
  35. Buck and Barik crosshairs are bugged.
  36. Bad connection Steam/Hotfix7
  37. "Survivor" Achievement
  38. Bug when i click ''play''
  39. Some issues/Questions
  40. Contact Support Problem with Paladins
  41. No Loot Boxes From Founder's Pack
  42. So, this bug makes me go insane.
  43. Lobby Glitches
  44. Ranked crashed and wasn't able to reconnect
  45. steam
  46. Steam: "Cannot find the Hi-rez instalation"
  47. Only ONE Lane in Every Map, and a bunch more bugs
  48. Contact Support le jeu veut pas march
  49. Fixed Countdown timer stuck on 0 before the game starts, then cancels match. (video inside)
  50. Match is in a Bad State
  51. paladins select counter stop at " 0 " with video
  52. Fixed Can't Play, and I almost don't want to Play!! (This is silly!)
  53. Known Bug Polish Translations
  54. I haven't receive TF2 Skin Barik
  55. Cannot connect to server
  56. World record
  57. Not able to start a game
  58. Game breaking bug
  59. Problem Logging In
  60. Paladins Free skins for Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook cannot be attained.
  61. No ennemy against AI
  62. Over-purchasing in shop
  63. Androxys starts at GOLD rank
  64. Out of the map.
  65. "Deserter" for no reason.
  66. i have "missing" files
  67. Deserter after picking champ
  68. Match making bug.
  69. Really bad performance on a high end machine
  70. I can get to the point before the game starts.
  71. Lag spikes for certain actions
  72. bought 2 cards of the same type
  73. Mac Osx Aiming Issue
  74. stuff for non playable characters unlocked
  75. play button turns gray
  76. Skin Bug
  77. Loadout Bug?
  78. Known Bug Can't use Ctrl+V to redeem my codes
  79. Contact Support Error
  80. Searched for new game, got labeled a deserter
  81. Hackers already?
  82. wrong ranks?
  83. Kinessa can Teleporting outside forcefield in segie mode
  84. Can't join new game, because old one is not ended (it's not even started though).
  85. Investigating [Skye] Hidden not working
  86. Getting kicked after choosing champion and also from a match
  87. Fake ranks without compective enabled.
  88. Does this game have anything to do with SMITE?
  89. Can't redeem Matte Weapon Skin for like facebook
  90. Contact Support Can't access HiRez account
  91. can't log in the game or webpage
  92. List of Bugs I've encountered
  93. Bombking Attack bug
  94. Known Bug Friends menu bug
  95. Leveled up and no radiant chest
  96. Launcher bug
  97. Barik Towers still there after new round
  98. Fixed competitive bug
  99. Cant get into the game...
  100. Fixed Queues keep getting kicked to lobby
  101. [BUG] Chat bad display name
  102. Fix Your Dayum Game FFS
  103. Match ready broken
  104. Fixed Can't join game!!!
  105. Queue, UI Problems, Unable to Progress Past Champion Selection Screen
  106. Geting desert without quit games.
  107. Freeze Screen
  108. Referral time problem
  109. New Barik Skin problems
  110. Mount bug during kill cam
  111. Known Bug Main menu frame duplicates
  112. My game doesn't load after the character selection
  113. Join game bug
  114. Barik TF2 Skin Isn't adding itself to my account?
  115. Not Receiving TF2 Barik Skin
  116. Barik TF2 Skin not being rewarded
  117. Androxus Defiance Bug - Sometimes shoots in sets of 4 and 2
  118. Mouse Sensativity
  119. AutoAttack Bug
  120. Not able to get into launcher
  121. Severe Lag for No Reason
  122. Barik's Barricade and Fernando's Shield not blocking Skye's Ult anymore
  123. Cant click login
  124. Kinessa slowed while walking normally
  125. Didn't received mine Barik TF2 skin
  126. Negative Credits
  127. everything just says MSG ID:<#> Not found
  128. Laoding Profile FOREVER
  129. Turret Targeting Bugged
  130. Known Bug Russian font bug.
  131. Loading Profile FOREVER
  132. weird
  133. Newest server still broken but still active
  134. Barik skin Please
  135. Horse Riding killcam
  136. Skye Reload Bug
  137. Did you remove the Lane Rotation?
  138. Waiting for verification?
  139. Gold Bug
  140. Stuck at VS screen bug
  141. Double Kill causing freezing
  142. Flagged Founders Pack only partially unlocked
  143. Reload in cc
  144. Ruckus Life Rip
  145. Ending Match = NO Gold and Exp.
  146. Rankings Bug
  147. Cant Lgoin
  148. 5 wins no Barik skin
  149. Black screen after launching
  150. Palladins is connecting...
  151. Mobile version of forum
  152. Achivements and in-game progresses not working
  153. Mac connection issue
  154. Paladins is connecting to the Authentication Service
  155. Fixed Game is Down
  156. How the fk you get that barik skin ?
  157. Unable to launch game due to White Screen.
  158. Known Bug Fell through map on enchanted forest.
  159. Glitched Death Cam
  160. Payload hitboxes
  161. Mouse really bugged on OSX
  162. servers:unknown PLEASE FIX
  163. Opposing Androxus his Ult didn't make the announcing sound. (Video inside)
  164. Grover Axe damage Vs Shield/Deploybles
  165. Weapon appears on screen after death
  166. Store pricing errors ?
  167. Kicked from the Game
  168. Couple of bugs I've found so far
  169. List of bugs I've encountered so far.
  170. skye invisibility sometimes bugged
  171. Bomb King Stikies damage not being registered?
  172. No Longer Can Earn XP
  173. Points bugged
  174. Strangest system bug caused by Paladins.
  175. Can't buy Founder's Pack (Chile)
  176. cheaters?
  177. I was fighting mounting my horse all the time?
  178. Pip Ult is bugged
  179. Androxus' weapon invisible to everyone in the game. Even the sound was not there.
  180. can't play the game when its start only play background music
  181. configuring options in-game
  182. Game is stuck
  183. After login bug
  184. Known Bug Ruckus cards all incorrect
  185. Abruptly Kicked from Game; Given Deserter Penalty
  186. Fixed launcher wont start
  187. Freeze/Lag after Double Kill
  188. Skye's Crosshair Bug
  189. Kinessa glitches
  190. Fix the goddamn reversal!!!!!!!
  191. No xp for match
  192. I can't fix it
  193. disconnected halfway
  194. Remove Deserter Untill Server Issues Are Fixed.
  195. Black Screen
  196. Known Bug Client UI Refferal BUG
  197. Invisible Viktor's ultimate mark on lowest graphic settings
  198. Contact Support Cant login using registered username and password
  199. Can some admin confirm the "kicked back to HOME screen bug"
  200. R2 / L2 not working on mac
  201. HiPatchService.exe doesn't exit even after game is closed...
  202. Pip - Reload Card - Not always working
  203. Contact Support Failed to launch game
  204. help D3D9 device
  205. Buck Ultimate bug
  206. Buck's Crosshair is bugged when playing as him sometimes.
  207. Known Bug Incorrect translation of games into Russian
  208. Investigating Store Name Change Display
  209. Known Bug Barik K explanation is wrong
  210. character 500 gold bug
  211. Champion boarders change from game to game?
  212. teleporting lag
  213. Paladins won't play after clicking play
  214. Log in information on saving
  215. evie death blink bug
  216. Disconnected from server
  217. Lag makes some very bad uses of Poppy Bomb.
  218. Known Bug Refferal Overlay Bug
  219. Crash!
  220. Fix the spawn please!
  221. I'm not getting Chest whenever I level up
  222. Barik Skin
  223. Paladin is waiting for Tribes Ascend update?!?
  224. By Design No EXP, No Gold, Nothing
  225. game lag fail
  226. Server definition
  227. this game was not properly authenticated at launch time
  228. No awards progress
  229. Known Bug Bug with Evie telepor
  230. russian language error
  231. small type
  232. Ying weapon skin unlock on chests.
  233. speed bug after rejoin
  234. Barik TF2 skin Animation bug
  235. Bug
  236. The Golds are gone
  237. Requesting i login twice
  238. Purchase of founder pack did not give me my Gems back >:C
  239. Can't start
  240. Crashes upon selecting champion.
  241. Makoa ult ending cancels crowd control
  242. Fix the payload hit box PLEASE
  243. Bomb king's stickies
  244. Respawning without horse
  245. Stuck on map loading screen
  246. HUD disappeared!
  247. [Buck] Ultimate not working properly
  248. Just a little rant about a few issues I've been running into
  249. Beyond the map!
  250. Bomb King Sticky Bomb Bug